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PIF: Property Investment and Finance****
PIF: Poznan International Fair****
PIF: Paysage Internet Francais****
PIF: Public Information Films****
PIF: Property Investment Funds****
PIF: Peak Inspiratory Flow***
PIF: Policies in Force***
PIF: Print Image Framer***
PIF: Process Interchange Format***
PIF: Performance Improvement Framework***
PIF: Package Interchange File***
PIF: Palestine Investment Fund***
PIF: Pooled Income Funds***
PIF: PICT Image File***
PIF: Petsafe Instant Fence***
PIF: Primary Induction Failure***
PIF: Play It Forward***
PIF: Pacific Island Forum***
PIF: Partners in Friendship***
PIF: Program Interface File***
PIF: Prolactin Inhibiting Factor***
PIF: Palestinian Investment Fund***
PIF: Pharma Industry Finland***
PIF: Performance Incentive Funds***
PIF: Punere in Functiune***
PIF: Point Information Famille***
PIF: picture interchange format file***
PIF: Program Information Files***
PIF: Peritonite Infecciosa Felina***
PIF: Project Investment Fund***
PIF: Private Inspection Facilities***
PIF: Personal Information Filter***
PIF: Prepaid International Forum***
PIF: Personal Information Forms***
PIF: Paying It Forward***
PIF: Payment in Full***
PIF: Pupteatra Internacia Festivalo***
PIF: Poland Investment Fund***
PIF: PDK1 Interacting Fragment***
PIF: Program Initiatives Fund***
PIF: Proposal Information Forms***
PIF: Premium Income Fund***
PIF: Power Investment Fund***
PIF: Pipeline Income Fund***
PIF: Partners in Faith***
PIF: Photonic Internet Forum***
PIF: Privatizacijski Investicijski Fondovi***
PIF: Property Industry Foundation***
PIF: Peritonitis Infecciosa Felina**
PIF: Profile Interchange Format**
PIF: Pacific Island Forums**
PIF: interstitial fluid pressure**
PIF: P instability Factor**
PIF: Patient Information File**
PIF: PEF)/peak inspiratory flow**
PIF: performance-intensity function**
PIF: phagocytosis inducing factor**
PIF: Phagocytosis Inhibitory Factor**
PIF: phagocytosis-inducing factor**
PIF: phagocytosis-inhibitory factor**
PIF: PMA-inducible factor**
PIF: PMN-inhibitory factor**
PIF: pooled ileostomy fluid**
PIF: population irradiation factor**
PIF: portable image format**
PIF: post inflammatory fibrosis**
PIF: Pre-implantation factor**
PIF: Prl inhibiting factor**
PIF: PRL-inhibiting factor**
PIF: progesterone-inhibitory factor**
PIF: prolactin inhibitory factor**
PIF: prolactin-inducing factor**
PIF: proliferation inducing factor**
PIF: proliferation inhibition factor**
PIF: proliferation inhibitor factor**
PIF: Proteolysis-inducing factor**
PIF: proteolysis-inducing factors**
PIF: proteolysis-inhibiting factor**
PIF: Proton Irradiation Facility**
PIF: Pulmonary interstitial fibrosis**
PIF: Permanent Insulated Formwork**
PIF: Partnership Investment Fund**
PIF: Proliferation Inhibitory Factor**
PIF: Patient Information Forum**
PIF: Pastor Information Forms**
PIF: Picture Interchange File**
PIF: Position Information Form**
PIF: Pooled Investment Funds**
PIF: Private Institutional Facilities**
PIF: Postscript Interchange Format**
PIF: Privatization Investment Fund**
PIF: Pakistan Income Fund**
PIF: Points Info Familles**
PIF: peak inspiratory flow rate**
PIF: peak inspired flow rate**
PIF: phagocytosis inducing factor(s**
PIF: polymorphonuclear leukocyte-inhibitory factor**
PIF: procoagulant activity inducing factor**
