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OTC: Ozarks Technical College****
OTC: Oklahoma Tax Commission****
OTC: Oregon Tourism Commission****
OTC: output tech corp****
OTC: Over Th Counter****
OTC: Out of Town Centre****
OTC: Ozark Technical Community****
OTC: Officer Training Command****
OTC: Offroad Touring Club****
OTC: Ouachita Technical College****
OTC: Optimization Technology Center****
OTC: Of the Communications****
OTC: Orlando Truckers Conference***
OTC: Oswald Trippe and Company***
OTC: Of Trade Confirmations***
OTC: Officer Training Conference***
OTC: Officers Training Corps***
OTC: Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care***
OTC: Online Training Center***
OTC: One Tonne Challenge***
OTC: Over the Compare***
OTC: Officer Training Camp***
OTC: Office of the Treaty Commissioner***
OTC: Otter Tail Corp***
OTC: Omni Tech Corporation***
OTC: Otter Tail Country***
OTC: Or at the Chicago***
OTC: ontus telecommunications corp***
OTC: Opportunity To Comment***
OTC: Option Trading Company***
OTC: Occupational Therapy Consultants***
OTC: Orientation to Coaching***
OTC: Ontario Training Centre***
OTC: Old Town Campus***
OTC: One True Church***
OTC: Outside the Circle***
OTC: Okehampton Town Council***
OTC: Optoelectronics Technology Center***
OTC: Ovet the Counter***
OTC: Of Trades Completed***
OTC: Observer Training Center***
OTC: Overseas Tourist Corporation***
OTC: On to Commodities***
OTC: Ohio Troopers Coalition***
OTC: OmniaLuo or the Company***
OTC: Of TransTechnology Corporation***
OTC: Online Technologies Corporation***
OTC: Offshore Technology Center***
OTC: Online Travel Club***
OTC: Open-Top Chambers***
OTC: Open Top Chambers***
OTC: Optimistic Thread Concurrency***
OTC: Occupational Training Center***
OTC: Overhead Tube Crane***
OTC: Opera Theatre Company***
OTC: Open Technologies Corporation***
OTC: Options Trading Call***
OTC: Obligatory on Topic Comment***
OTC: Optimized Train Control***
OTC: Orientation and Training Center***
OTC: Oriental Timber Corporation***
OTC: Oracle Training Centers***
OTC: Offshore Testing Center***
OTC: Outpatient Therapeutic Care***
OTC: L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylate***
OTC: Out of Town Charter***
OTC: Oklahoma Technology Council***
OTC: Office Technology Conference***
OTC: on technology corp***
OTC: Odyssey Training Center***
OTC: Operation Technology Center***
OTC: Ontario Traffic Conference***
OTC: Of Truck Centers***
OTC: Online Technologies Consortium***
OTC: Open Tourism Consortium***
OTC: Orientation Training Camp***
OTC: One Time Carbon***
OTC: Ong Teng Cheong***
OTC: Or Through Centrally***
OTC: Ohio Technical College***
OTC: On Object Technology Centers***
OTC: Offer Over The Counter***
OTC: Olympic Taekwondo Centre***
OTC: Operating Transfer Capability***
OTC: Olympic Training Centers***
OTC: Orion Telecommunications Corp***
OTC: Organization of Coordination***
OTC: Oficina T Cnica***
OTC: Operational Text Classification***
OTC: Operation Transport Corporation***
OTC: Oshawa Transit Commission***
OTC: Order to Chambers***
OTC: Occult Tumor Cells***
OTC: Ormskirk Theatre Company**
OTC: Oklahoma Transportation Center**
OTC: Ontario Trails Council**
OTC: occluded telescopic catheter**
OTC: occult thyroid carcinoma**
OTC: odor threshold concentration**
OTC: odour threshold concentrations**
OTC: on-table cholangiograms**
OTC: on-table cholangiography**
OTC: open total colectomy**
OTC: Organised Telephone Consultations**
OTC: ovarian tissue cryopreservation**
OTC: over-the counter**
OTC: oxyphilic thyroid carcinomas**
OTC: Original by the Creator**
OTC: Optic Test and Calibration**
OTC: Olympic Training Centre**
OTC: Oregon Trawl Commission**
OTC: Office of the Controller**
OTC: OneTouch Timer Control**
OTC: Operation and Transport Corporation**
OTC: Our Time Cabaret**
OTC: Over Telephone and Computer**
OTC: 2-oxo-thiazolidine-4-carboxylate**
OTC: L-2-oxo-4-thiazolidine carboxylate**
OTC: of tetracycline , oxytetracycline**
OTC: of tetracyclines--oxytetracycline**
OTC: of the oxytetracycline**
OTC: Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency**
OTC: ornithine transcarbamylase deficincy**
