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PDT: Payment Data Transfer****
PDT: Practical Driving Test****
PDT: Photo Dynamic Therapy****
PDT: performance diagnostic tool****
PDT: Professionals in the Digital****
PDT: Pliable Display Technology****
PDT: parallel data transmission****
PDT: Polish Dream Team****
PDT: Project Development Tool****
PDT: Parent and Don T****
PDT: Project Delivery Teams****
PDT: Preferably Do This****
PDT: Prague Dependency Treebank***
PDT: Paradise Dental Technologies***
PDT: Planned to Document***
PDT: Passwords and These***
PDT: Punch Down Tool***
PDT: Program Delivery Team***
PDT: Product Data Technology***
PDT: Paddington Development Trust***
PDT: Professional Development Tutor***
PDT: Printer Definition Table***
PDT: Pertussis Diphtheria Tetanus***
PDT: Politicians and Delegates***
PDT: Peace Dividend Trust***
PDT: Program Development Task***
PDT: Performance Dyno Tuning***
PDT: PCI Delayed Transaction***
PDT: Programme De Travail***
PDT: Parametric Design Tool***
PDT: Percutaneous Dilational Tracheostomy***
PDT: Post Darwinian Transition***
PDT: programmable drive table***
PDT: Pioneer Digital Technologies***
PDT: Phoenix Digital Tech***
PDT: Platine De Translation***
PDT: PHP Developers Tools***
PDT: Product Development Teams***
PDT: Per Diem Travel***
PDT: Professional Development Trainee***
PDT: Production and Testing***
PDT: Paradise Dental Technology***
PDT: Privacy Diagnostic Tool***
PDT: Program Dua Tahun***
PDT: Packet Data Terminal***
PDT: problems Date Thu***
PDT: Posted by Topher***
PDT: Proportional Drift Tubes***
PDT: Partido Democr Tico***
PDT: Poderosos Do Truco***
PDT: Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy***
PDT: Precision Drop Tester***
PDT: Pedigree Disequilibrium Test***
PDT: Pattern Day Trader***
PDT: Prometheus Design Tool***
PDT: pain detection threshold**
PDT: Pain detection thresholds**
PDT: partial dissociation threshold**
PDT: peak density time**
PDT: peak developed tension**
PDT: perchlorate discharge test**
PDT: percutaneous dilatational technique**
PDT: Percutaneous dilatational tracheotomy**
PDT: percutaneous dilation tracheotomy**
PDT: Percutaneous dilational tracheotomy**
PDT: peripheral deep temperature**
PDT: platelet-dependent thrombosis**
PDT: potentiometric difference titration**
PDT: pregnancy-dependent tumors**
PDT: Present-day Thais**
PDT: pressure death time**
PDT: Pressure-pain detection threshold**
PDT: preventive dental treatment**
PDT: progressive dilatational tracheostomy**
PDT: protein degradation toxin**
PDT: psychoacoustic discrimination test**
PDT: pulmonary drug toxicity**
PDT: pulse duration threshold**
PDT: Personal Data Terminal**
PDT: Politeknik Dungun Terengganu**
PDT: Peripheral Device Type**
PDT: Product Development Technology**
PDT: 5-ALA)-photodynamic therapy**
PDT: BACKGROUND--Photodynamic therapy**
PDT: CPD4)-Photodynamic therapy**
PDT: mTHPC-photodynamic therapy**
PDT: PHOTOFRIN-photodynamic therapy**
PDT: post-photodynamic therapy**
PDT: Program Development Team**
PDT: Posted by Toaod**
PDT: Particle Displacement Tracking**
PDT: Project Definition Table**
PDT: capacitance detection times**
PDT: photodynamic detection and therapy**
PDT: Polyamine derivatives of TDA**
PDT: pregnancy-dependent mammary tumor**
PDT: Propagation Delay Time**
PDT: 1,2-propane dithiol**
PDT: Paragon Decision Technology**
