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PMP: Portable Media Players****
PMP: Project Management PMFORUM****
PMP: Personal Media Player****
PMP: Personal Mobile Platform****
PMP: Pavement Management Planning****
PMP: Power Media Production****
PMP: Project Management PMI****
PMP: Project Management Paul****
PMP: Progressive Management Programme****
PMP: Philadelphia Music Project****
PMP: Prime Marketing Publications****
PMP: Professional Mortgage Packagers****
PMP: Portable MBA in Project****
PMP: Patient Management Program****
PMP: Portable Music Player****
PMP: Project Management Partnership****
PMP: Project Manager Prepare****
PMP: Portfolio Management Process***
PMP: Point to Multi Point***
PMP: Project Manager PMI***
PMP: Property Management Plus***
PMP: Project Management Portal***
PMP: Peers Making Peace***
PMP: Paris Museum Passes***
PMP: Project Management Practice***
PMP: Performance Management Program***
PMP: Project Management Prep***
PMP: Project Manager Project***
PMP: Project Management Plans***
PMP: Project Managers and People***
PMP: Pavement Management Program***
PMP: Preparedness Mitigation and Prevention***
PMP: Pest Management Professionals***
PMP: Perceptual Motor Program***
PMP: Portnoy Messinger Pearl***
PMP: Preventative Maintenance Program***
PMP: Project Management PrepCast***
PMP: Personal Media Players***
PMP: Parcel Mapping Project***
PMP: Plastic Materials and Processes***
PMP: Per Million Population***
PMP: Program from Penn***
PMP: Progress Monitoring Plans***
PMP: Plant Made Pharmaceuticals***
PMP: Program or Project***
PMP: Public Management Program***
PMP: Professional Management Programs***
PMP: Professional Meeting Planners***
PMP: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices***
PMP: Presbyterian Ministry/Older Psn (Waco, TX)***
PMP: Professional Mortgage Providers***
PMP: 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone***
PMP: Preferred Medical Plan***
PMP: Project Mitigation Plan***
PMP: Portfolio Management Program***
PMP: Project Management Publications***
PMP: Private Media Partners***
PMP: Personnel Management Professionals***
PMP: Project Manager Practice***
PMP: Programme Management Panel***
PMP: Perceptual Motor Programme***
PMP: Preventive Maintenance Program***
PMP: Performance Management Programme***
PMP: Project Management Preparatory***
PMP: Programmable Multimedia Processor***
PMP: Pretoria Metal Pressings***
PMP: Performance Management Partner***
PMP: Practice Management Portal***
PMP: Posterior Midgut Primordium***
PMP: Planning and Managing Projects***
PMP: Property Management Planning***
PMP: Portable Multimedia Players***
PMP: Policy Maker Partnership***
PMP: Prestigio Multimedia Portable***
PMP: Project Management Partners***
PMP: Preventive Mediation Program***
PMP: Post Modern Prometheus***
PMP: Presupuesto Municipal Participativo***
PMP: Player MP4 Player***
PMP: Population Management Plans***
PMP: Prime Material Plane***
PMP: Process Management Paul***
PMP: project manager pmo***
PMP: players 2 mp3 players***
PMP: Precision Moulded Products***
PMP: Project Managers Provide***
PMP: Provincial Military Police***
PMP: Partito Monarchico Popolare***
PMP: Parts Materials and Processes***
PMP: Peoples Mandate Party***
PMP: Pest Management Plan***
PMP: Performance Management Plan***
PMP: Paduka Mahkota Perak***
PMP: Program at Prep***
PMP: Pacific Media Partners***
PMP: Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project***
PMP: Project Management PgMP***
PMP: Port Mapping Protocol***
PMP: Project Management Programme***
PMP: Pollen Monitoring Programme***
PMP: Poly 4 Methylpentene***
PMP: Parallel Master Port***
PMP: Product Marketing Professonial***
PMP: Project Management Profesional***
PMP: Petites Mythologies Populaires***
PMP: patient management problems***
PMP: Project Managment Professional***
PMP: Project Mangement Professional***
PMP: Predictive Maintenance Programs***
PMP: Preventative Maintenance Programs***
PMP: Performance Management Portal**
PMP: Practice Management Partners**
PMP: Preventive Maintenance Plan**
PMP: Performance Measurement Process**
PMP: Premium Movie Partnership**
PMP: Positive Mathematical Programming**
PMP: pain management program**
PMP: pain management programs**
PMP: Pain Monitoring Program**
PMP: Pain Monitoring Programme**
PMP: Pathogen Modeling Program**
PMP: Patient Management Path**
PMP: patient-management problem**
