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ODS: Ozone Destroying Substances****
ODS: Online Driven Software****
ODS: Office for Disability Services****
ODS: Operation Desert Storm****
ODS: Office of Decision Support****
ODS: Official Documents Services****
ODS: On Demand Server****
ODS: Open Directory Service****
ODS: Official Documents System***
ODS: Operating Deflection Shapes***
ODS: On Demand Sedan***
ODS: Oxygen Depletion System***
ODS: Operational Data Stores***
ODS: Ownage Delivery Service***
ODS: Open Database Schema***
ODS: Optical Data Systems***
ODS: Online Document Service***
ODS: Organisation Development Services***
ODS: Operating Dat Store***
ODS: Object Domain Systems***
ODS: Online Dynamic Server***
ODS: Optical Distance Sensors***
ODS: Ontologies and Distributed Systems***
ODS: Open Dialogue Sessions***
ODS: Old Dominion Speedway***
ODS: Object Data Store***
ODS: Ottawa Dental Society***
ODS: Ontario Daylily Society***
ODS: Outbound Data Stream***
ODS: Oregon Dressage Society***
ODS: Optical Disc Service***
ODS: On Dietary Supplement***
ODS: Overheat Detection System***
ODS: Old Dominion Security***
ODS: Oncology Data Services***
ODS: Office of Deaf Services***
ODS: Oxygen Detection Safety***
ODS: Office Document System***
ODS: Omni Data Systems***
ODS: Optical Disc Systems***
ODS: Open Distributed Systems***
ODS: Object Directory Service***
ODS: Oklahoma Dressage Society***
ODS: Office of Dispute Settlement***
ODS: Optical Detection System***
ODS: Office Desk System***
ODS: Operations Data Store***
ODS: Operation Desert (Shield/Storm)***
ODS: Operations Division South***
ODS: Oxide Dispersion Strengthening***
ODS: Office of Development Studies***
ODS: Open Door Society***
ODS: Ozone Depletion Substances***
ODS: Operational Display System***
ODS: Oncology Data Systems***
ODS: Office of Dependents Schools***
ODS: Officer Development School***
ODS: Office of Data Systems***
ODS: Ozone Depleting Solvents***
ODS: Ontspanning Door Sport***
ODS: Open Database Services***
ODS: Operation Direct Support***
ODS: Ohio Dressage Society***
ODS: Oxford Development Studies***
ODS: Oasis Design Studio***
ODS: Ovation Data Services***
ODS: Optical Disk Systems***
ODS: Outcome Data Set**
ODS: Occipital dermal sinuses**
ODS: ocular duplex scanning**
ODS: on-demand salbutamol**
ODS: one-day surgery**
ODS: Online Data Services**
ODS: oral dietary supplements**
ODS: Oral Diffusion Sink**
ODS: oral-diffusion-sink**
ODS: organismic defense system**
ODS: oscillating drop surfactometer**
ODS: Osmotic Demyelinating Syndrome**
ODS: overall difficulty score**
ODS: Operational Delivery Systems**
ODS: Organizational Diagnostic Survey**
ODS: Obcanske Demokraticke Strany**
ODS: Offline Development System**
ODS: Ohio Diversified Services**
ODS: Open Document Spreadsheet**
ODS: Optimized Data Solutions**
ODS: On Demand Scheduling**
ODS: Optical Disk System**
ODS: silica-octadecyl silane**
ODS: Oregon Disability Sports**
ODS: Optical Diagnostic Systems**
ODS: Orbital Defense Satellite**
ODS: Officer Development System**
ODS: Optical Disk Storage**
ODS: Order Disorder Structure**
ODS: octadecyl-bonded silica**
ODS: octadecylsilane-bonded silica**
ODS: Organized Delivery Systems**
ODS: Object in the Display**
ODS: Obedineni Demokraticni Sili**
ODS: On Demand Solutions**
ODS: Orquestra Divino Sospiro**
ODS: Oriental Dream Studio**
ODS: Online Diagnostic System**
ODS: Obedinenite Demokratitschni Sili**
ODS: Output Data Strobe**
ODS: Output from the Data Step**
ODS: Optical Docking System**
ODS: Overton Dramatic Society**
ODS: Oesophagael Diagnostic Services**
ODS: ozone depletion substance**
ODS: Output Deliver System**
ODS: Ozark Dressage Society**
ODS: Oxide Dispersed Strengthened**
ODS: Oklahoma Dirt Slingers**
ODS: Open Data Standard**
ODS: Operations Display System**
ODS: Office Document Strategy**
ODS: Optical Disc Solutions**
ODS: OASIS Document Solution**
ODS: Obedineni Demokratini Sili**
ODS: Observation Database System**
ODS: Onion Dome Spiral**
ODS: Oregon Dental Services**
ODS: Object Data System**
ODS: Office of Disability Systems**
ODS: Objective Data Storage*
ODS: Online Directory Services*
ODS: Optimal Development Solutions*
ODS: optimark data sys*
ODS: OARS Depressive Scale*
ODS: Observation Data Subsystem*
ODS: Oklahoma Deaf Spectrum*
ODS: On Demand Subset*
ODS: Operational Data Server*
ODS: Output Debug String*
ODS: Output Display Standard*
ODS: Overburden Drilling Systems*
ODS: Office for Domestic*
ODS: Output Data Server*
ODS: Ozone Deleting Substances*
ODS: Obscure Dull Spring*
ODS: On Disc Structure*
ODS: Online Daten Systeme*
ODS: OpenServer Development System*
ODS: Operating Deflected Shapes*
ODS: Odometer Disclosure Statement*
ODS: Offficial Document System*
ODS: Optics and Diagnostics Subsystem*
ODS: Online and Database Systems*
ODS: Ocean Data System*
ODS: Observation Data Stream*
ODS: Oceanographic Data System*
ODS: Office Data Summaries*
ODS: Office Data Summary*
ODS: Omnicron Data Systems*
ODS: Ocean Data Station*
ODS: Open Doors Software*
ODS: Operational Desert Storm*
ODS: ORACLE Display System*
ODS: Ocean Data Sources*
ODS: Oceanographic Data Server*
ODS: ODC or Substances*
ODS: Office of Defense*
ODS: Office of Disability Services*
ODS: Office of the Dean of Students*
ODS: Official Duckman Site*
ODS: Okra Directory Server*
ODS: Olympic Day in the Schools*
ODS: Online Design by Scott*
ODS: Open Date Systems*
ODS: Operation of the Disposal Site*
ODS: Operational Data Store (knowledge management)*
ODS: Options Dating Services*
ODS: Oracle Desktop Support*
ODS: Oslonett Document Store*
ODS: Owner of a Dwelling or Structure*

Note: Acronym Finder has 60 verified definitions for ODS

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