PDT: Partnership Delivery Team**
PDT: Performance Development Team**
PDT: Precision Digital Technology**
PDT: Police Dependants Trust**
PDT: Project Development Teams**
PDT: Population Doubling Times**
PDT: Pre Departure Training**
PDT: Preventing Disease Transmission**
PDT: Percepatan Daerah Tertinggal**
PDT: Poorly Differentiated Tumors**
PDT: Product Development Trust**
PDT: Publishes the Diet**
PDT: Programme for Development and Training**
PDT: Professional Development Time**
PDT: Pattern Day Trading**
PDT: PHIGS Description Table**
PDT: Plasma Diffusion Treatment**
PDT: Polymer Design Technologies**
PDT: Proposal Development Team**
PDT: Panstwowy Dom Towarowy**
PDT: Product Design Teams**
PDT: Pastoral Development Team**
PDT: Performance Diagnotic Tool**
PDT: Phenomenon Detection and Tracking**
PDT: Pulse Detonation Turbine**
PDT: Phsar Doeum Thkov**
PDT: Pointing Design Tool**
PDT: Professional Development Teams**
PDT: Profile in Document**
PDT: Page Descriptor Type**
PDT: Posted by Turukhtan**
PDT: Page Directory Table**
PDT: Poly Drip Trays**
PDT: Phil Dunlap Trio**
PDT: Posted by Trfbasdujicksdqaq**
PDT: People Development Team**
PDT: Peter Dengate Trush**
PDT: Process Definition Template**
PDT: Papa Doria and the Talent**
PDT: Plan Development Teams**
PDT: Printer Definition Tables**
PDT: Platform Data Table**
PDT: Posting Data Transfer**
PDT: Potentially Dangerous Taxpayers**
PDT: Process Development Tool**
PDT: Purchased Diagnostic Test**
PDT: Permanent Duty Travel**
PDT: Payment Distribution Types*
PDT: Police Defensive Tactics*
PDT: Parfum De Toiltte*
PDT: Parfume De Toilette*
PDT: Path Definition Table*
PDT: Physical Data Type*
PDT: Planning Development Team*
PDT: Portables Daten Terminal*
PDT: prague direct trades*
PDT: Prospectus Development Teams*
PDT: Partial Dial Time*
PDT: Project Definition Team*
PDT: Personal Development Time*
PDT: PHP Debugger Tools*
PDT: Physical Device Table*
PDT: Posted by Thanatos*
PDT: Precision Digitizing Table*
PDT: Pressure Discomfort Threshold*
PDT: Print Data Terminator*
PDT: Product Definition Team*
PDT: Project Development Time*
PDT: Proportional Drift Tube*
PDT: Provincia Di Torino*
PDT: Punch and Delete Tape*
PDT: Puzzle Design Tournament*
PDT: Process Design Team*
PDT: Powell Duffryn Terminals*
PDT: Process Development Teams*
PDT: Project Development Training*
PDT: Portable Diagnostic Terminal*
PDT: Premier Discount Travel*
PDT: Performance Discharge Test*
PDT: Push Down and Turn*
PDT: Pacific Development and Training*
PDT: Paul Duane Terpstra*
PDT: Pellegrini Dog Training*
PDT: Pennsylvania Department of Trans*
PDT: Peoples Directory The*
PDT: Permits for Deer and Turkey*
PDT: Pirates of Darkwater Theme*
PDT: Port Douglas Terrace*
PDT: Prefecture De Tetouan*
PDT: Primary Drain Tank*
PDT: Probable Depth and Thickness*
PDT: Production of Documents or Things*
PDT: Professor Daniel Thalmann*
PDT: Project Develelopment Training*
PDT: Project Development Test*
PDT: Promoting Digital Thinking*
PDT: Prose as Deadly Tortures*
PDT: Province De Taounate*
PDT: Province De Taroudant*
PDT: Province De Tata*
PDT: Province De Taza*
PDT: Province De Tiznit*
PDT: Publisher of the Definitive Tech*
PDT: Publisher of the Definitive Technology*

Note: Acronym Finder has 55 verified definitions for PDT

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