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OAP: Outside Air Pressure****
OAP: Other Academic Position****
OAP: Old Age Pensions****
OAP: Oceans Action Plan****
OAP: Orthopaedic Associates of Portland****
OAP: Outdoor Adventure Program****
OAP: Options Assessment Panel****
OAP: Open Agility Preferred***
OAP: Open Access Period***
OAP: Old Age Pensioners***
OAP: Office Automation Program***
OAP: Office of the Assistant to the President***
OAP: Office of Academic Programs***
OAP: Off Axis Parabola***
OAP: Office for Asia and the Pacific***
OAP: Over Aged Players***
OAP: Optically Active Pigments***
OAP: Office of Antimicrobial Products***
OAP: Optical Array Probe***
OAP: Offer Approval Process***
OAP: Outreach Admissions and Placement***
OAP: Off Axis Parabolic***
OAP: Operation Action Packed***
OAP: Olympic Athlete Program***
OAP: Office of Administrative Proceedings***
OAP: Ohio Abortion Providers***
OAP: Outcomes After Pregnancy***
OAP: Oregon Aviation Plan***
OAP: occiput anterior position**
OAP: of action potential**
OAP: oncogene activated production**
OAP: ophthalmic arterial pressure**
OAP: opinions about people**
OAP: oral anticoagulant prophylaxis**
OAP: ordinary ambulance personnel**
OAP: orthopedic antithrombotic prophylaxis**
OAP: Oscillatory after-potentials**
OAP: osseous alkaline phosphatase**
OAP: overdrive atrial pacing**
OAP: Outside Awareness Port**
OAP: Oregon Asthma Program**
OAP: ophthalmic artery systolic pressure**
OAP: opsonic activity of plasma**
OAP: Ove Arup and Partners**
OAP: Ohio Association of Parliamentarians**
OAP: Opticians Association of Pennsylvania**
OAP: Ocean Action Plan**
OAP: Open Architecture Program**
OAP: Old Age Persons**
OAP: of intramembrane particles**
OAP: of intramembranous particles**
OAP: of small particles**
OAP: Office of Atoms for Peace**
OAP: Office of Aerospace**
OAP: Office of Adult Probation**
OAP: Ophthalmic Artery Pressure**
OAP: Office of Acquisition Policy**
OAP: Optic Axial Plane**
OAP: Office Application Proficiency**
OAP: Offences Against the Person**
OAP: Office of Advanced Planning**
OAP: Organic Advisory Programme**
OAP: Old Aged Players**
OAP: Overhead Annunciator Panel**
OAP: Off Axis Paraboloids**
OAP: Overseas Academic Program**
OAP: Operator Adaptation Packages**
OAP: Open Access Publications**
OAP: Orthopedic Allied Professional**
OAP: Outgoing Active and Positive**
OAP: Optometric Association of the Philippines**
OAP: Org Arts Projects**
OAP: Organizing Apprenticeship Project**
OAP: Olympic Athlete Programme**
OAP: Oyster Advisory Panel**
OAP: Odessa Astronomical Publications**
OAP: Operational Assistance Program**
OAP: Orange Album Project**
OAP: Old Aged Pensioners**
OAP: Office of Attending Physician*
OAP: Older Aged Players*
OAP: Operating Assistance Program*
OAP: Optical Axial Plane*
OAP: Over the Air Programming*
OAP: Observed to Apparent*
OAP: Office Automation Planning*
OAP: Office of Antarctic Programs*
OAP: Online Analytical Processing*
OAP: Organization Alignment Process*
OAP: Oxygen at Atmospheric Pressure*
OAP: Office of Adolescent Pregnancy*
OAP: Offset Aiming Point*
OAP: Over Anxious Patient*
OAP: Opci Anksiozni Poremecaj*
OAP: Operator Assistance Program*
OAP: Operational Aeromedical Problems*
OAP: Operating and Assurance Program*
OAP: Outdoor Action Program*
OAP: Offshore Asset Protection*
OAP: Operating and Assurance Plan*
OAP: Oppimiskeskus Aurora Press*
OAP: Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinat*
OAP: Oceania Atlantis Project*
OAP: OcTanos Atlßnticos y Pacfficos*
OAP: office assignment problem*
OAP: Office of Acquisition and Proper*
OAP: Office of Agency Programs*
OAP: Office of Atmospheric*
OAP: Office of Atmospheric Programs*
OAP: Old Art Publishing*
OAP: Online Auctions on in Progress*
OAP: Original Acrylic Paintings*
OAP: Original Approved Planting*
OAP: Osservatorio Astronomico di Pado*
OAP: Other Agent of a Party*
OAP: Overlying Area to be Protected*

Note: Acronym Finder has 53 verified definitions for OAP

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