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POA: Power of Attorneys****
POA: Process of Annihilation****
POA: Pacific Ocean Air****
POA: Pony of America****
POA: Proof of Agency****
POA: paddling ontario alliance***
POA: President of America***
POA: Prison Officers Association***
POA: Planes Operativos Anuales***
POA: Port Orford Area***
POA: Ports of Auckland***
POA: Point of Action***
POA: Panel of Associates***
POA: Prisioner of Azkaban***
POA: Property Owners Associations***
POA: Post Office Access***
POA: Pinball Owners Association***
POA: Primary One Admission***
POA: Physics Optics and Astronomy***
POA: Payable on Arrival***
POA: Properties Owners Association***
POA: Partners of the Americas***
POA: Plano Operativo Anual***
POA: Portable Object Adapters***
POA: Philippine Orthopaedic Association***
POA: Power of America***
POA: Pilot Operated Absolute***
POA: Points of Access***
POA: People of America***
POA: Primary Organic Aerosol***
POA: Pennsylvania Optometric Association***
POA: Powered by Armas***
POA: Pentacyclic Oxindole Alkaloids***
POA: Privacy Officers Association***
POA: Pony of Americas***
POA: Point of Application***
POA: Process Oriented Architecture***
POA: Pakistan Orthopaedic Association***
POA: Producenten Organisatie Aardappelen***
POA: Power Optimized Aircraft***
POA: Pacific Ocean Areas***
POA: Police Officer Association***
POA: Production Organisation Approval***
POA: Proofs of Authorization***
POA: Post Oxidation Annealing***
POA: Place of Acceptance**
POA: Public Outreach and Awareness**
POA: Population of Action**
POA: Pancreatic oncofoetal antigen**
POA: para-osteo-arthropathies**
POA: passive ocular anaphylaxis**
POA: perceived onset asynchrony**
POA: periodate-oxidized adenosine**
POA: peripheral obliterating arteriopathy**
POA: phase object approximation**
POA: Physical Optics Approximation**
POA: plasma oxidase activities**
POA: plasma oxidase activity**
POA: plasma oxydant activity**
POA: porcine ophthalmic artery**
POA: Port of Arrival**
POA: primary orifice area**
POA: purpose of admission**
POA: Pancreatic Oncofetal Antigen**
POA: Period of Activity**
POA: Pearls of Africa**
POA: Plan of Actions**
POA: hypothalamic-preoptic area**
POA: hypothalamus-preoptic area**
POA: MBH-preoptic area**
POA: septo-preoptic area**
POA: Plano Operacional Anual**
POA: Purchase Order Acknowledgements**
POA: Power of Anarchy**
POA: Proportion of Observed Agreement**
POA: taste-potentiated odor aversion learning**
POA: Punjab Olympic Association**
POA: Priority of Access**
POA: Police Officers Associations**
POA: Primary Observation Assessment**
POA: Plan Operativo Annual**
POA: Parties and Organizations Act**
POA: Process Observation Analysis**
POA: preoptic area of the hypothalamus**
POA: preoptic hypothalamic area**
POA: preoptico-hypothalamic area**
POA: Posted by Allie**
POA: Purchase Option Agreement**
POA: Physics Optics Astronomy**
POA: Post Office Agents**
POA: Production Organisation Approvals**
POA: People of Action**
POA: Personalised Occupation Assessment**
POA: Professional Officers Association**
POA: Program of Actions**
POA: Point of Acronyms**
POA: Percent Open Area**
POA: Piedmont Oncology Association**
POA: Primary Optic Atrophy**
POA: Parallel Overlap Assembly**
POA: Primary One Allocation**
POA: Professional Otolaryngology Associates**
POA: Professional Organizations And**
POA: Position of Advantage**
POA: Post Operational Archives**
POA: Programme of Activity**
POA: Provide of Action**
POA: Purchase Order Agreement**
POA: Patriotic Order of Americans**
POA: Point of Order Acceptance**
POA: Programa Operacional Ambiente**
POA: Puppies on Acid**
POA: Post Office of A**
POA: Posted by Alastor**
POA: privately owned automobile**
POA: preoptic and anterior hypothalamus*
POA: Payload ORU Accommodation*
POA: Psoriasis Online Association*
POA: People on Alart*
POA: Phase of Accident*
POA: Portable Object Adaptors*
POA: Privately Owned Aircraft*
POA: Public Outreach Activities*
POA: Power Open Association*
POA: Practices on All*
POA: Principal Officers Association*
POA: Production Organization Approvals*
POA: Proportion of Oligochaetes and Annelids*
POA: Provisional Operating Authorization*
POA: Program Office Approvals*
POA: Programmed Operational and functional Appraisal*
POA: Point of Approval*
POA: Previously Owned American*
POA: Priority One Alert*
POA: Palaeovegetation Of Americas*
POA: Paleovegetation of the Americas*
POA: Partners Of Americas*
POA: Paydirt Online Australia*
POA: Payment Of Assessment*
POA: Pediatric Assessment & Observation*
POA: Phantom Of the Attic*
POA: Photocopying Or Abstracting*
POA: Physical Oceanography Archive*
POA: Pinball Owner Association*
POA: Plans of Action*
POA: Possession Of Applicant*
POA: Powers of Attorney*
POA: Prefecture d'Oujda Angad*
POA: Preparation Of Application*
POA: preparation of powers of attorney*
POA: Private Operating Agencies*
POA: Proof Of Authenticity*
POA: Publication Of Advertisement*
POA: Purposes Of Action*

Note: Acronym Finder has 114 verified definitions for POA

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