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What does NNS stand for?

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NNS: National News Service****
NNS: Neural Noise Synthesizer****
NNS: National Nutrition Strategy****
NNS: Non Native Speakers***
NNS: Newport News Shipyard***
NNS: Northern North Sea***
NNS: Navy News Service***
NNS: Non Native Speaker***
NNS: National Nutrition Survey***
NNS: Neural Network Society***
NNS: Netherlands Nuclear Society***
NNS: Nord Norges Salgslag***
NNS: Netware Naming Services***
NNS: Neural Network System***
NNS: Neural Networks Society***
NNS: Neural Network Simulation***
NNS: Network News Service***
NNS: Net Nanny Software***
NNS: Nassau Nursery School***
NNS: Non Nutritive Sucking***
NNS: Nonsegmented Negative Strand***
NNS: Navy Navigation Satellite***
NNS: Naja naja siamensis**
NNS: nasal nicotine solution**
NNS: National Natality Surveys**
NNS: near nerve stimulation**
NNS: neural network screening**
NNS: nicotine nasal solution**
NNS: Nicotine nasal spray**
NNS: no negative symptom**
NNS: nociceptive non-specific**
NNS: non-neoplastic syndrome**
NNS: non-nutritive sweeteners**
NNS: nonsegmented negative-stranded**
NNS: nonsegmented, negative-stranded**
NNS: normal nutritional status**
NNS: nutrition nurse specialist**
NNS: Non Natives Species**
NNS: Netware Named Services**
NNS: negative nonsegmented single-stranded**
NNS: Neural network-based screening**
NNS: non-segmented negative-strand**
NNS: non-segmented, negative-strand**
NNS: nonsegmented negative-strand RNA**
NNS: Numbers Needed to Screen**
NNS: N-(1-naphthyl)succinimide**
NNS: neural network classifier**
NNS: 1980 National Natality Survey**
NNS: Neural Networks Server**
NNS: No Numeric Standard**
NNS: Nashville Number System**
NNS: Nigl Network Solutions**
NNS: Non National Secure**
NNS: Novell Network Services**
NNS: Nigerian Naval Ship**
NNS: NGO Networking Service**
NNS: Network News Server**
NNS: Near Net Shaped**
NNS: Next Naming System**
NNS: Name of Nearest Station**
NNS: Navy Navigational Satellite**
NNS: Navya Nataka Samiti**
NNS: National Neurotrauma Society*
NNS: Nearly New Sales*
NNS: No National Standard*
NNS: NS and Nonnative Speakers*
NNS: National Numberung Scheme*
NNS: Neutral Network Simulator*
NNS: Nuance Network Services*
NNS: Newsport News Shipbuilding*
NNS: News Naval Shipyard*
NNS: Nieuw Nickerie Suriname*
NNS: Naper Nuts and Sweets*
NNS: Naper Nuts Sweets*
NNS: NAVNEWS with Search*
NNS: negotiating a new set*
NNS: Nemat Nasser Syrus*
NNS: Netlib National Software*
NNS: Netlink New Sites*
NNS: New National Shaft*
NNS: New North Shaft*
NNS: New Northeast Shaft*
NNS: Newbent North Shaft*
NNS: Newsam Newsam Shaft*
NNS: nman as Next SECDEF*
NNS: Noonan Noonan Shaft*
NNS: Norfolk Norwich and Scottish*
NNS: Northern Northern Shaft*
NNS: Northern Number Sixteen*
NNS: Northwest Network Solutions*
NNS: Nugget Newspaper Sisters*
NNS: Number and Notarized Signature*

Note: Acronym Finder has 25 verified definitions for NNS

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