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What does PIL stand for?

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PIL: Partners in Learning****
PIL: Party of Independents from Lanzarote****
PIL: Public International Law****
PIL: Patient Information Leaflets****
PIL: Private International Law****
PIL: Pratibha Industries Ltd***
PIL: Permaculture International Limited***
PIL: Pacific International Ltd***
PIL: Portland Interscholastic League***
PIL: Pioneer International Limited***
PIL: Python Image Library***
PIL: Public Interest Lawyers***
PIL: Polarity Inversion Line***
PIL: Publications International Ltd***
PIL: Peabody Institute Library (Danvers, MA)***
PIL: Peabody Institute Library (Peabody, MA)***
PIL: Peaks Island Library (Portland, ME)***
PIL: Public Interest Law***
PIL: Processor in the Loop***
PIL: Pacific International League***
PIL: Permaculture International Ltd***
PIL: Photonic Internet Lab***
PIL: Petronet India Ltd***
PIL: Public Image Live***
PIL: Procedure Instruction Letter***
PIL: Psychotropics India Limited***
PIL: Platform Integration Lab***
PIL: Pria Idaman Lain***
PIL: Petroleum Investments Ltd***
PIL: Program of Instruction for Lawyers***
PIL: Protic Ionic Liquid***
PIL: Prepared Industrial Land***
PIL: Program for Individualized Learning***
PIL: Physical Inventory Listing***
PIL: Partners in Leadership***
PIL: Personal Installment Loan***
PIL: Partners in Life**
PIL: Payments in Lieu**
PIL: pancreatic intraductal lesion**
PIL: peak insulin level**
PIL: perilymphatic interface lumen**
PIL: peripheral intravenous lines**
PIL: phagocytosis-inhibiting lymphokine**
PIL: pig intestinal loop**
PIL: plasma itraconazole level**
PIL: potentially impaired life**
PIL: Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia**
PIL: Primary intestinal lymphomas**
PIL: procainamide-induced lupus**
PIL: projected incandescent light**
PIL: Pulmonary infiltrating lymphocytes**
PIL: pulmonary interstitial leukocytes**
PIL: Petronet India Limited**
PIL: Protected Income Level**
PIL: Permitted Ingredients List**
PIL: pacific inter link**
PIL: Philips India Ltd**
PIL: Premier Intermediate League**
PIL: Purpose in Life Questionnaire**
PIL: Purpose in Life Scale**
PIL: Purpose in Life Test**
PIL: Purpose-In-Life Test**
PIL: Primary Intestinal Lymphoma**
PIL: Parameter Interface Library**
PIL: passive immune hemolysis**
PIL: posterior intralaminar nucleus**
PIL: Precision and Intelligence Laboratory**
PIL: Papers in Linguistics**
PIL: PICIC Insurance Limited**
PIL: Praj Industries Ltd**
PIL: Peak International Limited**
PIL: Program for Integrated Learning**
PIL: Perspektiv I Ledelse**
PIL: Peer International Library**
PIL: Philips India Limited**
PIL: Parc Instruction Letters**
PIL: Precision in Line**
PIL: Professional Improvement Leave**
PIL: Power on Initialize**
PIL: Pitt Interpretive Language**
PIL: Pregnancy and Infant Loss**
PIL: Picture Interpretation Language**
PIL: Program in Linguistics**
PIL: Partial Interchange Lighting**
PIL: Partners in Leisure**
PIL: Prosper International Ltd**
PIL: Pirch Interpreted Language**
PIL: Prosody of Indonesian Languages**
PIL: Pacific Integrated Logistics*
PIL: PARKER International Limited*
PIL: PHOENICS Input Language*
PIL: Primary Inspection Line*
PIL: Product Information Leaflets*
PIL: Programming In Logic*
PIL: Project Investment Loan*
PIL: Peripheral Intravenous Line*
PIL: Peripherals India Ltd*
PIL: Pirates In Legion*
PIL: Product Inventory List*
PIL: Physicians Immunodiagnostic Laboratory*
PIL: Preferred Items List*
PIL: Pacific International Liquor*
PIL: Penitentiaire Inrichting Lelystad*
PIL: Played Items List*
PIL: Priority Investor Loans*
PIL: Public Involvement Liaisons*
PIL: Pacific Internet Limited*
PIL: Plant Issues List*
PIL: Programming In Logics*
PIL: Pine Island Lodge*
PIL: Public Information Line*
PIL: Palmer Industries Limited*
PIL: Patriot Index Lookups*
PIL: Poison Ivy Lotion*
PIL: Primary Investment Locations*
PIL: Primero Industries Limited*
PIL: Prince of Insufficient Light*
PIL: Process Improvement Laboratory*
PIL: Project Implementation Letter*
PIL: Providence Investigations Limited*
PIL: Pulse Instrumentation Limited*

Note: Acronym Finder has 26 verified definitions for PIL

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