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NPR: New Project Request****
NPR: Never Pay Retail****
NPR: News and Programming****
NPR: National Petroleum Reserve****
NPR: No Particular Reason****
NPR: Notice of Proposed Regulation****
NPR: Northeast Public Radio****
NPR: Narodowym Planem Rozwoju***
NPR: Nebraska Public Radio***
NPR: nuova politica regionale***
NPR: National Pentagon Radio***
NPR: Newark Public Radio***
NPR: No Public Radio***
NPR: Northwest Public Radio***
NPR: Not for Profits***
NPR: Network Public Radio***
NPR: National Private Radio***
NPR: News Public Radio***
NPR: New Program Request***
NPR: Non Photo Realistic***
NPR: National Petroleum Radio***
NPR: National Palestinian Radio***
NPR: Notice of Proposed Revision***
NPR: National Photographic Record***
NPR: National Percentile Ranks***
NPR: Nauru Phosphate Royalties***
NPR: Nashville Public Radio***
NPR: Naval Propulsion Reactors***
NPR: NJN Public Radio***
NPR: National Propaganda Radio***
NPR: National Proletariat Radio***
NPR: National Pinko Radio***
NPR: Negative Pressure Relief***
NPR: Narodowa Partia Robotnicza***
NPR: NH Public Radio***
NPR: Nations to Probe***
NPR: National PROGRESSIVE Radio***
NPR: News as Parents***
NPR: National Pensions Review***
NPR: No Paper Reports***
NPR: National Park Reserve***
NPR: Net Protein Ratio***
NPR: National Pirate Radio***
NPR: Number Plate Recognition***
NPR: Nancy Pearl Recommends***
NPR: National Peoples Radio***
NPR: National Personnel Records***
NPR: National Percentile Rankings***
NPR: Non Principal Regulators***
NPR: Notice of Program Reimbursement***
NPR: NetFlow Policy Routing***
NPR: New Poetry Review***
NPR: Non Profit Resources***
NPR: National Philharmonic of Russia***
NPR: National Performance Review (office)***
NPR: News and Programs***
NPR: Network Power Rack***
NPR: New Password Ron***
NPR: Nuclear Power Reactor***
NPR: New Parts Request***
NPR: Non Public Radio***
NPR: Northern Property REIT***
NPR: North Polar Region***
NPR: Natriuretic Peptide Receptors***
NPR: Nationwide Plan Review***
NPR: Non Posted Request***
NPR: News and Public Radio***
NPR: News on Public Radio**
NPR: Nazi Propaganda Radio**
NPR: Northern Public Radio**
NPR: Neat Proteic Relation**
NPR: net protein ratios**
NPR: neuronal pentraxin receptor**
NPR: neuronal plastic reactions**
NPR: Nodule Prevalence Rates**
NPR: nodules per rat**
NPR: non-pentose residue**
NPR: non-perseverative responses**
NPR: non-proliferative retinopathy**
NPR: nose-poking response**
NPR: not plausible records**
NPR: nuclear progesterone receptor**
NPR: nuclear progestin receptor**
NPR: Nuclear progestin receptors**
NPR: nurse-patient relationship**
NPR: National Productivity Review**
NPR: National Press Release**
NPR: Newscaster and Producer**
NPR: Non Profit Regional**
NPR: No Password Required**
NPR: No Problems Radio**
NPR: Neutralization Potential Ratio**
NPR: Nodular Partial Remission**
NPR: Northstate Public Radio**
NPR: NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase**
NPR: neck to plate ratio**
NPR: Non Player Races**
NPR: News in Portland**
NPR: Nuclear Posture Reviews**
NPR: NADPH-P-450 reductase**
NPR: National Point Race**
NPR: National Police Reserve**
NPR: Natural Products Research**
NPR: National Podcast Radio**
NPR: National Palestine Radio**
NPR: NADPH-protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase**
NPR: Net Portfolio Return**
NPR: National Performance Reviews**
NPR: Natural Posture Running**
NPR: Nouveau Petit Robert**
NPR: Net Profit Royalty**
NPR: National Puerto Rican**
NPR: Non Processor Request**
NPR: Negative Poisson Ratio**
NPR: NW Public Radio**
NPR: NCAM Press Release**
NPR: No Permit Required**
NPR: Nominal Protection Rates**
NPR: New Production Reactors**
NPR: Norwegian Patient Register**
NPR: Natural Products Reports**
NPR: Network Performance Reporting**
NPR: Number Portability Request**
NPR: New Product Room**
NPR: Notices of Program Reimbursement**
NPR: Noise Preferred Routes**
NPR: New Plan Realty**
NPR: Numerical Parts Record**
NPR: National Planning Reports**
NPR: Network Patient Representative**
NPR: Natural Products Repository**
NPR: New Posture Review**
NPR: Nama Pardaz Rayaneh**
NPR: National Pollutant Release**
NPR: National Psocialist Radio**
NPR: National Public Rabio**
NPR: narragansett pier railroad**
NPR: Near Perfect Reconstruction**
NPR: Noise to Power Ratio**
NPR: Northern Plains RR**
NPR: National PSAP Registry**
NPR: Net Photosynthetic Rate**
NPR: Notorious for Propaganda**
NPR: Notices for Proposed Rulemaking**
NPR: National Partnership for Reinvention*
NPR: Neonatal Pediatric Resuscitation*
NPR: Non Power Reactor*
NPR: nozzle pressure ratios*
NPR: National Petroleum Refiners*
NPR: Net Potential Ratio*
NPR: Noise Power Rate*
NPR: Non Patent References*
NPR: Non Persistent Reference*
NPR: Non Polarized Radial*
NPR: National Palmerian Rating*
NPR: NP Park Reserves*
NPR: National Pathetic Radio*
NPR: National Prosperous Radio*
NPR: NewVenue Premiere Radio*
NPR: Nitrification Potential Rates*
NPR: Noise Power Ration*
NPR: Noise Preferential Routeings*
NPR: Nominated the Privilege*
NPR: Northern Pacific Ranges*
NPR: Notice of Parent Rights*
NPR: National Propaganda Report*
NPR: Nations Public Radio*
NPR: Newspaper Public Radio*
NPR: Non Procedural Representation*
NPR: Nuclear Posture Revue*
NPR: Nas Patuxent River*
NPR: National Pet Registry*
NPR: Nearest Public Road*
NPR: National Peformance Review*
NPR: National Partership for Reinventing*
NPR: Navy Program Review*
NPR: Networks Public Relations*
NPR: National Program for Responding*
NPR: Native Plant Reclamation*
NPR: Navy Pediatric References*
NPR: Near Plasmasphere Regions*
NPR: Near Pristine Rivers*
NPR: Newport News Purchase Requisition System*
NPR: Newport News Purchasing and Requisition System*
NPR: No Part of any Road*
NPR: No Plan of Restoration*
NPR: Northolt Park Racecourse*

Note: Acronym Finder has 51 verified definitions for NPR

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