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What does NER stand for?

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NER: New European Regiment****
NER: New England Ropes****
NER: National Electricity Rules****
NER: National Evaluation Report****
NER: Network Equipment Rack***
NER: Neutral Earthing Resistors***
NER: Nominal Exchange Rate***
NER: Neighborhood Environmental Reports***
NER: New England Recycling***
NER: National Evaluation Reports***
NER: Nederlandse Emissie Richtlijnen***
NER: Nelson Environmental Remediation***
NER: Nanoscale Exploratory Research***
NER: Number of Equivalent Residues***
NER: National Environmental Research***
NER: New England Revolution***
NER: New England Ringside***
NER: Named Entity Recognizers***
NER: Natural Environment Research***
NER: New England Review***
NER: Network Event Recognition***
NER: New England Research***
NER: New Employee Reporting***
NER: National Elk Refuge***
NER: Near East Relief***
NER: NASA European Representative***
NER: Natural and Economic Resources***
NER: Neuroradiology Education and Research***
NER: necrotic exudative reaction**
NER: net exchange rate**
NER: neutrophil-erythrocyte rosette**
NER: Noda epileptic rat**
NER: non extractable residues**
NER: non-epileptic rats**
NER: normal eating restraint**
NER: normalized elution rate**
NER: nuclear estradiol receptor**
NER: Nuclear estradiol receptors**
NER: nuclear estrogen receptor**
NER: nuclear estrogen receptors**
NER: nucleotide exicision repair**
NER: nutritional efficiency ratio**
NER: transcription-nucleotide excision repair**
NER: National Engineering Resources**
NER: Nettverk Excellence Rena**
NER: non-atopic eosinophilic rhinitis**
NER: nuclear-associated endoplasmic reticulum**
NER: nucleotide excision DNA repair**
NER: nucleotide excision repair activity**
NER: nucleotide excision repair pathway**
NER: nucleotide-excision repair pathway**
NER: Nuclear Excision Repair**
NER: NES Evaluation Report**
NER: New England River**
NER: No Evidence of Recurrence**
NER: Nuclear Emergency Response**
NER: Name Entity Recognition**
NER: Near Earth asteroid Rendezvous**
NER: Net Enrolment Ratios**
NER: National Economic Research**
NER: National Enrolment Rate**
NER: New England Resins**
NER: nuclear oestrogen receptors**
NER: New Entrant Reserves**
NER: Noise Equivalent Radiance**
NER: National Estuarine Research**
NER: Nation Evaluation Report**
NER: Net Export Ratio**
NER: New England Riders**
NER: Named Event Rules**
NER: Non English Reader**
NER: Not Enough Records**
NER: NorCal Equine Rescue**
NER: Neuroradiology Education Research**
NER: Nebraska Environmental Roundtable*
NER: New Earth Records*
NER: National Educational Radio*
NER: national employment return*
NER: Non Effective Rates*
NER: Nuclear Envelope Reformation*
NER: Native Exotic Relationships*
NER: North East Robotics*
NER: National Educational Research*
NER: Ninety East Ridge*
NER: No Engineer Required*
NER: Narrative Explanation of Reasons*
NER: National Estaurine Research*
NER: Navy Expenditure Reporting*
NER: Network Express Routers*
NER: Neuro Engineering Research*
NER: Nimes of Engineering and Research*
NER: Non Equipment Related*
NER: Northwest Equine Reproduction*
NER: Notices and Exemption Rules*

Note: Acronym Finder has 32 verified definitions for NER

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