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NpP: National Pastoral Plan****
NpP: Network Planning and Performance****
NpP: Network Performance Parameters****
NpP: New Perspectives on Paul****
NpP: National Pandemic Plan****
NpP: News Power Plant****
NpP: Native Plant Preservation***
NpP: Nederlands Popmuziek Plan***
NpP: National Physical Planning***
NpP: Neighbourhood Policing Programme***
NpP: native power pack***
NpP: Non Proliferation Project***
NpP: National Program Plan***
NpP: National Policy Program***
NpP: National Population Policy***
NpP: National Preparatory Process***
NpP: Non Public Property***
NpP: National Pension Program***
NpP: National Purchasing Program***
NpP: National Pet Products***
NpP: Nuclear Policy Project***
NpP: Neighborhood Preservation Program***
NpP: Natural Power Products***
NpP: Neighborhood Preservation Project***
NpP: Neural Prosthesis Program***
NpP: Neighborhood Participation Project***
NpP: Nucleotide Pyrophosphatase Phosphodiesterase***
NpP: Non Pollen Palynomorphs***
NpP: Non Physician Practitioners***
NpP: National Playwriting Program***
NpP: Non Power Plant***
NpP: Neighborhood Preparedness Program***
NpP: National Privacy Principals***
NpP: National Priority Programmes***
NpP: National Practitioner Programme***
NpP: National Perspective Plan***
NpP: National Policing Plan***
NpP: Neighborhood Protection Plan***
NpP: New Paradigm Partners***
NpP: Neighborhood Parking Program***
NpP: Normal Pulse Polarography***
NpP: NPOESS Preparatory Program***
NpP: National Parenting Programme***
NpP: Naval Propulsion Program***
NpP: nuveen perform plus***
NpP: Northwest Power Products***
NpP: Netherlands Periodicals Project***
NpP: Nashville Prevention Partnership***
NpP: National Peace Programme***
NpP: Neighborhood Partnership Program***
NpP: National Population Plan***
NpP: National Peoples Party**
NpP: National Prevention Program**
NpP: North Prairie Productions**
NpP: National Population Project**
NpP: National Practice Program**
NpP: native protoplasmic polysaccharide**
NpP: natural pendular period**
NpP: Natural permanent pneumarthrography**
NpP: negative predictive power**
NpP: neutrophil proliferative pool**
NpP: new permeation pathways**
NpP: Non-pathogenic' protozoa**
NpP: normal pool plasma**
NpP: normal pooled plasma**
NpP: normal posterior pituitary**
NpP: Normalized Peak Pressure**
NpP: normally progressing pregnancy**
NpP: nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase**
NpP: nucleotide pyrophosphatases/phosphodiesterases**
NpP: nucleus praeopticus periventricularis**
NpP: nucleus pretectalis posterior**
NpP: number partitioning problem**
NpP: Non Physician Providers**
NpP: Non Priority Pollutants**
NpP: Negotiated Pension Plan**
NpP: Nature Protection Plans**
NpP: nucleus preopticus periventricularis**
NpP: NBA Player Props**
NpP: National Priorities the Place**
NpP: Na Primeira Parte**
NpP: Nernst-Planck and Poisson**
NpP: non-proteinuric pre-eclampsia**
NpP: normal platelet-poor plasma**
NpP: not receive penicillin prophylaxis**
NpP: p-nitrophenyl phosphate**
NpP: No Parking Players**
NpP: N-pivaloyl-i-propyl**
NpP: N-pivaloyl-isopropyl**
NpP: p-nitrohenyl-phophate**
NpP: Nitrophenyl Phosphate P**
NpP: Neighborhood Planning Program**
NpP: National Population Policies**
NpP: Neighborhood Permit Parking**
NpP: New Politics Program**
NpP: Nickel Plate Products**
