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PDS: Presence Detection System****
PDS: Payment Data Systems****
PDS: PCB Design Studio****
PDS: Parallel and Distributed Systems****
PDS: Professional Development Services****
PDS: Product Data Sheets****
PDS: Professional Development Series****
PDS: Public Diplomacy Section****
PDS: Preliminary Design Study****
PDS: Pater Damian Schule****
PDS: Planning and Development Services****
PDS: Process Development System****
PDS: Personal Defense System****
PDS: Permanence Des Soins****
PDS: Patient Discharge Summaries****
PDS: Personal Dental Services****
PDS: Premier Dealer Services***
PDS: Ping Discovery Service***
PDS: Partido Democratico Social***
PDS: professional development summit***
PDS: Pesticides and Seeds***
PDS: Prikkelbare Darm Syndroom***
PDS: Program Development Specialists***
PDS: Public Displays of Sexuality***
PDS: Potentially Dangerous Student***
PDS: Politikerin Die Sich***
PDS: Professional Development Seminars***
PDS: Poughkeepsie Day School***
PDS: Problem Detection Study***
PDS: Patch Distribution System***
PDS: Partido Democracia Social***
PDS: Physical Disability Support***
PDS: Project Definition Study***
PDS: Personal Data Service***
PDS: Performance Development Solutions***
PDS: Product Decoration Service***
PDS: Pipe Distribution Systems***
PDS: Parcel Delivery Service***
PDS: Public Distribution Scheme***
PDS: palais des sports***
PDS: Parish Data System***
PDS: Prikkelbaar Darm Syndroom***
PDS: Premium Discount Scheme***
PDS: Product Development Services***
PDS: Payload Data Segment***
PDS: Professional Development Systems***
PDS: Project Data Services***
PDS: Partito Del Socialismo***
PDS: Presbyterian Distribution Service***
PDS: Progressive Data Systems***
PDS: Programme Development Support***
PDS: Presentation Discussion Sessions***
PDS: Productive Data Systems***
PDS: Politik Der SPD***
PDS: Pre Demolition Survey***
PDS: Persistent Distributed Store***
PDS: partia demokracia sociale***
PDS: Point Defense System***
PDS: Primary Duty Station***
PDS: Power Data Supply***
PDS: Post Discharge Surveillance***
PDS: Paulhus Deception Scales***
PDS: Professional Development Supervisors***
PDS: Passive Double Star***
PDS: Professional Development Services (Savannah, GA)***
PDS: Professional Diagnostic Services***
PDS: Planetary Data Systems***
PDS: Performance Data Services***
PDS: Policy Delivery Systems***
PDS: Personal Digital Server***
PDS: Product Development Solutions***
PDS: Project Data Service***
PDS: Professional Development Standards***
PDS: Payload and Satellite***
PDS: portable document software***
PDS: Paragon Development Systems***
PDS: Planning Data System***
PDS: Plan Distribution System***
PDS: Progressive Deterioration Scale***
PDS: packet data satellite***
PDS: Piano Discovery System***
PDS: Payload Data System***
PDS: Post Development and Software***
PDS: Pre Dental Society***
PDS: Program Development System***
PDS: Patient Demographic Service***
PDS: prairie diagnostic services***
PDS: Partition Data Sets***
PDS: Port Docking Station***
PDS: Principal Display Surface***
PDS: Publication and Distribution Services***
PDS: Philippine Dealing System***
PDS: Preparing Data for Submission***
PDS: Pathology Data Systems***
PDS: Partnership Development Schools***
PDS: Performance and Dependability Symposium***
PDS: Point Defense Systems***
PDS: Population and Development Strategy***
PDS: Peritoneal Dialysis Solution***
PDS: Private Developer Scheme***
PDS: Phoswich Detector System***
PDS: Patient Data Services***
PDS: Personal Dictation System***
PDS: Partnership and Data Services***
PDS: Peermade Development Society***
PDS: Portland Dahlia Society***
PDS: Probabilistic Design System***
PDS: Population and Development Strategies***
PDS: Perry Drug Stores***
PDS: Professional Development Site***
PDS: Project Dance Studio***
PDS: Patient Demographics Supplier***
PDS: Papain Dissociation System***
PDS: Public Dental Service***
PDS: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions***
PDS: Project Delivery System***
PDS: Personal Demographic Service***
PDS: Preliminary Design Studies***
PDS: Preliminary Documented Safety***
PDS: PROVIDER Dental Services***
PDS: Physics Data System***
PDS: Polish Delta Squad***
PDS: Pater Damian Sekundarschule***
PDS: Performance Development Scheme***
