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OPA: Office Products Analyst****
OPA: Of Population Affairs****
OPA: Office of the Public Advocate****
OPA: Ontario Pharmacists Association****
OPA: Organismes Professionnels Agricoles****
OPA: Official Plan Amendment***
OPA: Of the Office of the Public Advocate***
OPA: Organisations Professionnelles Agricoles***
OPA: Ohio Psychological Association***
OPA: Office of the Public Auditor***
OPA: Ontario Physiotherapy Association***
OPA: Organisation of Professional Associations***
OPA: Ospedale Pediatrico Apuano***
OPA: Orthopedic Physician Assistants***
OPA: Ocean Pines Association***
OPA: Of the Provincial Agriculturist***
OPA: Of the Presentation***
OPA: Ocular Pulse Amplitude***
OPA: Optical Phased Arrays***
OPA: Oregon Psychiatric Association***
OPA: Oral Pharyngeal Airway***
OPA: Oak Park Academy***
OPA: Oregon Peak Adventures***
OPA: Office Product Activation***
OPA: Ontario Puppetry Association***
OPA: Online Proposal Appraisal***
OPA: Office Procedure Automation***
OPA: Oil Pastel Association***
OPA: Organizaciones Profesionales Agrarias***
OPA: Online Publisher Association***
OPA: Optical Parametric Amplifiers***
OPA: Optic Parametric Amplifiers***
OPA: Option Purchase Agreements***
OPA: Omega Phi Alpha***
OPA: Office of Public Administration***
OPA: Oregon Potters Association***
OPA: Office of Pardon Attorney***
OPA: Overseas Performing Artists***
OPA: Optical Process Automation***
OPA: Overall Performance Assessments***
OPA: Ohio Psychiatric Association***
OPA: Of Professional Astrologers***
OPA: Okoboji Protective Association***
OPA: Online Public Access***
OPA: Ontario Pesticides Act***
OPA: Oesophageal Patients Association***
OPA: Optical Parametric Amplification***
OPA: Objectieve Proef Ajuinen***
OPA: Outer Protection Area***
OPA: Operational Performance Assessments***
OPA: Orientation Peer Advisors***
OPA: Organization for Professional Astrology***
OPA: Other Protected Areas***
OPA: Optical Phased Array***
OPA: Other Procurement Army***
OPA: Orange Park Acres***
OPA: Options Pricing and Applications***
OPA: Oregon Psychological Association***
OPA: Overseas Performing Artist***
OPA: Operacion Planeta Amor***
OPA: Operator Performance Appraisal***
OPA: Ohio Pharmacist Association***
OPA: Official Planning Agencies***
OPA: Office of Patient Advocacy***
OPA: Office of Planning and Accountability***
OPA: Old Players Alliance***
OPA: Owners and Pilots Association***
OPA: Ontario Physique Association***
OPA: Oil Production Act***
OPA: Oracle Pharmaceutical Applications***
OPA: Office of Patient Advocate***
OPA: Occupational Pensioners Alliance***
OPA: Obsessive Possessive Aggression***
OPA: Office of Planning and Assessment***
OPA: Occupational Physical Activity**
OPA: Online Payment Agreements**
OPA: Old People Assault**
OPA: observer preference analysis**
OPA: ocular pulsation amplitude**
OPA: ocular pulse amplitudes**
OPA: oncofetal pancreatic antigen**
OPA: open proximal anastomosis**
OPA: optical plankton analyser**
OPA: organizational performance assessment**
OPA: Overall Patient Assessment**
OPA: Operational Performance Assessment**
OPA: Oliver Papraniku Associates**
OPA: Output and Performance Analysis**
OPA: Oil Polution Act**
OPA: Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma**
OPA: Office of Postdoctoral Affairs**
OPA: Oklahoma Psychological Association**
OPA: Outline Planning Application**
OPA: Office Personnel Association**
OPA: Output and Performance Analyses**
OPA: Objectif Perche Atlantique**
OPA: Office of Program Analysis**
OPA: 7-oxa-13-prostynoic acid**
OPA: Output Pricing Agreement**
OPA: Ontario Paint Association**
OPA: Operator Performance Assessment**
OPA: o-phthalic dicarboxaldehyde**
OPA: Old Putera Association**
OPA: Orthopedic Physician Assistant**
OPA: Office of Post Award**
OPA: Oxford Park Academy**
OPA: Office of Police Accountability**
