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What does PDF stand for?

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PDF: Portable Document Format (Adobe)****
PDF: Product Design Forums****
PDF: Programs Dates and Fees****
PDF: Piano Discussion Forum****
PDF: Prof Dr Francois****
PDF: pilotage des flux****
PDF: Production of FT****
PDF: Problemas De Familia****
PDF: Patti Di Famiglia****
PDF: Payroll Deduction Form****
PDF: Pride of the Farm****
PDF: Profile Directed Feedback****
PDF: Piano Della Formazione****
PDF: Project to Define****
PDF: Portals Download the Free****
PDF: Public Domain Free****
PDF: Product Details Features****
PDF: President of the Following****
PDF: Portale Della Federazione****
PDF: Professional Discussion Forum****
PDF: PRESIDENT the Draft****
PDF: Promoting Development Fighting****
PDF: Please Download Free****
PDF: Planet Darts Forum****
PDF: Production and Feeding****
PDF: Provided in Different****
PDF: PowerStroke Diesel Ford****
PDF: procesamiento de frutas****
PDF: Programa De Finanzas****
PDF: Police Department Five****
PDF: Policy of Defense****
PDF: Products Download Full****
PDF: Prediction of Forest****
PDF: Professional Development Form****
PDF: Please Download the Full****
PDF: Premium Diesel Fuels****
PDF: Proyecto Del Fondo****
PDF: Percentage of Deaf****
PDF: Planetary Defense Force****
PDF: Public Discussion Forum****
PDF: Promoting Drug Free****
PDF: product description file****
PDF: Print Data Files****
PDF: Pyramid of Food****
PDF: passeurs de frontieres****
PDF: Product Description Features****
PDF: Preisach Distribution Function****
PDF: Prof Dr Ferdinand****
PDF: Principio Del Formulario****
PDF: Prescription Drug Form****
PDF: Prescription Drugs Federal****
PDF: Public Data Files****
PDF: Project Development and Finance****
PDF: Production of F1****
PDF: Prepared by Friends****
PDF: Public Domain Foundation****
PDF: Personal Details Form****
PDF: Procedures for Foreign****
PDF: Procedures in Family****
PDF: Project Design Features****
PDF: Published by the Friedrich****
PDF: Pacific Disability Forum****
PDF: Published as Field****
PDF: Personaggi Della Famiglia****
PDF: Pilates Dvd Free****
PDF: Preis Der Firma****
PDF: Project Download Full***
PDF: Presented by Frank***
PDF: Prize Donation Form***
PDF: Pt Docs Ficheiros***
PDF: Page Description Format***
PDF: Pooled Development Funds***
PDF: ProBuilt Deck Fence***
PDF: Pakistani Defence Forum***
PDF: Pigment Dispersing Factor***
PDF: Programme Des Formations***
PDF: Pet Doctor Frequently***
PDF: Product Details Four***
PDF: Poison Dart Frog***
PDF: Pesticides and Food***
PDF: Printable Donation Form***
PDF: Pathology Department Faculty***
PDF: Powered by Forum***
PDF: Portrait Des Femmes***
PDF: Products and Future***
PDF: Purification of DNA Fragments***
PDF: Poids Du Fichier***
PDF: Prepared by Florida***
PDF: Position Description Form***
PDF: Palm DOC Format***
PDF: Panel De Firmas***
PDF: Protable Document Format***
PDF: Prepared by the First***
PDF: Pair Distribution Functions***
PDF: Programme Du Festival***
PDF: Planning for Defense***
PDF: Profilo Di Feedback***
PDF: Printable Document Format***
PDF: Plan Download Floor***
PDF: Para Download Formato***
PDF: PDA Forum Foren***
PDF: Printer Driver File***
PDF: Premium Deposit Fund***
PDF: Professional Development Faculty***
PDF: Product Directory FREE***
PDF: Public Document Format***
PDF: Program for Deaf***
PDF: Products of the Following***
PDF: President of the Forum***
PDF: Procedures for Financing***
PDF: Products and Furniture***
PDF: Product Documentation the Following***
PDF: Projekt Digital Forvaltning***
PDF: Pangea Day Film***
PDF: Predicting the Functional***
PDF: Phone Directory Fax***
PDF: Procedures for Flow***
PDF: Premium Dog Food***
PDF: Pedigree of the Family***
PDF: Powder Data File***
PDF: Professional Development First***
PDF: Proceedings of the FAO***
PDF: Partitioning of Deformation***
