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PACE: Policy Analysis for California Education****
PACE: Pacific Autism Center for Education****
PACE: Public Awareness and Community Education****
PACE: Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship****
PACE: Public Affairs and Civic Engagement****
PACE: People Acting in Community Endeavors****
PACE: Parishes Against Coastal Erosion****
PACE: Political Action for Candidate Election****
PACE: Public and Continuing Education****
PACE: Performing Arts Center Eastside***
PACE: Partnership Action for Continuing Employment***
PACE: Planning and Conducting Evaluations***
PACE: Partners for a Clean Environment***
PACE: Professional and Community Education***
PACE: Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe***
PACE: Proactive Automation of Change Execution***
PACE: Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange***
PACE: Paint and Coatings Expo***
PACE: Prostitution Alternatives Counselling and Education***
PACE: Political Action by Coors Employees***
PACE: Performing Arts Center for Education***
PACE: Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence***
PACE: Program for Accelerated College Education***
PACE: Program for Acquiring Competence in Entrepreneurship***
PACE: Parent And Child Education***
PACE: Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe***
PACE: Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements***
PACE: Prevention and Cessation Education***
PACE: Political Action Committee for Employees***
PACE: Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution***
PACE: Program Approval for Continuing Education***
PACE: Program for Athletic Coaches Education***
PACE: Permafrost And Climate in Europe***
PACE: Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam***
PACE: Performance Against Customer Expectations***
PACE: Pedestrian and Cyclist Equity***
PACE: Publishers Association for Cultural Exchange***
PACE: Patricia Area Community Endeavours***
PACE: Program to Aid Career Exploration***
PACE: Psychology of Abilities Competencies and Expertise***
PACE: Partners for Academic Excellence***
PACE: Professional Association for Childhood Education***
PACE: Parents and Children for Equality***
PACE: Physician Asthma Care Education***
PACE: Program of Alternative Certification for Educators***
PACE: Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement***
PACE: Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment***
PACE: Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education***
PACE: Palm Application Compatibility Environment***
PACE: Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment***
PACE: Parents Autism Campaign for Education***
PACE: Parents Advancing Choice in Education***
PACE: Phelps Architecture Construction and Engineering***
PACE: Professional Activities Committee for Engineers***
PACE: Principia Adult Continuing Education***
PACE: Polaris Application Certification Enterprise***
PACE: Property Advisers to the Civil Estate***
PACE: Partners in Active Continuous Education***
PACE: Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton***
PACE: Promoting Action on Clinical Effectiveness***
PACE: Pilot Automatic Computing Engine***
PACE: Post Abortion Counseling and Education***
PACE: Partnership for Academic and Career Education***
PACE: Promoting Active Competition Everywhere***
PACE: Project for Advocacy Counselling***
PACE: Political Action Committee for Education***
PACE: Patuxent Area Cycling Enthusiasts***
PACE: Palo Alto Chinese Education***
PACE: Private Automatic Computer Exchange***
PACE: Prostitution Alternatives Counseling and Education***
PACE: Pneumococcal Awareness Council of Experts***
PACE: Programme for the Control of Epizootics***
PACE: Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor***
PACE: Performance and Career Enhancement***
PACE: Postcard Art Competition Exhibition***
PACE: Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise***
PACE: Practical and Cultural Education***
PACE: Perception Aging and Cognitive Ergonomics***
PACE: Penhallegon Associates Consulting Engineers***
PACE: Program for Adult Centered Education***
PACE: Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment***
PACE: Pedal Australia for Clean Energy***
PACE: Pinout and Area Constraints Editor***
PACE: Plan for Accelerating Exploration***
PACE: Pressures Actions Capabilities Enablers***
PACE: Project for Advice Counselling and Education***
PACE: Paralegal Advanced Competency Examination***
PACE: Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence***
PACE: Project for the Advancement of Childhood Education***
PACE: Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures***
PACE: Professional Architects Consultants and Engineers***
PACE: Partners for Advancement of Collaborative Engineering***
PACE: Physical Activity in Contemporary Education***
PACE: Professional Automotive Career Education***
PACE: Pacific Association of Challenge Enthusiasts***
PACE: Professional and Career Education***
PACE: Partnership for Continuing Education***
PACE: Premium for Academic Excellence***
PACE: Prevention and Control Exchange***
PACE: Purdue Academic Computing Environment***
PACE: Police Assisted Community Enforcement***
PACE: Prostate Awareness and Cancer Education***
PACE: Personal Assessment of the College Environment***
PACE: Protestant and Catholic Encounter***
PACE: Professional Association of Clinical Engineering***
PACE: professional and administrative career examination**
PACE: Perkins Approved Clear English**
PACE: Professional Association for Clinical Engineering**
PACE: Preventing Agricultural Chemical Exposure**
PACE: Policy Accuracy Creates Enthusiasm**
PACE: platinised activated carbon electrode**
PACE: platinised activated carbon electrodes**
PACE: Population-Adjusted Clinical Epidemiology**
PACE: pressure-assisted capillary electrophoresis**
PACE: proteasome-associated control element**
PACE: Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence**
PACE: Parents Alliance for Catholic Education**
PACE: Program for Adult Continuing Education**
PACE: Professional Association of City Employees**
PACE: A Practical Approach to Concurrent Engineering**
PACE: Pidgins and Creoles in Education**