NpP: NASA Postdoctoral Program**
NpP: Network Protocol Processor**
NpP: National Progress Party**
NpP: National Policy Profiles**
NpP: Neighborhood Parking Permit**
NpP: National Policy Profile**
NpP: Nebraska Prairie Partners**
NpP: Neighborhood Partners Program**
NpP: Non Profit Partners**
NpP: National Peasants Party**
NpP: Natural Plant Protection**
NpP: Net Photosynthetic Product**
NpP: Notice of Privacy Policy**
NpP: Normal Probability Plot**
NpP: Network Payment Protocol**
NpP: National Power Plan**
NpP: Neighborhood Preserving Projections**
NpP: Nukleus Pulposus Prolaps**
NpP: Newark Psychotherapy Practice**
NpP: Niagara Power Project**
NpP: National Purchasing Plan**
NpP: Neighborhood Power Project**
NpP: National Program Profile**
NpP: New Parent Productions**
NpP: New Permeation Pathway**
NpP: Nuclear Powe Plant**
NpP: Niebezpiecznie Pozytywny Piachu**
NpP: Namibia Peace Plan**
NpP: Neal Prince Partners**
NpP: Nevada Preferred Professionals**
NpP: Non Physician Personnel**
NpP: National Plastic Packaging**
NpP: Natural Polymers and Photonics**
NpP: Neighbourhood Police Posts**
NpP: NPOES Preparatory Project**
NpP: Nebraska Pretreatment Program**
NpP: New Party by the People**
NpP: Nozzleless Performance Program**
NpP: Nagaland Peoples Party**
NpP: North Power Plant**
NpP: National Park and Preserve*
NpP: National Physical Plan*
NpP: Nigerian Peoples Party*
NpP: No Parallel Print*
NpP: Normal Probability Probability*
NpP: Northern Peoples Party*
NpP: Nucleotide Pyrophosphatases Phosphodiesterases*
NpP: Nurse Practitioner Program*
NpP: Najbolje Poljoprivredne Prakse*
NpP: Nascido Pa Penar*
NpP: National Pricing Programme*
NpP: NEDSS PAM Platform*
NpP: Neighborhood Participation Program*
NpP: Network Polymers PC*
NpP: NPOESS Prepatory Project*
NpP: National Partnership Program*
NpP: National Passenger Panel*
NpP: National Pretreatment Program*
NpP: Nepal Police Project*
NpP: Network Physical Protection*
NpP: New Policy Proposal*
NpP: News Patriotic Party*
NpP: NIMA Production Prototype*
NpP: Notice of Privacy Protection*
NpP: Number Phone Please*
NpP: Native Plant Propagation*
NpP: New Pidiregas Projects*
NpP: No Paper Project*
NpP: Next Phase POESS*
NpP: National Pollution Prevention*
NpP: Nationwide Permit Program*
NpP: Nobel Prize for Physiology*
NpP: Nutrition for Peak Performance*
NpP: Na Pali Properties*
NpP: Negeri Pulau Pinang*
NpP: Nuclear Performance Plan*
NpP: National Pesticides Policy*
NpP: National Pixel Products*
NpP: National Plant Page*
NpP: National Politics and Personalit*
NpP: Natural Pet Pharmacy*
NpP: Navies Past Present*
NpP: Net Power Publishing*
NpP: Net Project Page*
NpP: Netscape Plug in Preview*
NpP: New Paradigms Project*
NpP: New Prospect Park*
NpP: News and Publications Page*
NpP: News Promotions Page*
NpP: Neys Provincial Park*
NpP: Nina Paley Page*
NpP: Nine Pines Publishing*
NpP: Ninth Precinct Police*
NpP: Nitins Pumpkin Page*
NpP: Nixon Presidential Project*
NpP: No Peanut Peanut*
NpP: No Plateau Productions*
NpP: Non Payment of Premiums*
NpP: Non-Penetrating Periscope*
NpP: North Park Phacelia*
NpP: North Philadelphia Pennsylvania*
NpP: Notice and Proof of Publication*
NpP: notice of proposed priorities*
NpP: Notification and Public Participation*
NpP: Numerals Prize Puzzle*

Note: Acronym Finder has 51 verified definitions for NpP

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