OTC: over the counter medications**
OTC: over-the-counter drugs**
OTC: oxygen transport and consumption**
OTC: Oryx Technology Corporation**
OTC: Offshore Tech Conf**
OTC: Opportunity To Challenge**
OTC: ORIX Taiwan Corporation**
OTC: Other Teams Conference**
OTC: Osaka Technical Center**
OTC: Outperform the Competition**
OTC: Overt the Counter**
OTC: On Top Carriers**
OTC: L-2-oxothiazolidine carboxylate**
OTC: OMAP Technology Centers**
OTC: Other the Counter**
OTC: Offshore Technical Conference**
OTC: Ownership Transfer Corporation**
OTC: Orthopaedic Technologist Certified**
OTC: Organization for Trade Cooperation**
OTC: One Touch Cooking**
OTC: Officers Training Camp**
OTC: ornithine transcarbamylase activity**
OTC: Offshore Training Centre**
OTC: Ozone Transportation Commission**
OTC: OGHC the Company**
OTC: Oringal Trilogy Collection**
OTC: Open Toernooi Commissie**
OTC: Order Through Chaos**
OTC: Overhead Travelling Crane**
OTC: ORIX Trade Capital**
OTC: dyes--oxytetracycline HCl**
OTC: Ontario Trial Cases**
OTC: Options Training Course**
OTC: Order Thru Chaos**
OTC: Organic Trade Company**
OTC: Other Team CollegeHumor**
OTC: Ottawa Technology Cluster**
OTC: Objectivist Trade Center**
OTC: Oilfield Testing Center**
OTC: Open Topped Chamber**
OTC: Osaka Transformer Company**
OTC: Obedience Trial Champion**
OTC: Online Teaching Conference**
OTC: oceanic trading corporation**
OTC: Off Topic Comments**
OTC: Off Track Capability**
OTC: Office of the Child**
OTC: Ogunquit Trolley Company**
OTC: Omeprazole the Company**
OTC: Organisme Technique Central**
OTC: Originating Toll Center**
OTC: Operational Transfer Capability**
OTC: Ottawa Transit Commission**
OTC: Organization for Training Consulting**
OTC: Option for Corporation**
OTC: output technologies corporation**
OTC: Ontario Technology Corridor**
OTC: Ordnance Training Company**
OTC: Organize Training Center**
OTC: Obsidian Theatre Company**
OTC: ocala training center**
OTC: Office Technology Certificate**
OTC: Ornithological Technical Committee**
OTC: Oxnard Tennis Center**
OTC: Office of Transport Cooperatives**
OTC: Operations at CSFB**
OTC: Organic Traffic Control**
OTC: Overseas Trading Corporation**
OTC: Office of Theological Concerns**
OTC: Officer Training Center**
OTC: Online Tool Compensation**
OTC: Organizations of Clubs**
OTC: Original Trenton Cracker**
OTC: overseas tourist company**
OTC: Orientation to College**
OTC: Outgoing Trunk Circuit**
OTC: Outreach Training Conference**
OTC: Offshore Technolgy Conference**
OTC: Output Technologie Corporation**
OTC: Official Total Catch**
OTC: Organes Tissus Cellules**
OTC: Orion Theatre Company**
OTC: Occupational Therapy Centre**
OTC: Office of Technical Coordination**
OTC: Onshore Training Commander**
OTC: Options and the Collaborative**
OTC: Osborne Transformer Corp**
OTC: Overhead Trip Computer**
OTC: Overseas Tourist Corp**
OTC: Omnis Technology Corp*
OTC: One True Couple*
OTC: Operating Telecommunication Company*
OTC: Opportunities to Conduct*
OTC: Organic Tax Code*
OTC: Overseas Telecommunications Company*
OTC: Of TransNet Corporation*
OTC: Oldham Training Centre*
OTC: Open Technology Consulting*
OTC: Optimal Transform Codes*
OTC: Ocean Tourism Coalition*
OTC: Ogemawahj Tribal Council*
OTC: Ohio Tuberculosis Coalition*
OTC: Operation Transport Company*
OTC: Operational Transit Case*
OTC: Oral Transliteration Certification*
OTC: Orthopaedics and Traumatology Center*
OTC: Obstacles to Commerce*
OTC: Ocala Traing Cntr*
OTC: Office for Topography and Cartography*
OTC: Officers Training Conference*
OTC: Oil Terminals Company*
OTC: Operational Training Course*
OTC: Oval Target Cell*
OTC: oasis technical corporation*
OTC: occupational technical center*
OTC: Operations Technology Choices*
OTC: Optical Termination Cable*
OTC: Orientation Training Courses*
OTC: Other Tennis Club*
OTC: Overview The Commission*
OTC: Olympic Trophy Center*
OTC: Office Technology Coordinator*
OTC: Office Technology Coordinators*
OTC: Oregon Telephone Cooperative*
OTC: Oak Tree Cinemas*
OTC: Obligatory on Topic Content*
OTC: Office of The Chief*

Note: Acronym Finder has 95 verified definitions for OTC

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