PMP: patients managements problems**
PMP: Peak maximum pressure**
PMP: perception metamorphosis phenomenon**
PMP: perinatal membrane proteoglycan**
PMP: Phase Measuring Profilometry**
PMP: Physician Management Pathway**
PMP: plasma membrane potential**
PMP: platelet membrane proteins**
PMP: pleural mononuclear phagocyte**
PMP: plexus muscularis profundus**
PMP: post-manometric pancreatitis**
PMP: posterior maxillary point**
PMP: primary meningococcal pericarditis**
PMP: progressive marginal periodontitis**
PMP: prospective memory process**
PMP: Proteus-Morganella-Providencia**
PMP: pseudosarcomatous myofibroblastic proliferation**
PMP: pulmonary microvascular permeability**
PMP: purified microtubular proteins**
PMP: physical measurement processes**
PMP: Program Management Professionals**
PMP: Project Management P3**
PMP: Potency Monitoring Project**
PMP: Processing Materials for Properties**
PMP: Property Management People**
PMP: Pentel Metallic Paint**
PMP: phosphotyrosyl mimics phosphonomethylphenylalanine**
PMP: polymorphic membrane proteins**
PMP: Policy Maker Professional**
PMP: Practice Management Program**
PMP: Princeton Monographs in Philosophy**
PMP: Proj Mgt Professional**
PMP: Phones Mobiles PDA**
PMP: Platelet Microbicidal Proteins**
PMP: Pacific Media PLC**
PMP: N-(3-pyridylmethyl)pyrrolidine**
PMP: Permanent Memory Pool**
PMP: Peripheral Media Projects**
PMP: Potential Maximum Population**
PMP: Performance Management Plans**
PMP: peroxisomal integral membrane protein**
PMP: peroxisomal integral membrane proteins**
PMP: Personal Mastery Programs**
PMP: plasma membrane intramembranous particles**
PMP: Pontryagin's Maximum Principle**
PMP: pre-stimulus membrane potential**
PMP: pulmonary artery mean pressure**
PMP: Provider Medical Pharmaceutical**
PMP: Phosphorus Management Plan**
PMP: Project Managment Plan**
PMP: Project Management Panel**
PMP: Project Mgmt Professional**
PMP: Projector Mount Poles**
PMP: Pollutant Minimization Plan**
PMP: Preparation Microsoft Project**
PMP: Penyertaan Modal Pemerintah**
PMP: Project Mgt Plan**
PMP: Protected Media Path**
PMP: Permanent Marking Pen**
PMP: Project Managers Preparing**
PMP: Protected Monitoring Points**
PMP: Parallel Motion Protractor**
PMP: phased manufacturing programme**
PMP: Perfumery Materials PFC**
PMP: Pre Masters Programme**
PMP: Projekt Management Professional**
PMP: particulate measurement programme**
PMP: 1-(2-pyrimidinyl) piperazine**
PMP: 1-(2-pyrimidinyl)-piperazine**
PMP: 1-(2-pyrimidinyl)piperazine**
PMP: Protective Mobilization Plan**
PMP: pTyr mimetics phosphonomethyl phenylalanine**
PMP: Per Million of Population**
PMP: Pesticide Management Plans**
PMP: Program of the Project**
PMP: Passport Management Program**
PMP: Periodic Maintenance Programme**
PMP: P Median Problem**
PMP: Pompa Motorowo Paliwowa**
PMP: Preventive Maintenance Planner**
PMP: Poly 4 Methyl 2 Pentyne**
PMP: per million of persons**
PMP: predominantly from platelets**
PMP: Periodic Maintenance Project**
PMP: Pokrajinski Muzej Ptuj**
PMP: Program Management Plans**
PMP: Parter Medical Products**
PMP: Primrose Mortgage Processing**
PMP: Project Management PeopleSoft**
PMP: Participating Manufacturers Program**
PMP: Pathogen Modelling Program**
PMP: Per Member Payments**
PMP: Program Malih Projektov**
PMP: Projected Moeller Plesset**
PMP: Point to Multiple Point**
PMP: Power Management Partners**
PMP: Pee in My Pants**
PMP: Pistol Mag Pouch**
PMP: Pretrial Monitoring Program**
PMP: Project Manager Phone**
PMP: Patch Management Pack**
PMP: Photonic Molecular Probe**
PMP: Power Management Products**
PMP: Prescription Monitoring Programs**
PMP: Play Minstrel Play**
PMP: Precious Memories Productions**
PMP: Pregnant Minors Program**
PMP: Project Managers in Pharmaceuticals**
PMP: Plant Modification Proposal**
PMP: Project Management and Politics**
PMP: Peer Mentoring Program**
PMP: Perforated Metal Pipe**
PMP: Peri Menstrual Periods**
PMP: Pipeline Management Plan**
PMP: Plasma Microturbulence Project**
PMP: Pre Matriculation Program**
PMP: Precise Medical Products**
PMP: Price MP3 Player**
PMP: Primary Market Protection**
PMP: Product Marketing Plan**
PMP: Project Management Procedure**
PMP: Puerto Maldonado Peru**
PMP: Pengurusan Maktab Perguruan**
PMP: Performance Management Platform**
PMP: Performance Measurement Points**

Note: Acronym Finder has 89 verified definitions for PMP

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