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OMM: Operations and Maintenance Manager****
OMM: On Machine Measurement****
OMM: Office Machine Maintenance****
OMM: offender management model***
OMM: Office of Management***
OMM: On the Management***
OMM: Office of Medicaid Management***
OMM: Owings Mills Minilibrary (Reistertown, MD)***
OMM: Operations Management Model***
OMM: Of the Month Milk***
OMM: Operations Maturity Model***
OMM: Outer Mitochondrial Membrane***
OMM: Open Media Management***
OMM: Object Migration Manager***
OMM: Ozarks Marriage Matters***
OMM: Operational Management Model***
OMM: Observable Markov Model***
OMM: Optical Micro Machines***
OMM: Office of Multicultural Ministry***
OMM: Oasis Media Matrix***
OMM: Other Mitigation Measure***
OMM: Order Management Model***
OMM: of Mines and Minerals***
OMM: Obstacle Mobility Model***
OMM: Open Message Model***
OMM: Outsourcing Management Maturity***
OMM: Online Molecular Museum***
OMM: O-methylated metabolites**
OMM: ocular malignant melanoma**
OMM: ocular mitochondrial myopathies**
OMM: oral mucous membrane**
OMM: outer mitochondrial membranes**
OMM: outpatient methadone maintenance**
OMM: own mothers' milk**
OMM: Object Motion Model**
OMM: office maritime monegasque**
OMM: Oral Minimal Model**
OMM: own mother's milk**
OMM: Orbit Maintenance Maneuver**
OMM: On Machine Measuring**
OMM: Oregon Marathi Mandal**
OMM: Offender Management Management**
OMM: Operation and Maintenance Module**
OMM: Organization of Mozambican**
OMM: O Melveney and Myers**
OMM: Outlook Mobile Manager**
OMM: Optimal Mixture Model**
OMM: Offshore Money Managers**
OMM: Official Mail Manager**
OMM: Opened in Memorial**
OMM: Operation Management M**
OMM: One More Minute**
OMM: Orbiter Major Modifications**
OMM: Optical Multimeter Model**
OMM: Organisation of Mozambican**
OMM: Overall Market Model**
OMM: Ordering and Metadata Management**
OMM: Optimum Maintenance Mix**
OMM: Ontology Middleware Module**
OMM: Osteopathic Medical Manipulation**
OMM: Obsolescence Mitigation Manufacturing**
OMM: Onshore Minerals Management**
OMM: Operational Management Manual**
OMM: Owensboro Mercy Marlins**
OMM: Olde Marco Mortgage**
OMM: One Minute Ministry**
OMM: Optimal Medical Management**
OMM: Operations and Maintenance Manual*
OMM: Operations Maintenance and Monitoring*
OMM: Osteo Manipulative Medicine*
OMM: Ostschweizer Mannschafts Meisterschaft*
OMM: Optical Module Machine*
OMM: O Melvery Myers*
OMM: Open Market Model*
OMM: Operation Maintenance Management*
OMM: Organizational Modeling and Management*
OMM: Ownership Maturity Model*
OMM: Operations and Manufacturing Management*
OMM: Optical Media Manufacturers*
OMM: Ordered Mesoporous Materials*
OMM: Owner Managed Marketing*
OMM: Official Mail Managers*
OMM: One Minute Measurement*
OMM: Original Machine Manufacturer*
OMM: Original Mine Map*
OMM: October Minerals Management*
OMM: Odom Meaders Management*
OMM: Office of Mines and Minerals*
OMM: Office of Mines and Mines*
OMM: Ontario Mines and Minerals*
OMM: Open Mind Magazine*
OMM: Operation and Maintenance Marine*
OMM: Oregon Mining Magazine*
OMM: Organisation MTtTreologique Mondiale*
OMM: Organizational Management Module*
OMM: Origin of Methadone Maintenance*
OMM: Origin of Myrmekite and Metasoma*
OMM: Original Mineral Matter*
OMM: Other Minerals Means any*
OMM: Overhaul Maintenance Modification*
OMM: Ozark Mahoning Mining*

Note: Acronym Finder has 49 verified definitions for OMM

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