OPA: Organization of Professional Astrologers**
OPA: Oil and Pipelines Agency**
OPA: Offshore Performance Association**
OPA: Olympic Park Associates**
OPA: Organ Procurement Agencies**
OPA: Organizational Planning Advisors**
OPA: Ottawa Police Association**
OPA: o-Phthalaldehyde-mercaptoethanol**
OPA: Ohio Pharmacy Association**
OPA: Otherwise Protected Areas**
OPA: Ottawa Peace Assembly**
OPA: Oil Producers Association**
OPA: Olympic Peninsula Aquatics**
OPA: One Photon Absorption**
OPA: Onondaga Park Association**
OPA: Optimal Performance Associates**
OPA: Ontario Psychiatric Association**
OPA: Overseas Publishing Associates**
OPA: Office of Public Archaeology**
OPA: Oil Producing Associations**
OPA: Ontario Parcel Alliance**
OPA: Old Paulians Association**
OPA: Older Peoples Associations**
OPA: Ontario Provincial Association**
OPA: Organisation Professionnelles Agricoles**
OPA: Our Public Airwaves**
OPA: Out Patients Appointment**
OPA: Office of Parish Administration**
OPA: Office of Provincial Agriculture**
OPA: Oligonucleotide Pool Assay**
OPA: Organ Projection Areas**
OPA: Orientation Program Assistants**
OPA: Office of Program Articulation**
OPA: Oklahoma Paralegal Association**
OPA: Oral Preventive Assistant**
OPA: Orthogonal Projection Approach**
OPA: Organ Procurement Agency**
OPA: Organisasi Pecinta Alam**
OPA: O Phthalic Acid**
OPA: Operational Partnership Agreements**
OPA: of permaculture and**
OPA: Office of Pool Administration**
OPA: Oil Pollution Abatement**
OPA: Onion Policy Administration**
OPA: Order of Predominance**
OPA: Organisational Performance Agreements**
OPA: Owner Participation Agreements**
OPA: Owners Protecting Agency**
OPA: Ohio Partnership for Accountability**
OPA: Ohio Poultry Association**
OPA: Old Phartes Alliance**
OPA: Optical Parametric Amplier**
OPA: Oregon Preservation Alliance**
OPA: Outcome Purpose Action**
OPA: Online Privacy Agent**
OPA: Organization of Permaculture and Art**
OPA: Organizational Performance Awards**
OPA: Of Professionals Association**
OPA: Office for the Public Advocate**
OPA: Orientation Peer Advisers**
OPA: Outstanding Performance Awards**
OPA: derivatization with o-phthaldialdehyde*
OPA: Observations Program Area*
OPA: Ocean Park Association*
OPA: Onafhankelijke Partij Alkmaar*
OPA: Oregon Pilots Association*
OPA: Other Peoples Architecture*
OPA: Office of Performing Arts*
OPA: Online Product Advocate*
OPA: Ontario Powerlifting Association*
OPA: Open Protocol Architecture*
OPA: Oracle Predictive Analytics*
OPA: Other Proc Army*
OPA: Overview Pac Attribute*
OPA: Observation Post Assistant*
OPA: Online Personal Access*
OPA: Oracle Protocol Adapter*
OPA: Office Products of America*
OPA: Omladina Preuzima Akciju*
OPA: Ontario PsychoGeriatric Association*
OPA: Operations Planning Analysis*
OPA: Orthopedic Practice Assembly*
OPA: Office of Project Administration*
OPA: Oil Prevention Act*
OPA: Older People ALL*
OPA: Operations and Procurement Army*
OPA: Ovine Pulmonary Adenomatosis*
OPA: Oficina de Planificacion Agricola*
OPA: Other Protected Area*
OPA: officer program authorizations*
OPA: Ontario Paramedic Asociation*
OPA: Orbiter Plasma Analyzer*
OPA: One Permit Application*
OPA: Objections on Permit Applications*
OPA: Oceanology Polish Academy*
OPA: Office of Permit Assistance*
OPA: Office of Policy Administration*
OPA: Office of Procurement and Assist*
OPA: Office of the Pardon Attorney*
OPA: Officer Partner or Agent*
OPA: Officer Personnel Act (1947)*
OPA: Oficina Para el Acuerdo*
OPA: Onitsha Planning Authority*
OPA: Operations in the Permit Area*
OPA: Organizaci=n del Pueblo en Armas*
OPA: Original Permit Acreage*
OPA: Original Permit Acres*
OPA: Original Progressive Alternative*
OPA: Orion Photographic Archive*
OPA: Otago Powerlifting Association*
OPA: Over Pullman and Associates*

Note: Acronym Finder has 79 verified definitions for OPA

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