PDS: Protected Distribution Systems***
PDS: Packet Driver Solution***
PDS: Post Deployment Software***
PDS: Product Definition Section***
PDS: Physical Design Structures***
PDS: Professional Development Staff***
PDS: Parcel Delivery Scam***
PDS: Patron Directory Services***
PDS: PKI Disclosure Statement***
PDS: Professional Development Sites***
PDS: Public Distribution Services***
PDS: Play Development System***
PDS: Programmable Devices and Systems***
PDS: People Developer Standard***
PDS: Patient Diary Study***
PDS: Packet Data Subsystem***
PDS: Progressive Damping System***
PDS: power density spectra***
PDS: Payload Data Services***
PDS: Plagiarism Detection Software***
PDS: Project Description Statement***
PDS: Project Development Services***
PDS: Plagiarism Detection Service***
PDS: Pro Dominator Series***
PDS: Push Down System***
PDS: Parti Demokratik Sabah***
PDS: Personal Document Spaces***
PDS: Productive Data Solutions***
PDS: Planetary Defense System***
PDS: Press Dewatering System***
PDS: Presbyterian Day School***
PDS: Passive Dosimeter System***
PDS: Product Distribution System***
PDS: Project Document System***
PDS: Program Debugging System***
PDS: Programmable Device Support***
PDS: Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome***
PDS: Principal Dental Series***
PDS: Professional Discount Supply***
PDS: Power Density Spectrum***
PDS: Personnel Data Systems***
PDS: Profile the Descent***
PDS: Presbyterian Distribution Services***
PDS: Persistently Dangerous School***
PDS: Professional Development Software***
PDS: Paragon Data Suite***
PDS: Pakistan Demographic Survey***
PDS: Portable Digital Studios***
PDS: Proud to Support***
PDS: Product Data exchange Specification***
PDS: Public Domain Statistics***
PDS: Participant Data System***
PDS: Public Directory Support***
PDS: Party for Democratic Socialism***
PDS: Prirodoslovno Drustvo Slovenije**
PDS: Professional Data Services**
PDS: Product Delivery System**
PDS: histo-pathological damage scores**
PDS: pain dysfunction syndrome**
PDS: pain-dysfunction syndrome**
PDS: pancreatic Doppler score**
PDS: pancreatic duct secretions**
PDS: pancreatic duct sphincter**
PDS: pancreatic duct stones**
PDS: pancreatic duct system**
PDS: parallel direct search**
PDS: paramedian diencephalic syndrome**
PDS: parent-domain stress**
PDS: parenteral delivery systems**
PDS: paroxysmal depolarisation shift**
PDS: paroxysmal depolarisation shifts**
PDS: paroxysmal depolarising shift**
PDS: Paroxysmal depolarization shifts**
PDS: Patient Decision Support**
PDS: percent diameter stenosis**
PDS: Perfusion defect size**
PDS: perinatal data system**
PDS: perineal descent syndrome**
PDS: periodontally diseased subjects**
PDS: Personal Development Study**
PDS: Phlegm-Dampness Stagnation**
PDS: Phlegm-Dampness Syndrome**
PDS: Phlegm-Dampness-Stagnancy**
PDS: pigmentary dispersion syndrome**
PDS: place-dependent sensitization**
PDS: platelet-derived supernatants**
PDS: platelet-poor derived serum**
PDS: Point Data Server**
PDS: polarity difference score**
PDS: Poly-p-dioxanon sutures**
PDS: polyglandular deficiency syndrome**
PDS: post-diauxic shift**
PDS: post-discectomy syndrome**
PDS: Post-discectomy-Syndrome**
PDS: posterior dorsal striatum**
PDS: Power Doppler Sonography**
PDS: preovulatory donor serum**
PDS: pressure-distribution sensor**
PDS: procedure documenting system**
PDS: Profile Difference Score**
PDS: Prognosis Decision System**
PDS: Psoriasis Disability Scale**
PDS: psychological distress syndrome**
PDS: psychophysiological diagnostic screening**
PDS: Psychotic Depression Scale**
PDS: Pubertal Development Scale**
PDS: pulsed Doppler sonography**
PDS: pyridoxine-dependent seizure**
PDS: pyridoxine-dependent seizures**
PDS: Patent Delivery Service**
PDS: Planning Design and Sustainability**
PDS: Phoswich Detection System**
PDS: Print Device Subsystem**
PDS: Personal Data System**
PDS: Plan Distribution Service**
PDS: Packet Delivery System**
PDS: Post Digestion Spike**
PDS: Petrotechnical Data Systems**
PDS: Plant Display System**
PDS: Pre Dispatch Schedule**
PDS: practical data solutions**
PDS: Primary Dental Service**
PDS: POS Data System**
PDS: Program Data Set**
PDS: Practical Data Services**
PDS: Polymer Detection Systems**

Note: Acronym Finder has 151 verified definitions for PDS

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