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PEC: Property Enquiry Certificates****
PEC: peer evaluation committee****
PEC: PNOC Exploration Corporation****
PEC: Planning and Environmental Committee****
PEC: Project Executive Committee****
PEC: Public Emergency Communications****
PEC: PALFINGER Equipment Center****
PEC: Process for Efficient****
PEC: Piedmont Environmental Center****
PEC: Physical Environment Committee****
PEC: Portlands Energy Centre****
PEC: Pre Existing Characters****
PEC: Paysans Ecologistes Consommateurs****
PEC: Progress Energy Company****
PEC: Postsecondary Education Consortium****
PEC: Program Evaluation Coordinator****
PEC: Port Event Center***
PEC: Pay Equity Commission***
PEC: Progress Energy Corporation***
PEC: Photographic Emulsion Cleaner***
PEC: Practical Ethics Center***
PEC: Provincial Elders Conference***
PEC: Pedernales Electric Cooperative***
PEC: Pan European Cable***
PEC: Pennsylvania Equine Council***
PEC: Pacific Energy Company***
PEC: Pennsylvania Environmental Council***
PEC: Private Equity Committee***
PEC: Preserve the Eatonville Community***
PEC: Pre Entry Clearance***
PEC: Program for Exceptional Children***
PEC: Precinct Election Commissions***
PEC: Physical Education Centre***
PEC: Press Emblem Campaign***
PEC: Profiling of Escherichia Coli***
PEC: Petroleum Equipment Company***
PEC: Provincial Education Committee***
PEC: Picture Exchange Communication***
PEC: Plantation Equestrian Center***
PEC: Palestine Electric Company***
PEC: PURE Energy Centre***
PEC: Pennypack Environmental Center***
PEC: Personal Environmental Control***
PEC: Psychiatric Emergency Center***
PEC: Professional Education Competence***
PEC: Parwan Electronics Corporation***
PEC: Poverty Eradication Commission***
PEC: Pediatric Ethics Committee***
PEC: Provincial Executive Committee***
PEC: Predicted Environmental Concentrations***
PEC: Physical Education Conferences***
PEC: Pittsburgh Employment Conference***
PEC: Professional Education Competency***
PEC: Patricia Egen Consulting***
PEC: Peterson Environmental Consulting***
PEC: Palestinian Electricity Company***
PEC: Planning and Environment Commission***
PEC: Performance Engineering Corporation***
PEC: Public Education Committee***
PEC: Power Electronics Consortium***
PEC: Pre Existing Condition***
PEC: Packet Error Checking***
PEC: Punjab Engg College***
PEC: PHYSICS Electric Circuits***
PEC: Physiological Effects of Coffee***
PEC: Power Energy Conference***
PEC: Primary Enterprise Controller***
PEC: Provinciaal Educatief Centrum***
PEC: Province Executive Committee***
PEC: Pilot Exemption Certificate***
PEC: Public Employee Conference***
PEC: Programme Executive Committee***
PEC: Professional Evaluation Committee***
PEC: Picture Entertainment Corporation***
PEC: Paiton Energy Company***
PEC: Parents Executive Committee***
PEC: Parkview Education Centre***
PEC: Physical Education Complex***
PEC: Plastic Engineered Components***
PEC: Project Enhancement Corporation***
PEC: Purchased Equipment Cost***
PEC: Political Education Committee***
PEC: Programs for Exceptional Children***
PEC: Proposal Evaluation Committees***
PEC: Peuple Et Culture***
PEC: Postcompulsory Education Centre***
PEC: Parish Education Commission***
PEC: Pipe Excavation Contracting***
PEC: Project Environmental Coordinator***
PEC: Provincial Election Committee***
PEC: Pre the Current***
PEC: Public Education Commission***
PEC: Percutaneous Endoscopic Colostomy***
PEC: Para Equestrian Canada***
PEC: Plastics Exhibition Conference***
PEC: Perth Education City***
PEC: Principal Enterprise Capital***
PEC: Parent Educator Connection***
PEC: PA Environmental Council***
PEC: Plastics Extrusion Company***
PEC: Planet Earth Communications***
PEC: Petroleum Exporting Countries***
PEC: PCT Executive Committee***
PEC: Perfect Electrical Conductor***
PEC: Peace Energy Cooperative***
PEC: Philippine Executive Commission***
PEC: Professional Education Committees***
PEC: Paradise Education Center***
PEC: Precollege Education Committee***
PEC: Professional Executive Committees***
PEC: Parent Educator Consultant***
PEC: Public Events Council***
PEC: Professional Education Committee***
PEC: Provisional Election Commission***
PEC: Prescott Equestrian Centre***
PEC: Prague Economic Chamber***
PEC: Panoche Energy Center***
PEC: Poly Ethylene Carbonate***
PEC: President Enterprise Corporation***
PEC: Project Evaluation Committee***
PEC: Pakistan Education Centre***
PEC: Physicians Endoscopy Center***
PEC: Playstation Emulation Cheater***
PEC: Programme Evaluation Committee***
PEC: portable editor case***
