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PCD: Professional Cutlery Direct****
PCD: Professionals Complementary to Dentistry****
PCD: Planning Community Development****
PCD: Phillips Craig and Dean****
PCD: Policy Coordination Division****
PCD: Preventing Chronic Disease****
PCD: Portable Compact Disc***
PCD: Primary Cost Drivers***
PCD: Partito Cristiano Democratico***
PCD: Personal Computing Division***
PCD: Primary Care Division***
PCD: Purkinje Cell Degeneration***
PCD: Practice in Chronic Disease***
PCD: Partners for Christian Development***
PCD: Providence Country Day***
PCD: Palouse Conservation District***
PCD: Professionals for Cyber Defense***
PCD: Plan Communal De***
PCD: Pacific Central District***
PCD: Palyul Changchub Dargyeling***
PCD: Planned Commercial District***
PCD: Poly Crystalline Diamond***
PCD: Patient Care Device***
PCD: Packet Capture Descriptor***
PCD: Philippine Central Depository***
PCD: PA Community Development***
PCD: Project Concept Document***
PCD: Planned Community District***
PCD: photo compact disk***
PCD: Primaire Ciliaire Dyskinesie***
PCD: Planned Commercial Development***
PCD: Phase Change Dual***
PCD: Passive Cavitation Detection***
PCD: Parliamentary Communications Directorate***
PCD: Pitch Center Diameter***
PCD: Personal Career Development***
PCD: Planned Commerce Development***
PCD: Physiological Cell Death***
PCD: PARP Catalytic Domain***
PCD: Process Control Devices***
PCD: Pacemaker Cardioverter Defibrillator***
PCD: Partidul Crestin Democrat***
PCD: Porsche Club Deutschland***
PCD: Population Center Distance***
PCD: Personal and Career Development***
PCD: Program Course Distribution***
PCD: Pastoral Counseling for Denver***
PCD: Port City Diving***
PCD: Pollution Control District***
PCD: Packing Center Duisburg***
PCD: Personal Communication Devices***
PCD: Preferred Chiropractic Doctor***
PCD: abilities--perceived-competence deficit**
PCD: apoptosis/programmed cell death**
PCD: papillary collecting duct**
PCD: papillary collecting ducts**
PCD: paraneoplastic cerebellar degenerations**
PCD: pars costalis diaphragmatis**
PCD: particle charge detection**
PCD: passenger cell-depleted**
PCD: passive cavitation detector**
PCD: patient-centered database**
PCD: Penile corporeal disproportion**
PCD: percutaneous cervical discectomy**
PCD: perfused capillary density**
PCD: periapical cemental dysplasia**
PCD: pericardial catheter drainage**
PCD: periodic cycle duration**
PCD: peripheral chemoreceptor drive**
PCD: peripheral corneal desiccation**
PCD: Phlegmasia cerulea dolens**
PCD: photoallergic contact dermatitis**
PCD: physiologic cellular degeneration**
PCD: pigmented contact dermatitis**
PCD: pigtail catheter drainage**
PCD: plaque-covered, demineralized**
PCD: plasma cell dyscrasia**
PCD: Plasma cell dyscrasias**
PCD: plasma-cell dyscrasia**
PCD: plating cell dose**
PCD: positive control drug**
PCD: possibly chronic disease**
PCD: post challenge day**
PCD: post conception day**
PCD: post-challenge day**
PCD: post-cholecystectomy diarrhea**
PCD: post-column derivatization**
PCD: post-contractile depression**
PCD: posterior chamber depth**
PCD: Posterior Cortical Dementia**
PCD: previous calving date**
PCD: primary care doctor**
PCD: primary conduction disease**
PCD: primary conduction disturbances**
PCD: Primary cricopharyngeal dysfunction**
PCD: PRO Concatenated Database**
PCD: probable crevice depths**
PCD: programmed" cell death**
PCD: progressive cone dystrophies**
PCD: progressive coronary dilatation**
PCD: protein C deficiency**
PCD: protein carbonyl derivatives**
PCD: Protein contact dermatitis**
PCD: Pudendal canal decompression**
PCD: Pulsed coulometric detection**
PCD: pure cholinergic dysautonomia**
PCD: purified control diet**
PCD: Purkinjie cell degeneration**
PCD: pycnotic cell death**
PCD: Procurement and Contracts Division**
PCD: Proximity Coupling Devices**
PCD: Photo Compact Disc**
PCD: Partnerships for Community Development**
PCD: Product Category Designation**
PCD: Public Complaint Director**
PCD: Plastic Center Drawer**
PCD: Princeton Country Dancers**
PCD: Private Consumption Deflator**
PCD: Purkinje cell deficit**
PCD: Protein Coated Disc**
PCD: Project Concept Documents**
PCD: 4alpha-carbinolamine dehydratase**
PCD: alpha-carbinolamine dehydratase**
PCD: Delta'-piperideine-6-carboxylate dehydrogenase**
PCD: papillary collecting duct cells**
PCD: perceived control over development**
