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What does OOP stand for?

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OOP: Object Oriented Paradigm****
OOP: OP Out of Print****
OOP: Object Orientated Programming****
OOP: Objekt Orientierte Programmierung****
OOP: Offices of Parliament****
OOP: Object Oriented Project***
OOP: OmpA OmpF Porin***
OOP: Of an Object Oriented Programming***
OOP: Object Oriented Pascal***
OOP: Objekt Orientert Programmering***
OOP: Onderwijs Ondersteunend Personeel***
OOP: Object Oriented Pty***
OOP: Occasional Overdraft Privilege***
OOP: Object Orient Programming***
OOP: Orders of Protection***
OOP: Object Oriented Pointer***
OOP: Online Order Processing***
OOP: Outline Operational Plan***
OOP: Object Oriented Programing***
OOP: Objektno Orijentirano Programiranje***
OOP: OOD and programming***
OOP: Orthodontic Opinion Poll**
OOP: Out of the Pouch**
OOP: Oxmoor Opportunities Partnership**
OOP: Object Orientated Paradigm**
OOP: Overseers of the Poor**
OOP: Office for Official Publications**
OOP: Office of Occupational**
OOP: Org Office Productivity**
OOP: OP Original Poster**
OOP: Order of Predominance**
OOP: Oriented Object Program**
OOP: Out on the Parkways**
OOP: Otte Oil Propane**
OOP: Objekt Orienteret Program*
OOP: Office of Partnership*
OOP: OPA Open Publishing*
OOP: Organization Oriented Programming*
OOP: Out of the Pelvis*
OOP: Object Oriented Psychogeography*
OOP: Office of Orphan Products*
OOP: Order Odrodzenia Polski*
OOP: Object Oriented Pleasure*
OOP: Oracle OS 2 Pascal*
OOP: Organic Optical Photoconductor*
OOP: Operational and Organizational Plan*
OOP: Operations Operating Procedures*
OOP: Objection Of Party*
OOP: Occurrence Or Part*
OOP: Offers Of Proof*
OOP: Office Of Personnel*
OOP: Office Of Policy*
OOP: Official Orpheus Page*
OOP: Omni Optical Products*
OOP: Online Ordering of Products*
OOP: Online Ordering Products*
OOP: Order Of Preachers*
OOP: Order Or Permit*
OOP: Oregon Outdoor Program*
OOP: Organization Of Pakistani*
OOP: Outcome Of Proceeding*
OOP: Outfitting Operations Plan*
OOP: Outslopes Of Plateau*

Note: Acronym Finder has 25 verified definitions for OOP

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