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What does OBS stand for?

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OBS: Otto Benecke Stiftung****
OBS: Operations Business Software****
OBS: Online Banking Survey****
OBS: Ocean Bottom Seismometers****
OBS: Output Based Specification****
OBS: Oklahoma Bicycle Society****
OBS: Organizational Breakdown Structure****
OBS: Oklahoma Blues Society****
OBS: Open Book Systems****
OBS: Output Block Size***
OBS: Organization Breakdown Structure***
OBS: Optical Burst Switched***
OBS: Online Banking Systems***
OBS: Organization for Black Struggle***
OBS: Owner Builder Solutions***
OBS: Ocean Bottom Seismology***
OBS: Ocean Bottom Seismographs***
OBS: Office of Broadcast Services***
OBS: Official Bulletin Station***
OBS: Official Business Session***
OBS: Open Behavioral Science***
OBS: Offshore Business Solutions***
OBS: Out of the Box Solutions***
OBS: Ocean Bottom Sensors***
OBS: Oxygen Breathing Systems***
OBS: older blind services***
OBS: Obturacyjny Bezdech Senny***
OBS: Optical Bypass Switches***
OBS: Optical Burst Switches***
OBS: Online Business Services***
OBS: Overseas Business Services***
OBS: Overseas Building Supply***
OBS: On Board Software***
OBS: Ontario Biodiversity Strategy***
OBS: Ohio Biological Survey***
OBS: Ontario Basic Skills***
OBS: Oklahoma Biological Survey***
OBS: Office of Bank Supervision***
OBS: Optical Backscatterance Sensors***
OBS: Ocean Bottom Survey***
OBS: Organization of Black Students***
OBS: Open Business Systems***
OBS: Objective Based Selling***
OBS: Organization of Black Screenwriters***
OBS: Onancock Building Supply***
OBS: Oscillating Blue Stragglers***
OBS: Osmosis Business Solutions***
OBS: Organisation Breakdown Structure***
OBS: Operation Bright Start***
OBS: Orange Business Systems***
OBS: Operation Better Start***
OBS: Organisational Breakdown Structure***
OBS: Object Behavior Specification***
OBS: Ozark Blues Society***
OBS: Overseas Business Sponsorship***
OBS: Office of Business Services***
OBS: Oregon Boys State***
OBS: Order of the British***
OBS: Optical backscatter sensors***
OBS: Optical Beam Shaping**
OBS: Optical Bypass Switch**
OBS: Open Brain Surgery**
OBS: obliterative bronchiolitis syndrome**
OBS: occluded bed size**
OBS: OmpR binding sequence**
OBS: optimal binding site**
OBS: Optimal Brain Surgeon**
OBS: orangic brain syndrome**
OBS: organic brain syndromes**
OBS: organice brain syndrome**
OBS: other Bacteroides species**
OBS: ouabain binding sites**
OBS: ouabain-binding sites**
OBS: outer body scales**
OBS: outside bathing solution**
OBS: Online Bestell System**
OBS: On Board System**
OBS: Ornithologischer Beobachterring Saar**
OBS: Oxford Business Systems**
OBS: Operations and Banking Services**
OBS: Of Broadband and Short**
OBS: Ocean Bottom System**
OBS: Office of Biotechnology and Science**
OBS: On Board Strength**
OBS: Organic Brain Syndrome Scale**
OBS: overseas book service**
OBS: Offshore Basin Screening**
OBS: Ottawa Buddhist Society**
OBS: Optimal Business Solutions**
OBS: Others Before Self**
OBS: Open Back Stationary**
OBS: Optimal Birth Spacing**
OBS: Outlying Boiler Services**
OBS: Odna Baba Skasala**
OBS: Ottawa Blues Society**
OBS: Ottawa Bonsai Society**
OBS: Oil Bunker Surcharge**
OBS: On Basilisk Station**
OBS: Ophthalmic Basic Sciences**
OBS: Optimized Basis Set**
OBS: Office of Biological Safety**
OBS: Organization of Botany Students**
OBS: Ogden Brewers Society**
OBS: Online Bible Study**
OBS: Overt Behaviour Scale**
OBS: Office of Budget Services**
OBS: Online Buying Services**
OBS: Och Bilder Skall**
OBS: Online Bibliographic Services**
OBS: Operation Breaking Stereotypes**
OBS: Organizational Breakdown Structures**
OBS: Ocean Bottom Site**
OBS: Orient Bee Supplies**
OBS: Occasion Based Strategies**
OBS: Optical Back Scattering**
OBS: Operant Behavior Systems**
OBS: Operating Budget Statement**
OBS: Ocala Breeders and Sales**
OBS: Oswald Berkhan Schule**
OBS: Ovid Butler Society**
OBS: Oak Brook Stars*
OBS: old bay seasoning*
OBS: On Board Simulation*
OBS: Object Builder Software*
OBS: Orbital Bombardment System*
OBS: Ohdo Blepharophimosis Syndrome*
OBS: Online Bussiness System*
OBS: Operational Building Strategy*
OBS: Optima Business Solutions*
OBS: Of Botany Students*
OBS: Operational Biomedical System*
OBS: Operational Biomed Sensors*
OBS: Off board Server*
OBS: Ocean Brite Systems*
OBS: Ocean Bulletin Service*
OBS: Official Bottom Sites*
OBS: Offshore Business Services*
OBS: Old Ben Spartan*
OBS: Orion Business Services*
OBS: Other Biodiversity Servers*
OBS: Our Beloved Sodium*
OBS: Oxford Bodleian Service*

Note: Acronym Finder has 62 verified definitions for OBS

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