PCD: Perianal Crohn's diseases**
PCD: Periodic breathing cycle duration**
PCD: positron coincidence detection system**
PCD: pre-encephalopathic cerebral discirculations**
PCD: Pregnancy and Childbirth Database**
PCD: probable Crohn's disease**
PCD: probeable crevice depth measurements**
PCD: programmed cell death/apoptosis**
PCD: proximal cauda epididymidis**
PCD: proximal Crohn's disease**
PCD: Pterin-4a-carbinolamine dehydratase**
PCD: Pterin-4alpha-carbinolamine dehydratase**
PCD: pulmonary N2 clearance delay**
PCD: Purkinje cell degeneration mutants**
PCD: Pensions Client Directorate**
PCD: Prostate Cancer Digest**
PCD: Power Conversion Department**
PCD: Palliative Care Database**
PCD: pentagon computer data**
PCD: Product Control Drawing**
PCD: Programed Cell Death**
PCD: Physicians for Civil Defense**
PCD: Platform Configuration Data**
PCD: Partai Cinta Damai**
PCD: Preventable Chronic Disease**
PCD: Professional Circuit Designs**
PCD: Pyruvate Carboxylase Deficiency**
PCD: Process Control Division**
PCD: Personal Communications Device**
PCD: Port Clarence District**
PCD: Program Completion Date**
PCD: Physical Chemistry Division**
PCD: Passive Crossover Designer**
PCD: People Centred Development**
PCD: Process Capability Determination**
PCD: Process Control Database**
PCD: Purkinje cell degeneration mutant**
PCD: Primary Care Dentists**
PCD: Policia Control De**
PCD: Projeto Chapada Diamantina**
PCD: Participatory Curriculum Development**
PCD: Property and Construction Directorate**
PCD: Pacific Coast District**
PCD: Partly Convertible Debentures**
PCD: Plastic Container Division**
PCD: Prochorus Community Developments**
PCD: Product Configuration Description**
PCD: Pussy Cat Dolls**
PCD: Partido Convergência Democrática**
PCD: Pacing Cardioverter Defibrillator**
PCD: Primary Care Diabetes**
PCD: Partially Convertible Debentures**
PCD: Preferred Compass Direction**
PCD: PCMCIA Card Detect**
PCD: Perceptual Communicative Disorder**
PCD: Percutaneous Catheter Drainage**
PCD: Position Category Descriptions**
PCD: Program Control Documents**
PCD: Performance Centred Design**
PCD: Patriotic Coalition for Democracy**
PCD: Phonological Coding Dyslexia**
PCD: Physical Catchment Descriptors**
PCD: Panama Canal Department**
PCD: Participating Chiropractic Doctor**
PCD: Persons Classified as Disabled**
PCD: Planned Commercial Developments**
PCD: Probability of Correct Detection**
PCD: Particulate Control Devices**
PCD: Pennsylvania Community Development**
PCD: Permitting and Compliance Division**
PCD: Personal Communications Devices**
PCD: Parent Child Development**
PCD: Planes Comunitarios De**
PCD: Power Control and Distribution**
PCD: Progressive Control Design**
PCD: Perceptual Communicative Disability**
PCD: Phase Compact Disc**
PCD: Pick Custom Design**
PCD: Potential Control Device**
PCD: Physician and Clinic Directory**
PCD: Polymer Compounding Division**
PCD: Product Confidence Data**
PCD: Professions Complimentary to Dentistry**
PCD: Passenger Cruise Day**
PCD: PCBN and Carbide**
PCD: Personal Computing Devices**
PCD: Polo Club Deuverden**
PCD: Port Coogee Development**
PCD: Practical Cartography Day**
PCD: Premature Centromere Disjunction**
PCD: Physical Chemical Deposition**
PCD: Prenatal Cytogenetic Diagnosis**
PCD: Process Challenge Devices**
PCD: Peace Conflict and Development*
PCD: Pick Custom Designed*
PCD: Pitch Circle Diamater*
PCD: Planned Community Development*
PCD: Power Cross Detection*
PCD: Private Collection Division*
PCD: Pterin 4 Carbinolamine Dehydratase*
PCD: Pueblo Conservancy District*
PCD: Partido Comunista Dominicano*
PCD: Passenger Car Diesel*
PCD: Perceptual Communication Disability*
PCD: Physical and Complex Disabilities*
PCD: Price Confirmation Display*
PCD: Product Class Database*
PCD: Professional Community Developer*
PCD: Parliamentary Commission on Disarmament*
PCD: Paul Chang Design*
PCD: Peer Culture Development*
PCD: Photo Chemical Dechlorination*
PCD: Poly Crystalline Diamonds*
PCD: Production Completion Date*
PCD: Punched Card Data*
PCD: Parameter Code Dictionary*
PCD: Pilot Control Display*
PCD: Planning and Coordination Division*
PCD: Policy Constituency Development*
PCD: Portable Communication Devices*
PCD: Price Confirmation Displays*
PCD: Primary Chronic Disease*
PCD: Procedure Call Dictionary*
PCD: Procurement Control Document*

Note: Acronym Finder has 108 verified definitions for PCD

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