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NSG: National Secretary General****
NSG: National Service Group****
NSG: New Services Group***
NSG: Net Solution GmbH***
NSG: Nivalan Seudun Golf***
NSG: Narrowcast Services Gateway***
NSG: National Survival Game***
NSG: Nuclear Supply Group***
NSG: Neolithic Studies Group***
NSG: Netzwerk Service GmbH***
NSG: Nursing Specialist Group***
NSG: New Source Gaming***
NSG: Network Solutions Group***
NSG: National Street Gazetteer***
NSG: Nationwide Services Group***
NSG: Norsk Senior Golf***
NSG: Nederlandse Stichting Geluidshinder***
NSG: Network System Group***
NSG: Nachrichten Service GmbH***
NSG: News and Society in the Greek***
NSG: National Spirit Group***
NSG: Nijmeegse Scholengemeenschap Groenewoud***
NSG: Nederlandse Stichting Geluidhinder***
NSG: Nuclear Structure Group***
NSG: National Services Group***
NSG: Neurology Study Group***
NSG: New Sudan Generation***
NSG: Neville Smith Group***
NSG: National Sea Grant***
NSG: Nano Sensors Group***
NSG: Network Security Group***
NSG: nuclear supplies group**
NSG: N-(substituted)-glycine**
NSG: nasal salt gland**
NSG: Necrotising Sarcoidal Granulomatosis**
NSG: non-specific gingivitis**
NSG: normal serum globulin**
NSG: Near Surface Geophysics**
NSG: National School for Government**
NSG: National Sites Guide**
NSG: Necrotizing Sarcoid Granulomatosis**
NSG: National Standard Guidelines**
NSG: Northwestern Services Group**
NSG: National Sculptors Guild**
NSG: normal sheep gamma-globulin**
NSG: number of storage granules**
NSG: National Summit Group**
NSG: Northghost Street Gang**
NSG: Network Strategy Group**
NSG: National Sales Group**
NSG: neostigmine-N-butyl-scopolamine group**
NSG: National Special Groups**
NSG: Nederlands Strijkers Gilde**
NSG: normal sheep immunoglobulin**
NSG: Network Software Group**
NSG: North Suburban Gay**
NSG: Network Services Graphic**
NSG: Naval Sub Group**
NSG: National Salvage Group**
NSG: Nebraska State Grant**
NSG: National Street Gazatteer**
NSG: Northern Star Generation**
NSG: Newfoundland Summer Games**
NSG: National Surveillance Group**
NSG: National Streets Gazetteer**
NSG: National Systems Group**
NSG: Naval Shipyard Gdynia**
NSG: Nimrod Support Group**
NSG: Non Statutory Guidance**
NSG: Nordic Sales Group**
NSG: Narrowcast Services Gateways**
NSG: National Special Group**
NSG: Nutyas Surya Gumilang**
NSG: National Society for Graphology**
NSG: NORDCAPS Steering Group**
NSG: Network Solution Group*
NSG: Non Shrink Grout*
NSG: Nordic Shipping GmbH*
NSG: Northampton School for Girls*
NSG: Neurology Specialty Group*
NSG: New South Global*
NSG: North Shore Gas*
NSG: Neutral Soluble Glucan*
NSG: Newton Systems Group*
NSG: National Standards Guidelines*
NSG: Nihon Shika Group*
NSG: Nuclear Suppliers Guidelines*
NSG: No Subject Given*
NSG: North Star Group*
NSG: Nawaz Sharif Government*
NSG: Name Server Gateway*
NSG: National System for Geographic*
NSG: Natural Sand and Gravel*
NSG: Nature and Structure of Government*
NSG: Nelson Sand and Gravel*
NSG: Nick Stuarts Game*
NSG: Nigel and Sharon Green*
NSG: Noblitt Sand and Gravel*
NSG: North Sand and Gravel*
NSG: Nuclear Studies in Grenoble*

Note: Acronym Finder has 29 verified definitions for NSG

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