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PAC: Public Accounts Committee (?)****
PAC: Pregnancy Advisory Centre****
PAC: Preservation Advisory Committee****
PAC: PhD Advisory Committee****
PAC: Planning and Advisory Council****
PAC: Project Advisory Committee****
PAC: Pre Authorized Checking****
PAC: Political Advisory Committee****
PAC: Pan Asian Conference****
PAC: Policy Advisory Committees****
PAC: Patrullas de Autodefensa Civil****
PAC: Pittsburgh Allegheny County****
PAC: Parent Advisory Councils****
PAC: policy advisory commission****
PAC: Property Association of Canada****
PAC: Political Awareness Committee****
PAC: Patterns and Activities****
PAC: Policy and Advocacy Committee****
PAC: Paid for by Campaign****
PAC: Planning Advisory Committee****
PAC: Phoenix Arts Commission****
PAC: Programmer Analyst Contract****
PAC: Preamp and Compressor****
PAC: Politicians Are Crooks****
PAC: Parents Advisory Council****
PAC: Presidents Advisory Council****
PAC: Physics and Condensed****
PAC: Privilege Attribute Certificates****
PAC: Palo Alto California****
PAC: Preparing for the Certified****
PAC: Public Action Committee****
PAC: Preservation and Conservation****
PAC: Page A Celebration****
PAC: Physical Activity Complex****
PAC: Proliferation of Corporate****
PAC: Prior to A Council****
PAC: Planning Advisory Committees****
PAC: Political Party Committees****
PAC: Proxy Auto Config****
PAC: Product Advisory Council****
PAC: Provides A Counterweight****
PAC: Program Area Committees****
PAC: Partnership Advisory Committee****
PAC: Partner Advisory Councils****
PAC: Project Area Committee****
PAC: Probation and Aftercare****
PAC: Putnam Arts Council****
PAC: Principal After Consultation****
PAC: Park Advisory Commission****
PAC: Performing Arts Centers****
PAC: Promotion Advisory Committee****
PAC: Phoenix Ad Club****
PAC: Penny Arcade Cult****
PAC: Post Acute Care****
PAC: Primary Adult Care****
PAC: Performance Audit Committee****
PAC: Power Air Corporation****
PAC: Professions Advising Center****
PAC: Parliamentary Advisory Committee****
PAC: Plan Administration and Consulting****
PAC: Pierre Architectural Composite****
PAC: Pulmonary Artery Catheters***
PAC: Practice Advisory Council***
PAC: PhaNgan Animal Care***
PAC: Passenger Agency Conference***
PAC: Performing Arts Centre***
PAC: Pompes A Chaleur***
PAC: Parish Advisory Council***
PAC: Philadelphia AFL CIO***
PAC: Paddle America Club***
PAC: Project AIDS Care***
PAC: Planned Amortization Classes***
PAC: Polar Air Cargo***
PAC: Process and Competition***
PAC: Pentagon Athletic Center***
PAC: Public Access Computer***
PAC: Pediatric AIDS Chicago***
PAC: Property Access Control***
PAC: Preparing for the Creation***
PAC: Provider Advisory Council***
PAC: Putnam for Congress***
PAC: Physician Asthma Care***
PAC: Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds***
PAC: Programming Advisory Committee***
PAC: Political Action Conference***
PAC: Parks Advisory Commission***
PAC: Perform A Combination***
PAC: Poly Aluminum Chloride***
PAC: Programs in the Courts***
PAC: Presidential Advisory Committee***
PAC: Panhandle Area Council***
PAC: Peninsula Airport Commission***
PAC: Proceedings of the American***
PAC: Political Awareness Club***
PAC: Partner Advisory Committee***
PAC: Planning and Coordination***
PAC: Political Affairs Committee***
PAC: Policy Advocacy Campaign***
PAC: Public Affairs Center***
PAC: Picture Archiving Computer***
PAC: Permanent Air Cells***
PAC: Pastoral Advisory Council***
PAC: Philadelphia Ad Club***
PAC: Perturbed Angular Correlations***
PAC: Primary Agricultural Cooperative***
PAC: Physical Activity Centre***
PAC: Profile at the Center***
PAC: Public Awareness Campaigns***
PAC: Programme Activity Centre***
PAC: Pedestrian Advisory Committee***
PAC: Process Automation Controller***
PAC: Political Action Commitees***
PAC: Public Access Computing***
PAC: Public Access Computers***
PAC: Prairie Arts Council***
PAC: Professional Awareness Conference***
PAC: phoenix advertising club***
PAC: Parents Advisory Committee***
PAC: Prison After Care***
PAC: Programme Advisory Committee***
PAC: Policy Advocacy and Communications***
PAC: Polish Arts Club***
PAC: Pengurus Anak Cabang***
PAC: Problems and Challenges***
PAC: Performance Assessment Center***
