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OPM: Object Protocol Model****
OPM: Operations Program Manager****
OPM: Of Policy and Management****
OPM: Office for Public Management****
OPM: Organisasi Papua Merdeka****
OPM: Oregon Property Management****
OPM: Outreach Program Management****
OPM: Outsourced Program Management****
OPM: Oxford Policy Management****
OPM: Out of Pocket Maximum***
OPM: Online Preference Marketing***
OPM: Or Office of Personnel Management***
OPM: Online Payment Module***
OPM: Online Project Management***
OPM: Office Procedure Manual***
OPM: Owner President Management***
OPM: Optimized Portfolio Management***
OPM: Original Program Model***
OPM: Operations and Programs***
OPM: Opiate for the Masses***
OPM: Operational Policy Manual***
OPM: Optimized Power Management***
OPM: Office of the Prime Minster***
OPM: Oxford Performance Materials***
OPM: Office of Personal Management***
OPM: Office for Policy and Management***
OPM: Original Programming Model***
OPM: One Point Method***
OPM: Operating Profit Margins***
OPM: Office Personnel Management***
OPM: Office of Public Management***
OPM: Officer of Personnel Management***
OPM: Officer Personnel Management***
OPM: Operasi Pasar Murah***
OPM: Optical Phase Mask***
OPM: Office of Purchasing Management***
OPM: Office of Prime Minister***
OPM: Of Production Management***
OPM: Office of Personnel and Management***
OPM: Optical Power Meters***
OPM: Occult Primary Malignancy***
OPM: Optimal Pain Medication***
OPM: Operating Procedures Manual***
OPM: Original Pinoy Music***
OPM: Operasi Papua Merdeka***
OPM: Other Peoples Money***
OPM: Outlines Plan for Meeting***
OPM: Organization PCFO Manages***
OPM: Open Pit Mining**
OPM: O-palmitoyl mannan**
OPM: occult primary melanoma**
OPM: one-point method**
OPM: optical polarization microscopy**
OPM: oral-pharyngeal motility**
OPM: osteoblast-polymer matrix**
OPM: out-of-plane magnification**
OPM: outlier processing method**
OPM: ozone precursor monitor**
OPM: Office of the Permanent**
OPM: Original Pilipino Musics**
OPM: Office of the Prime Ministry**
OPM: Original Philipino Music**
OPM: Optical Polarising Microscopy**
OPM: Oz Programming Model**
OPM: Other Peoples Music**
OPM: Options Pricing Model**
OPM: Office of Pers Mgmt**
OPM: Office of Planning and Management**
OPM: Order of Precedence of Motions**
OPM: Overlay Portfolio Management**
OPM: Online Poker Mentors**
OPM: Office of the PM**
OPM: Online Program Management**
OPM: Operations Procedures Manual**
OPM: Offset Paperback Mfrs**
OPM: Oma Pullo Mukaan**
OPM: Optical Power Monitors**
OPM: Out Patient Market**
OPM: Offices of Personnel Management**
OPM: ODM Project Management**
OPM: Orbitas Por Minuto**
OPM: Orthogonal Polarization Mode**
OPM: Organic Pollution Monitor**
OPM: Office for the Promotion**
OPM: Open Pore Mahogany**
OPM: Optical Phase Masks**
OPM: ofex plus market**
OPM: Optimal Path Matrices**
OPM: Orient Paper Mills**
OPM: Organasi Papua Merdeka**
OPM: Operations Project Manager**
OPM: Original Participating Manufacturers**
OPM: Office of Parking Management**
OPM: Operations Procedure Manual**
OPM: Office of Procurement and Material**
OPM: Office of Pastoral Ministry**
OPM: Office of Project Manager**
OPM: Options Principal Membership**
OPM: Organisation for People Management**
OPM: Optical Performanace Monitor*
OPM: Or Pilipino Music*
OPM: Organizational Process Management*
OPM: Or Outsourced Program Management*
OPM: oriental pet min*
OPM: On Performance or Mission*
OPM: Online Proposal Management*
OPM: Open Print Maker*
OPM: Option by Management*
OPM: Orbit Parameter Message*
OPM: Organisasi Pemerintahan Mahasiswa*
OPM: Owner Procurement Model*
OPM: Operating Personnel Management*
OPM: Order Production Model*
OPM: Other Peoples Mortgages*
OPM: Operational Procedures Memoranda*
OPM: Organization and Procedures Manual*
OPM: Open Pit Mining operations*
OPM: Operational Procedure Memoranda*
OPM: Order Production Module*
OPM: Olympus Pacific Minerals*
OPM: Organisasi Papua Merdek*
OPM: Object Protocol Management*
OPM: Off Phoenix Mine*
OPM: Office of Personnel Mamangement*
OPM: Office of Personnel Mangagement*
OPM: Office of Personnel Mangement*
OPM: Office of Personnel Mgmt*
OPM: Office of Personnel Mgt*
OPM: Office of Policy Management*
OPM: Office of Portfolio Management*
OPM: Office of the Prime Minister*
OPM: Office of the Provost Marshal*
OPM: Old Peanut Mine*
OPM: Old Possum Mine*
OPM: Old Pyramid Mine*
OPM: Oldroyd Penwell Mine*
OPM: Operation Project Mangers*
OPM: Operational Performance Model*
OPM: Optical Properties of Minerals*
OPM: Ore Petrography and Mineralogy*
OPM: Organization and amp Procedures Manual*
OPM: Osmotic Pressure Measurements*
OPM: Owl Piersons Mine*

Note: Acronym Finder has 69 verified definitions for OPM

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