PIF: prolactin release inhibitory factor**
PIF: prolactin-release inhibiting factor**
PIF: prolonged intravenous infusion**
PIF: protracted infusional 5-fluorouracil**
PIF: Personnel Information Forms**
PIF: Pakistan Islamic Front**
PIF: Plano Integrado Florestal**
PIF: Parallel Integrated Frame**
PIF: Performance Influencing Factors**
PIF: Parity Inner Failure**
PIF: Pension Insurance Fund**
PIF: Performance Investment Fund**
PIF: Product Information File**
PIF: Partenaire Insertion Formation**
PIF: Parameter Input Form**
PIF: Perpetual Investment Fund**
PIF: Point Information Familles**
PIF: Psycholinguistics in Flanders**
PIF: Phytochrome Interacting Factors**
PIF: Picture Intermediate Frequency**
PIF: Private Inspection Facility**
PIF: Positive Impact Foundation**
PIF: Prostatic Interstitial Fluid**
PIF: Point Info Familles**
PIF: Proto Image of the Firm**
PIF: Premises Improvement Fund**
PIF: Pupteatran Internacian Festivalon**
PIF: Patient Information Forms**
PIF: Pooled Investment Fund**
PIF: Post Initiatives Fund**
PIF: Parks Impact Fee**
PIF: Pacific Investment Facility**
PIF: Parity Inner Fails**
PIF: PICIC Investment Fund**
PIF: Pneumatic Isostatic Forging**
PIF: Project Information Forms**
PIF: Provincial Investment Fund**
PIF: Parotid Isoelectric Focusing**
PIF: Pitch Instruments France**
PIF: Professional Interest Forum**
PIF: Prolactin Inhibitory Factors**
PIF: Provision of Industrial Facilities**
PIF: Photo Irritancy Factor**
PIF: Project in Foreign**
PIF: Psychoses in Finland**
PIF: Pulsed Ionospheric Flow**
PIF: Payment Instruction Form**
PIF: Pilot Information Files**
PIF: Parc Industriel Fournisseur*
PIF: Philippine International Forum*
PIF: Place in an Inactive File*
PIF: Point of Identical Flow*
PIF: Pressure Injected Footings*
PIF: Productivity Investment Funding*
PIF: Puppeteer Intermediate Format*
PIF: Particle Irradiation Facility*
PIF: Patient Indicator Form*
PIF: Pocatello Interfaith Fellowship*
PIF: Parcoadamello It Files*
PIF: Patent Information Forum*
PIF: Process Interchange Framework*
PIF: Public Interest Fellowships*
PIF: Parent Info Folders*
PIF: Parent Information Fair*
PIF: Pending Issue File*
PIF: Pilgrimage in Faithfulness*
PIF: Police Investigation Force*
PIF: Prevention Incentive Funds*
PIF: Professional Investor Funds*
PIF: Provider Inquiry Form*
PIF: Pseudo Invariant Features*
PIF: Punjab Initiatives Fund*
PIF: Punjab Irregular Force*
PIF: Partial Impact Factor*
PIF: Performance Improvement Feature*
PIF: Performance Improvement Fund*
PIF: Performance Incentive Fee*
PIF: Pigment Inducing Factor*
PIF: Posti Ispezione Frontaliera*
PIF: Private Investor Forecast*
PIF: Pro Insulin Free*
PIF: Problem Identification Flag*
PIF: Productivity Investment Funds*
PIF: Pass and Identification*
PIF: Problem Identification Forms*
PIF: Personal Identification Feature*
PIF: Provisions for Industrial Facilities*
PIF: Pacific Island Flyer*
PIF: Pool Irradiation Facility*
PIF: Pseudo Identification Feature*
PIF: Public Information Forums*
PIF: Politically Incorrect Firearm*
PIF: Performance Improvement Form*
PIF: Permanent Initialisation File*
PIF: physical impairment figure*
PIF: Planetary Image Finders*
PIF: Pokemon International Forums*
PIF: Purple Iris Florist*

Note: Acronym Finder has 53 verified definitions for PIF

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