PDF: Presented to the Food***
PDF: Ponds at Foxhollow***
PDF: Partners in Development Foundation***
PDF: Popular Defence Forces***
PDF: Personality Disorders and the Five***
PDF: People with Diabetes and Their Families***
PDF: Portable Dokument Format***
PDF: Portable Display Format***
PDF: Pas De Fichiers***
PDF: Problems Downloading the Forms***
PDF: Price Download Full***
PDF: Prepared in Fulfillment***
PDF: project descriptions for***
PDF: Programmation Du Festival***
PDF: Philippine Development Forum***
PDF: Postseismic Deformation Following***
PDF: Programme Des Fonds***
PDF: Programme Du Forum***
PDF: Patterns of Diversification***
PDF: Professional Development Frameworks***
PDF: Personal Document Format***
PDF: Praia Do Flamengo***
PDF: Project Development Fund***
PDF: Plan for Deferred***
PDF: Projets De Financement***
PDF: parachutes de france***
PDF: Present Day Field***
PDF: Project Description Forms***
PDF: Product Description Files***
PDF: Prescription Drugs Facts***
PDF: Proceedings in the Following***
PDF: periodo de funcionamiento***
PDF: Professional Development Friday***
PDF: Proposal Development Funding***
PDF: Printer Definition Files***
PDF: Pele Defense Fund***
PDF: Presentation on the Draft***
PDF: Proceedings the Form***
PDF: Production De Formulaires***
PDF: Prev by Date Fw***
PDF: PROGRAM Download Final***
PDF: Profitez Des Fonctions***
PDF: Presented at the Friends***
PDF: programa de fiestas***
PDF: politique des forces***
PDF: Patrimoine De France***
PDF: Predicting the Frequency***
PDF: Produits De Formation***
PDF: Post Doctoral Funding***
PDF: Project Document Format***
PDF: Pendule De Foucault***
PDF: philippines development forum***
PDF: Powder Diffraction Files***
PDF: Primary Design Focus***
PDF: Project Documents Final***
PDF: Prof Dr Freimut***
PDF: professional development forum***
PDF: Planning Des Formations***
PDF: Power of the Dragonflame***
PDF: Portland Dance Festival***
PDF: periodos de formacion***
PDF: Processing Document Format***
PDF: Procedure as Followed***
PDF: private devotions for***
PDF: Principe De Fermat***
PDF: Published in Foreign***
PDF: Predictors for Falls***
PDF: Personal Data File***
PDF: Ponder the Future***
PDF: Performance Driven Facial***
PDF: Physiology Department Faculty***
PDF: Plan Download the Full***
PDF: Possessed by Fyodor***
PDF: Population Dynamics and Fisheries***
PDF: Party Declaration Form***
PDF: Preludes and Fugues***
PDF: Productivity of Five***
PDF: Pacifique Deep Forest***
PDF: Presented by Front***
PDF: pc docs fulcrum***
PDF: Paper Documents Forms***
PDF: Proceedings of the Forest***
PDF: Perspectives on Defense***
PDF: Programs to Download Free***
PDF: Proyectos Del Fondo***
PDF: Portail Des Fondations***
PDF: Program Descriptions the Following***
PDF: Premium Dividend Fund***
PDF: Pressure Derived Fractional***
PDF: Proceedings of the FREENIX***
PDF: Project Development Facilities***
PDF: Prom Dresses Formal***
PDF: Panamanian Defense Forces***
PDF: Product Development Facility***
PDF: Personal Data Forms***
PDF: Portable Data Files***
PDF: Proceedings and Final***
PDF: Philadelphia the Former***
PDF: Php Date Formatting***
PDF: Programs Download the Full***
PDF: Programa De Foment***
PDF: programa de festejos***
PDF: Professional Development Facilitator***
PDF: Peace and Democracy Foundation***
PDF: Peinture Des Figurines***
PDF: People Defence Force***
PDF: Proposal for the Draft***
PDF: Penn Dutch Food***
PDF: Police Dog Finds***
PDF: Program Description Financial***
PDF: Problem or Deficiency***
PDF: Product Donation Form***
PDF: Position Description Family***
PDF: Propos Des Fiches***
PDF: Pre Defined Function***
PDF: Pavelsbach De Forum***
PDF: Propulsion Du Futur***
PDF: Proceedings of the the Fifth***
PDF: Papirgrotten Dk Find***
PDF: Papeteries de France***
PDF: proposed details for***

Note: Acronym Finder has 80 verified definitions for PDF

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