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What does OGS stand for?

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OGS: Oil Grit Separators****
OGS: Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale****
OGS: Oklahoma Geological Survey****
OGS: Of Government Scholarships****
OGS: Oil and Gas Studies****
OGS: Opening General Session****
OGS: Out Grower Scheme****
OGS: Oregon Genealogical Society***
OGS: Ontario Geological Survey***
OGS: Objective Grading System***
OGS: Ontario Graduate Scholarships***
OGS: Ozarks Genealogical Society***
OGS: Office of the Government Statistician***
OGS: Ohio Geological Society***
OGS: Office of the General Services***
OGS: Orange Grove School***
OGS: Ontario Genealogy Society***
OGS: Opération Grand Site***
OGS: Of Graduate Schools***
OGS: Object Group Service***
OGS: Online Gaming Society***
OGS: Optometric Glaucoma Society***
OGS: Offices of Graduate Studies***
OGS: Online Game Spot***
OGS: Order of the Golden Staff***
OGS: Ongevalsbestrijding Gevaarlijke Stoffen***
OGS: Orthologous Gene Sets***
OGS: Ottumwa Generating Station***
OGS: Olive Grove School***
OGS: Olympia Genealogical Society***
OGS: Ongeval Gevaarlijke Stoffen***
OGS: Of Geological Survey***
OGS: Optical Ground Stations***
OGS: Optometry Giving Sight***
OGS: Ohio Gasket Shim***
OGS: Ohio Geological Survey***
OGS: Office of Gas Safety***
OGS: Office of Grant Support***
OGS: Oklahoma Genealogical Society***
OGS: Oregon Growers Shippers***
OGS: Officier Gevaarlijke Stoffen***
OGS: Optical Ground Station***
OGS: OneStop Gaming Servers***
OGS: Objective Grating Spectrometer***
OGS: Oxford German Studies**
OGS: Ongevallen Gevaarlijke Stoffen**
OGS: OH Genealogy Society**
OGS: Officer General Specifications**
OGS: On the Ontario Graduate Scholarship**
OGS: Office of the General Secretary**
OGS: Osservatorio Geofisisco Sperimentale**
OGS: Outer Galaxy Survey**
OGS: Official Gene Set**
OGS: Original Game Soundtrack**
OGS: Office of Geological Survey**
OGS: office general services**
OGS: Oligobirsk Gazprom Stars**
OGS: Operation Ground Segment**
OGS: Oxygen Generating Subsystem**
OGS: Ordered Geometrical Sets**
OGS: Ontario Geological Society**
OGS: Optimal Gain Switching**
OGS: Oak Grove School**
OGS: Oxford Glyco Sciences**
OGS: Oklahoma Geological Society**
OGS: Ontario Graduate Studies**
OGS: Ontario Government Scholarship**
OGS: Oxygen Generator System**
OGS: Office for General Services**
OGS: Open Groupware Standards**
OGS: Oligodendrocyte Growth Supplement**
OGS: On to Graduate School**
OGS: Open Grove Society**
OGS: Order of the Golden Shillelagh**
OGS: Overall Ground Segment**
OGS: Office of Graduate School*
OGS: Orange Genealogical Society*
OGS: Operational Ground Segment*
OGS: Ohio Geriatrics Society*
OGS: Oregon Geriatrics Society*
OGS: Overseas Graduate Scholarship*
OGS: Of Graduate Search*
OGS: Office of Grant Services*
OGS: OST Genso Suikoden*
OGS: Oxygen Generating System*
OGS: Oxygen Generation Subsystem*
OGS: Objective Grating Spectrometers*
OGS: One Good Solution*
OGS: Other Government Sites*
OGS: Oil and Gas Section*
OGS: Oregon Geological Survey*
OGS: Original Ground Surface*
OGS: Oil and Gas Sites*
OGS: Oak Grove Shaft*
OGS: Office Gossip Song*
OGS: Official Guide to Salisbury*
OGS: Oil and Gas Sections*
OGS: Oil and Gas Software*
OGS: Oil and Gas Staff*
OGS: Online Garage Sale*
OGS: Operator to General Support (Maintenance)*
OGS: Other Geochemistry Sites*
OGS: Outline of Geological Survey*
OGS: Owl Giant Scops*

Note: Acronym Finder has 36 verified definitions for OGS

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