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OIS: Of Information Services****
OIS: Occupation Information Systems****
OIS: Operator Interface System****
OIS: Operator Interface Stations***
OIS: Ontario Investment Service***
OIS: Orion Information Services***
OIS: Opioid Induced Sedation***
OIS: Office of Inspector***
OIS: Oriented Input System***
OIS: Office of International Surgery***
OIS: Oakridge International School***
OIS: Out in Slovenija***
OIS: Observation and Interview Study***
OIS: Optical Imaging Systems***
OIS: Office of International Students***
OIS: Office Integrated Solutions***
OIS: Organisation for Internet Safety***
OIS: Office of the Inspector***
OIS: Overnight Index Swaps***
OIS: Office of International Studies***
OIS: Office of Instructional Services***
OIS: Original Inner Sleeve***
OIS: Offender Information Services***
OIS: Operator Interface Station***
OIS: Organization of Islamic Speakers***
OIS: Object Interface Systems***
OIS: Ontario Interpreting Services***
OIS: Ontario Interpreter Services***
OIS: Outcome Information System***
OIS: Oslo International School***
OIS: Operation Instruction Sheet***
OIS: Ostbayerischer Internet Service***
OIS: Of Information Sciences***
OIS: Orijentalni Institut Sarajevo***
OIS: Office of Institutional Studies***
OIS: Orientation to International Services***
OIS: Office of Interpreting Services***
OIS: Onboard Information System***
OIS: Officer Involved Shootings***
OIS: Optical Identification Sensors***
OIS: Operations Information System***
OIS: of intrinsic signals**
OIS: Ondeo Industrial Solutions**
OIS: open inguinal surgery**
OIS: Open internal sphincterotomy**
OIS: Optical imaging spectroscopy**
OIS: optical intrinsic signal**
OIS: optical intrinsic signals**
OIS: Optimal Injection Site**
OIS: orbital inflammatory syndrome**
OIS: Organ Injury Scale**
OIS: Organ Injury Scaling**
OIS: overwhelmed intestine syndrome**
OIS: Optical Information System**
OIS: Organization of International Students**
OIS: Object Identification System**
OIS: Open Image Server**
OIS: Offender Information System**
OIS: Optical intrinsic signal imaging**
OIS: Organic Injuries Survey Committee**
OIS: Office of Internet Studies**
OIS: Object Information System**
OIS: Organization and Industrial Sociology**
OIS: Occupational Injury Service**
OIS: Optical IP Switching**
OIS: Optical Ignition System**
OIS: Online Information Systems**
OIS: Olashore International School**
OIS: Office of Intl Studies**
OIS: Operation Interface Specification**
OIS: Overnight Indexed Swap**
OIS: Operating Information Systems**
OIS: Onyx Industrial Services**
OIS: Open Information Systems**
OIS: Outage Information System**
OIS: Object Integration Server**
OIS: Osaka Information Service**
OIS: Outreach Immunisation Services**
OIS: Organisation for Internet Security**
OIS: Operations and Infrastructure Support**
OIS: Offices of International Students**
OIS: Ontario Institute for Studies**
OIS: Open Internet Standard**
OIS: Out Its Showcase**
OIS: Ondergrondse Infra Services**
OIS: Optimal Initial States**
OIS: Operations and Information Support**
OIS: Organization Improvement Systems**
OIS: Oahu Information Service**
OIS: Operational Intercom System**
OIS: Open Intranet System**
OIS: Obup Izgubljenost Samomor*
OIS: Occupational Interest Survey*
OIS: Office of Interoperability Standards*
OIS: OneSource Information Services*
OIS: Operation Information Systems*
OIS: Opthalmic Imaging Systems*
OIS: Orbeon Integration Suite*
OIS: Occupational Information Systems*
OIS: Occupational Injuries Survey*
OIS: Ordnance Information System*
OIS: Opportunities for International Students*
OIS: Oceanographic Information System*
OIS: Office of Intercultural Services*
OIS: Operational Information Service*
OIS: Orchardgrass Information System*
OIS: Organization of Iranian Socialists*
OIS: Outreach Information Systems*
OIS: Objektni Informacijski Sustavi*
OIS: Ocean Information Services*
OIS: Office of Interoperability and Standards*
OIS: Once on This Island*
OIS: Oxygen Isotope Shift*
OIS: Office and Information Systems*
OIS: Orbital Insertion Subsystem*
OIS: Online Information Sources*
OIS: Organizational Impact Statement*
OIS: Owerri Imo State*
OIS: Oceanography Information Servers*
OIS: orbiter interface subsystem*
OIS: Other Information Specified*
OIS: Operating Instruction Sheet*
OIS: Operational Implementation Specialist*
OIS: Oaks Internet Services*
OIS: Ocean International Suppliers*
OIS: Ocean Internet Services*
OIS: Oceano Information Servers*
OIS: Oceanview Inn and Suites*
OIS: Oden Insurance Services*
OIS: Office of Industrial Security*
OIS: Office of Intelligence and Security*
OIS: Office of Intelligence Support*
OIS: Office of Intergovernmental Solutions*
OIS: Omaha Internet Services*
OIS: Omini Interactive Systems*
OIS: Onuma International Seminar*
OIS: Open-Source Input System*
OIS: Operation Inner Space*
OIS: Orasis Internet Services*
OIS: Orbit Information Services*
OIS: Orchid Isle Systems*
OIS: Organic Illumination Systems*
OIS: Orsini Italian Sausages*
OIS: Orsinis Italian Sausages*
OIS: Ovalis Internet Service*
OIS: Oxford Internet Server*

Note: Acronym Finder has 54 verified definitions for OIS

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