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What does NFL stand for?

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NFL: Nearest Feature Line****
NFL: National Flagship Language****
NFL: National Foundation Life****
NFL: National Fertilizers Ltd****
NFL: Net Foreign Liabilities****
NFL: National Foods Ltd****
NFL: Net Forum Lofiversion****
NFL: Nassau Free Library****
NFL: National Fishing League****
NFL: Neighborhood for Learning***
NFL: Ninth and Final***
NFL: National Forensics League***
NFL: News Following Last***
NFL: Nation in Female***
NFL: National Football Leauge***
NFL: National Fertilizers Limited***
NFL: National Footbal League***
NFL: National Felons League***
NFL: Nation Football League***
NFL: National Fixed League***
NFL: Nassau Free Library (Nassau, NY)***
NFL: Neillsville Free Library (Neillsville, WI)***
NFL: Newark Free Library (Newark, DE)***
NFL: Newburgh Free Library (Newburgh, NY)***
NFL: Newfane Free Library (Newfane, NY)***
NFL: Newport Free Library (Newport, NY)***
NFL: Newton Free Library (Newton, MA)***
NFL: Northborough Free Library (Northborough, MA)***
NFL: Network Feel Like***
NFL: Niagara Frontier League***
NFL: National Felon League***
NFL: Norsk Forbund for Lokal***
NFL: natural fuel limited***
NFL: Niggas for Life***
NFL: Not Freakin Likely***
NFL: Nationwide Finance Limited***
NFL: National Fisheries Laboratory***
NFL: Natures First Law***
NFL: Nice Fucking Life***
NFL: No Football League***
NFL: Nutrition For Life***
NFL: Nautical Fiction List***
NFL: Neighborhoods for Learning***
NFL: Nigeria Football League***
NFL: NEWS First Look***
NFL: Natural Fuel Ltd***
NFL: National Forest Land***
NFL: National Fantasy League***
NFL: Network or Fold***
NFL: Never Figure League***
NFL: National Fat League***
NFL: National Fertiliser Limited**
NFL: NCAA Football Lines**
NFL: N-formyl loline**
NFL: Navy Forward Laboratory**
NFL: nerve fiber layers**
NFL: nerve fibre layer**
NFL: non-fatty livers**
NFL: News of the Florida**
NFL: Nutrition and Fitness for Life**
NFL: Norcross Fellowship Luncheon**
NFL: Not Fair League**
NFL: National Fertilizer Ltd**
NFL: Native Funk Lords**
NFL: NAS Freestyle League**
NFL: No Favre League**
NFL: non-flow limited subjects**
NFL: non-frozen interface layer**
NFL: Network File Library**
NFL: National Front for the Liberation**
NFL: National Football Leaguen**
NFL: N-formylloline alkaloid**
NFL: neostriatum frontale, pars lateralis**
NFL: National Futsal League**
NFL: NCAA Football Looks**
NFL: New Frontier Language**
NFL: News the Falcons**
NFL: National Fastball League**
NFL: National Federation of Labour**
NFL: National Fertilisers Limited**
NFL: Night for Learning**
NFL: National Footall League**
NFL: No Freakin Logic**
NFL: Nemzeti Futball Liga**
NFL: Norsk Forening for Lysstimulering**
NFL: National Failure League**
NFL: Non Flow Limited**
NFL: National Footabll League**
NFL: NBA Football LCF**
NFL: No Fatso League**
NFL: Nutrition for Family Living**
NFL: Northern Football League**
NFL: NAEDA Financial LTD**
NFL: National Fertiliser Ltd**
NFL: National Favre League**
NFL: No Females League**
NFL: Night Football to Leave**
NFL: No Friggin Life**
NFL: Native Funky Loops**
NFL: Naturally Funny Lady**
NFL: Neighborhood Feedback Loop**
NFL: Nigerian Foundries Limited**
NFL: Night Fan League**
NFL: NCAA Featuring Live**
NFL: Neighbor Feedback Loop**
NFL: norman f lechtrecker**
NFL: Nutrition for Longevity**
NFL: Nat Football League**
NFL: National Federation for Life**
NFL: National Fire Laboratory**
NFL: Newspapers for Literacy**
NFL: No Freaking Logic*
NFL: Neighborhood Football League*
NFL: Newton Football League*
NFL: National Fans League*
NFL: National Festival of Light*
NFL: Nemesis Fashion Limited*
NFL: Nodal Follicular Lymphoma*
NFL: Next for Flacco*
NFL: No Fault League*
NFL: National Federation Labor*
NFL: National Football Leagueksi*
NFL: Newfoundland Federation of Labour*
NFL: NHL Fantasy Leagues*
NFL: Non Forest Lands*
NFL: Net Fun Limited*
NFL: National Forest List*
NFL: Neuman Ferry Line*
NFL: Northwest Florida Libertarian*

Note: Acronym Finder has 33 verified definitions for NFL

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