PEC: Pacific Ecology Conference***
PEC: Photo Electronics Corporation***
PEC: Professional Equipment Co***
PEC: precision electronic components***
PEC: Physics Enhancement Course***
PEC: Protocol Engineering Center***
PEC: Pacto Etico Comercial***
PEC: Pacific Educational Conference***
PEC: Peace and Education Coalition***
PEC: Panther Express Corp***
PEC: Policy and Ethics Committee***
PEC: Petersburg Electronic Company***
PEC: Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies***
PEC: Provincial Executive Committees***
PEC: Pedernales Electric Company***
PEC: Primitive Emotional Contagion***
PEC: Pike Electric Corporation***
PEC: Presidential Economic Commission***
PEC: Professional Education Council***
PEC: Pilot Evaluation Committee***
PEC: professional exempt contractual***
PEC: Projects and Equipment Corporation***
PEC: Private Enterprise Coalition***
PEC: Pradesh Election Committee***
PEC: Professional Education Competencies***
PEC: Professional Enhancement Committee***
PEC: Photographic Exhibitions Committee***
PEC: Preferred Equities Corporation***
PEC: Projects Equipment Corporation***
PEC: Precision Engineering Center***
PEC: Petroleum Education Council***
PEC: Prehospital Emergency Care***
PEC: Palestinian Emergency Committee***
PEC: Paragon Environmental Construction***
PEC: Peabody Education Council***
PEC: Peoples Electric Co***
PEC: Pigment Emulsified Creosote***
PEC: Postgraduate Executive Committee***
PEC: Proton Exchange Capacity***
PEC: Poult Enteritis Complex***
PEC: Partners Executive Council***
PEC: Pesticide Education Center***
PEC: Physical Electronics Conference***
PEC: Passenger Emergency Communication***
PEC: Pentecostal European Conference***
PEC: Product Exchange Center***
PEC: Parnell Engineering Consulting***
PEC: Plan Estratégico Conjunto***
PEC: Planned Employment Center***
PEC: Procurement Executives Council***
PEC: Proximity Effect Correction***
PEC: Pilotage Exemption Certificates**
PEC: Pan European Conference**
PEC: Party Exceptional Catering**
PEC: pancreatic endocrine cells**
PEC: papillary endometrial carcinoma**
PEC: papillary endometrial carcinomas**
PEC: papillary epithelial cells**
PEC: parallel elastic component**
PEC: Parietal epithelial cells**
PEC: partial extracorporeal circulation**
PEC: passive eccentric contraction**
PEC: Patient Education Center**
PEC: pediatric emergency care**
PEC: percutaneous endoscopic cecostomy**
PEC: peritoneal effector cell**
PEC: peritoneal exsudate cells**
PEC: Peritoneal exudat cells**
PEC: peritoneal exudated cells**
PEC: Peritoneal exudative cells**
PEC: peritoneal exude cell**
PEC: Perivascular Epithelioid Cells**
PEC: Petrifilm E. coli**
PEC: pharmacy evaluation committee**
PEC: piezo-electric current**
PEC: pigmented exuberant conjunctivitis**
PEC: plain epidermoid carcinoma**
PEC: plantar epidermoid cyst**
PEC: plasma epinephrine concentration**
PEC: plasma ethanol concentration**
PEC: pleural effusion cells**
PEC: Pleural exudate cells**
PEC: porcine endothelial cells**
PEC: Porcine enteric calicivirus**
PEC: portal endothelial cells**
PEC: postgraduate education centres**
PEC: Postoperative exudate cells**
PEC: preadmission evaluation center**
PEC: predicted exposure concentrations**
PEC: primary erythroid cells**
PEC: Probe exchange catheter**
PEC: problematic eating conduct**
PEC: Proboscis extension conditioning**
PEC: proliferating epidermoid cysts**
PEC: proliferative endothelial cells**
PEC: prostate epithelial cells**
PEC: prostatic epithelial cells**
PEC: protein effectiveness coefficient**
PEC: pulsed electric current**
PEC: purified erythrocyte concentrate**
PEC: pyrogenic exotoxin C**
PEC: Peripheral Equipment Corporation**
PEC: Pacific Electricord Co**
PEC: Pacific Entertainment Corporation**
PEC: Plan of Economic Co**
PEC: Provincial Executive Council**
PEC: Position Error Correction**
PEC: Pattern Enforcing Compiler**
PEC: Punjab Examination Commission**
PEC: Peace Education Center**
PEC: Pokhara Engineering College**
PEC: Project Engineering Consulting**
PEC: Parliamentary European Committee**
PEC: Performance Edge Consulting**
PEC: Police Enquiry Centres**
PEC: Presidential Elections Commission**
PEC: Processor Expansion Card**
PEC: Passive Electronic Components**
PEC: Punjab Entertainment Company**
PEC: Pharmaceuticals Education Council**
PEC: Population Education Club**
PEC: program effectiveness committee**
PEC: Program Examination Committee**
PEC: Peace Ethics Contest**
PEC: Pension Equity Council**

Note: Acronym Finder has 130 verified definitions for PEC

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