PACE: Preserve Assets and Community Equity**
PACE: Policy Alternatives Community and Education**
PACE: Palestinian Association of Cultural Exchange**
PACE: Project for Adult College Education**
PACE: Personal Assessment and Crisis Evaluation**
PACE: phase acquisition of composite echo**
PACE: phase acquisition of composite echoes**
PACE: Pilot Ambulatory Care and Education**
PACE: Pilot Ambulatory Care and Education**
PACE: programmable, autonomously controlled electrode electrophoresis**
PACE: psychiatric acute care and emergency**
PACE: Professional Association of Christian Educators**
PACE: Parser Comparison and Evaluation**
PACE: pollution abatement and control expenditures**
PACE: Professional Association For Catering Education**
PACE: Primary Assessment Curriculum and Experience**
PACE: Professional Achievement in Ceramic Engineering**
PACE: Professional Adult Comprehensive Education**
PACE: Partnership in Assisting Community Expansion**
PACE: plasma angiotensin I converting enzyme**
PACE: polyacrylamide affinity coelectrophoresis technique**
PACE: Programs Advancing Citizenship Education**
PACE: Pulaski Alliance for Community Education**
PACE: Police Association for College Education**
PACE: Public Alliance for Community Energy**
PACE: Professional and Classified Employee**
PACE: Policy Alternatives Community Education**
PACE: Practical Academic and Cultural Education**
PACE: Plan for Academic and Career Excellence**
PACE: Political Action Committee for Engineers**
PACE: Productivity and Cost Efficiencies**
PACE: Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering**
PACE: Providers of Approved Continuing Education**
PACE: Parent and Children Education**
PACE: Parental Alliance for Choice in Education**
PACE: Plan for Accelerated Exploration**
PACE: Process and Chemical Engineering**
PACE: Positive Attitude Changes Everything**
PACE: Programmed Academic Curriculum Evaluation**
PACE: Personal and Chapter Enrichment**
PACE: Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education**
PACE: Pan African Control of Epizootics**
PACE: Partnership for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering**
PACE: physics and chemistry experiments**
PACE: Personal Assessment of College Environment**
PACE: Problems of Access to Care**
PACE: Prelaunch Automatic Checkout Equipment**
PACE: Partnership for Active Community Engagement**
PACE: Prototype Aviation Collaborative Effort**
PACE: cisplatin, adriamycin, cyclophosphamide and etoposide**
PACE: furin/paired basic amino-acid-cleaving enzyme**
PACE: paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme**
PACE: paired basic amino acid converting enzyme**
PACE: paired dibasic amino acid cleaving enzyme**
PACE: Political Action Council of Educators**
PACE: Professional Airline Career Enhancement**
PACE: Parents as Career Educators**
PACE: People Against Contaminated Environment**
PACE: Programme of Advanced Continuing Education**
PACE: Patrol Airship Concept Evaluation**
PACE: Performing Arts Curriculum Experience**
PACE: Promoting Aphasics Communicative Effectiveness**
PACE: Publicity Association of Central England**
PACE: Philadelphia Automated Communication and Execution**
PACE: Pacific Atlantic Crop Exchange**
PACE: Public administration and electronic commerce in Europe**
PACE: Pan African Census Explorer**
PACE: plasma levels of angiotensin-converting enzyme**
PACE: Print Alliance Credit Exchange**
PACE: Program Airs on Cable**
PACE: Partnership Academic Centers of Excellence**
PACE: Philadelphia Area Council for Excellence**
PACE: Pioneer Arts Center Easthampton**
PACE: plaistow area commerce exchange**
PACE: Prevention Awareness Counselling and Evaluation**
PACE: Paper Allied Chemical Energy**
PACE: Particularly in the Contextof**
PACE: Positive Active Clear and Energetic**
PACE: Promoting Access to Carbon Equity**
PACE: Packaging and Converting Executive**
PACE: Packet of Accelerated Christian Education**
PACE: Pan Asian Council of Employees**
PACE: Programm of Advanced Continuing Education**
PACE: Public Access Cablevision by Elders**
PACE: Purse Application for cross-border use in euro**
PACE: Personnel and Administrative Center**
PACE: Program Afloat for College Education**
PACE: Power Aware Computing Engines**
PACE: Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence**
PACE: Palo Alto Community Eruv**
PACE: Performance and Allocated Capacity for End**
PACE: Personal Alternative Choices in Education**
PACE: Personal Augmented Computing Environment**
PACE: Pacific to Arizona Crustal Experiment**
PACE: Processing and Classification of Enlistees**
PACE: Program in American Culture**
PACE: Palestinian Association for Culture Exchange**
PACE: Pan African Conservation Education**
PACE: Play and Care Entrust**
PACE: Professional Association of Custody Evaluators**
PACE: Program Accelerated College Education**
PACE: Paint and Coating Expo**
PACE: Pensacola Area Commitment to Excellence**
PACE: People Advocating for Change**
PACE: Physician Assessment and Clinical Evaluation**
PACE: Professional Ad Club East**
PACE: Professional Assistant Center for Education**
PACE: Professional Assistants to Chief Executives**
PACE: Program Adult College Education**
PACE: Programs for Awareness in Cultural Education**
PACE: Parents Against Childhood Epilepsy**
PACE: Peforming Arts Creative Enterprise**
PACE: Performance and Cost Evaluation**
PACE: Performing Arts Culture Entertainment**
PACE: Personal and Community Enrichment**
PACE: Petersen Alternative Center for Education**
PACE: Physical Activity and Community Exercise**
PACE: Pollution Abatement Cost and Expenditures**
PACE: Postcard Art Competition and Exhibition**
PACE: Professional Association of China Environment**
PACE: Programme for Asian Cooperation on Energy**
PACE: Performance Appraisal for Colorado Employees**
PACE: Performing Arts Creative Enterprise**
PACE: Pilot Aircraft Courtesy Evaluation**
PACE: Providing Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs**
PACE: Park Applications Computer Engineering**
PACE: Partners Advancing College Education**
PACE: PArtnership for Comprehensive Equity**
PACE: Pro Active Code Enforcement**

Note: Acronym Finder has 102 verified definitions for PACE

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