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PLE: Packing List Enclosed****
PLE: Paya Lebar Expressway****
PLE: Professional Learning Experiences****
PLE: Pioneer Little Europe****
PLE: Polymorphous Light Eruption***
PLE: Primary Leaving Examinations***
PLE: Pressurized Liquid Extraction***
PLE: Personal Learning Editions***
PLE: Partnership for Leaders in Education***
PLE: Programming Learning Environment***
PLE: Photographers Limited Editions***
PLE: Parts Labor Estimating***
PLE: Portable Lift Equipment***
PLE: Photo Luminescence Excitation***
PLE: packing list envelopes***
PLE: Product Line Extensions***
PLE: Participatory Learning Experiences***
PLE: Professional Law Enforcement***
PLE: Pure Luminosity Evolution***
PLE: Prior Learning from Experience**
PLE: papaya latex extract**
PLE: Paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis**
PLE: partial likelihood estimator**
PLE: passive lithium efflux**
PLE: penitentiary labour establishments**
PLE: penitentiary-labour establishments**
PLE: perilla leaf extract**
PLE: phantom limb experience**
PLE: Pig liver esterase**
PLE: Pig Liver Esterases**
PLE: plasma leucocyte elastase**
PLE: plasmin-like enzymes**
PLE: polar lipid extract**
PLE: polymeric liquid enteral**
PLE: polymorphous light eruptions**
PLE: polyoxyethylene lauryl ether**
PLE: Porcine liver esterase**
PLE: presumptive lens ectoderm**
PLE: Protein-losing enteropathology**
PLE: PL and Excitation**
PLE: Phi Lambda Epsilon**
PLE: Product Line Extension**
PLE: passive leg cycle exercise**
PLE: Personalized Learning Environments**
PLE: placental leptin enhancer elements**
PLE: poly(A)-limiting element**
PLE: pressurised liquid extraction technique**
PLE: Professional Lawn Equipment**
PLE: alpha-pregnanolone Intralipid emulsion**
PLE: pectate lyase e isoenzyme**
PLE: pig liver carboxylesterase**
PLE: Pole Lashing Equipment**
PLE: Periodic List Enable**
PLE: Por La Eternidad**
PLE: Professional Land Economist**
PLE: Paraneoplastic Limbic Encephalopathy**
PLE: Parent Leadership Exchange**
PLE: Participatory Learning Experience**
PLE: Path Length Efficiency**
PLE: Pollution de L'Eau**
PLE: Process Logic Engine*
PLE: Polymorphic Light Eruptions*
PLE: Priory Lodge Education*
PLE: Project Lead Engineer*
PLE: Person Level Encounter*
PLE: Pocket Learning Environment*
PLE: Partitioning Local Equilibrium*
PLE: Priest Lake Elementary*
PLE: Piecewise Linear Expression*
PLE: Patrimoine Linguistique Europeen*
PLE: Product Lines Enhanced*
PLE: Proposed Land Excavations*
PLE: Pymatuning Laboratory for Ecology*

Note: Acronym Finder has 44 verified definitions for PLE

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