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What does PLT stand for?

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PLT: Practice Learning Taskforce****
PLT: Production Logging Tools****
PLT: Pakistan Lahore Time****
PLT: Premier Leadership Training****
PLT: Professional Language Teachers****
PLT: Para Legal Training***
PLT: Petrol Line Trimmer***
PLT: Patagonia Land Trust***
PLT: Plate Loading Test***
PLT: Pi Lambda Theta***
PLT: Password Lock Transparent***
PLT: Personal Learning Tool***
PLT: Programming Languages Team***
PLT: People Like Them***
PLT: Protected Learning Time***
PLT: Psychiatric Liaison Team***
PLT: Power Line Transceiver***
PLT: Primary Link Teachers***
PLT: Project Leadership Teams***
PLT: Peace Lake Towers***
PLT: Process Level Technology***
PLT: Pfizer Leadership Team***
PLT: Preservation Leadership Training***
PLT: Professional Learning Teams***
PLT: Personal Learning Tools***
PLT: Progressive Lowering of Temperature***
PLT: Peconic Land Trust***
PLT: Public Library Technology***
PLT: Professional Legal Training***
PLT: Paper Lamination Technology**
PLT: paediatric liver transplantation**
PLT: partial liver transplantation**
PLT: partial liver transplants**
PLT: pediatric liver transplantation**
PLT: peripheral lymphoid tissues**
PLT: peroneus longus tendon**
PLT: photometric latex test**
PLT: plasma lactate threshold**
PLT: positron lifetime technique**
PLT: Poultry Litter Treatment**
PLT: primary liver tumor**
PLT: primary lung tumors**
PLT: primed LD typing**
PLT: primed lymphocyte typing**
PLT: progressive lifting test**
PLT: progressively lower temperatures**
PLT: Progressively Lowering Temperature**
PLT: pupillary latency time**
PLT: Parent Leadership Team**
PLT: Pelan Latihan Tahunan**
PLT: Power Line Telecoms**
PLT: partial orthotopic liver transplantation**
PLT: Parish Leadership Team**
PLT: plasma , leukocytes , platelets**
PLT: protein levels, platelet**
PLT: Photoshop Layered Texture**
PLT: Product Leadership Team**
PLT: Private Line Transport**
PLT: Primed Lymphocyte Testing**
PLT: Packet Length Tile**
PLT: Primed LD Typing**
PLT: Passive Line Termination**
PLT: Peer Leadership Training**
PLT: Professional Leadership Team**
PLT: Pure Love Tribe**
PLT: Program Library Table**
PLT: Pocket Laser Tachometer**
PLT: Project Leadership Team**
PLT: People Localization and Tracking**
PLT: Provisional Leadership Team**
PLT: Paid Leave Time**
PLT: Placer Land Trust**
PLT: Pneumatic Line Thrower**
PLT: Purchasing Lead Time**
PLT: Partner Liaison Teams**
PLT: Physiology Lecture Theatre**
PLT: Program Leadership Team**
PLT: Post Lucem Tenebrae*
PLT: Programming Languages and Translators*
PLT: Principles of Learning Test*
PLT: Pedro Ludovico Teixeira*
PLT: Portable Location Tracker*
PLT: Peer Leader Training*
PLT: Product Line Team*
PLT: Project Lead Teachers*
PLT: Pronunciation Level Test*
PLT: Prototypes Libraries Testing*
PLT: Palouse Land Trust*
PLT: Pile Load Testing*
PLT: Polyomavirus Large T*
PLT: Primary Level Training*
PLT: Proportion of LT*
PLT: Power Line Transient*
PLT: Polar laminated terrain*
PLT: Panduit Locking Tie*
PLT: Pilottmtproduction Lead Time*
PLT: Plant Leadership Team*
PLT: Path Less Taken*
PLT: Private Luxury Transportation*
PLT: Proposed Longer Term*
PLT: Passive Link Terminal*
PLT: Payment in Lieu of Taxes*
PLT: Payments in Lieu of Taxes*
PLT: Photographs of Lebanon Taken*
PLT: Places to Look for Things*
PLT: Political Leaders of Twente*
PLT: Principles of Learning and Teaching*
PLT: Principles of Learning Teaching*
PLT: Private Leisure Time*
PLT: Process Laboratories and Technology*
PLT: Products Linen Tableclo*
PLT: Proposed Location of Trenches*

Note: Acronym Finder has 48 verified definitions for PLT

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