PAC: Public Agency Contract***
PAC: practices advisory council***
PAC: Patriot Advanced Capabilities***
PAC: Pharmacy Australia Congress***
PAC: Public Affairs Centre***
PAC: Performing Arts Chicago***
PAC: primary advisory committee***
PAC: Penal Affairs Consortium***
PAC: Particle Associated Contaminants***
PAC: Physicians Advisory Committee***
PAC: Planning Assessment Commission***
PAC: Public Account Committee***
PAC: Publishers Association of China***
PAC: Payable to Construction***
PAC: Protection Against Corrosion***
PAC: PC Air Conditioner***
PAC: Principal Advisory Council***
PAC: Public Access Catalogue***
PAC: Pupil Assistance Committee***
PAC: process and contracts***
PAC: Percussion Art Center***
PAC: Played an Active***
PAC: Physics and Astronomy Club***
PAC: Public Access Channel***
PAC: Programs at Comparable***
PAC: Professional Artist Coalition***
PAC: Program Activity Center***
PAC: Precision Airmotive Corporation***
PAC: Police Accreditation Coalition***
PAC: Physical Activity Center***
PAC: Potomac Athletic Club***
PAC: Particuliere Alarm Centrale***
PAC: Prescott Astronomy Club***
PAC: precinct advisory council***
PAC: Patient Advocacy Council***
PAC: Parliamentary Accounts Committee***
PAC: Press Arbitration Commission***
PAC: Phebee Adventure Club***
PAC: Pre Admission Consultation***
PAC: Public Affairs Conference***
PAC: Post Auricular Canal***
PAC: Parent Advisory Committees***
PAC: Peace Arts Center***
PAC: Portsmouth Athletic Club***
PAC: Percussive Arts Centre***
PAC: Phase and Amplitude Control***
PAC: Poly Aluminium Chloride***
PAC: prior approval check***
PAC: Procurement Advisory Council***
PAC: Professional Activities Centre***
PAC: Portuguese American Civic***
PAC: Process and Control***
PAC: Profit Assistance Corporation***
PAC: Project Advisory Committees***
PAC: Publishing Advisory Committee***
PAC: Permit Application Center***
PAC: Political Action for Candidate***
PAC: premature atrial contractions***
PAC: Plainfield Area Chamber***
PAC: Premium Assignment Corporation***
PAC: Prepare to Attend College***
PAC: Provincial Apprenticeship Committee***
PAC: Production Automation and Control***
PAC: Professional Assessment Committee***
PAC: Processing and Archiving Centre***
PAC: Provincial AIDS Committees***
PAC: Psychology Assessment Center***
PAC: Privacy the Commonwealth***
PAC: Professional Awards Committee***
PAC: Paint Alternative Competition***
PAC: Pennsylvania Archaeological Council***
PAC: Programs and Activities Council***
PAC: Punta Arenas Chile***
PAC: Presidential AIDS Commission***
PAC: Project Administrative Coordinator***
PAC: Public Affairs Colloquium***
PAC: Photoactivated Adenylyl Cyclase***
PAC: Positive Action Campaign***
PAC: Paramount Arts Center***
PAC: Physical Activities Complex***
PAC: Prairie Astronomy Club***
PAC: Partners Against Crime***
PAC: Political Activities Committee***
PAC: Portal Advisory Committee***
PAC: Plasma Arc Centrifugal***
PAC: Parker Arts Council***
PAC: Performing Arts Council***
PAC: Positive Action Coalition***
PAC: Parent Advocate Coalition***
PAC: Physician Advisory Committees***
PAC: potomac area council***
PAC: Professional Aptitude Council***
PAC: Professional Artist Cosmetics***
PAC: Post Anesthesia Care***
PAC: planning action council***
PAC: Public Art Committee***
PAC: Phoenix Anarchist Coalition***
PAC: Parent Advisory Counsel***
PAC: Player Advisory Committee***
PAC: Producers Assistance Corporation***
PAC: Program Advisory Committees***
PAC: Preservation Action Committee***
PAC: Planning Appeals Commission***
PAC: Policy Administration Charge***
PAC: Project Area Committees***
PAC: Posterior Auditory Cortex***
PAC: Psychological Assessment Center***
PAC: Personal Accident Coverage***
PAC: Pseudo Algebraically Closed***
PAC: Premature Atrial Complexes***
PAC: Public Access Catalogs***
PAC: Plan Advisory Committee***
PAC: Programming Advisory Council***
PAC: Peninsula Aero Club***
PAC: Patriot Advance Capability***
PAC: Preschool Advisory Committee***
PAC: Public Advisory Councils***
PAC: Project Atmosphere Canada***
PAC: Professional Affairs Council***
PAC: Pilipino American Coalition***
PAC: Police and Citizens***
PAC: Primary Agriculture Credit***

Note: Acronym Finder has 225 verified definitions for PAC

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