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NCIS: New Concept Information Systems****
NCIS: National Criminal Investigation Service****
NCIS: Non Commutable Income Stream****
NCIS: National Council of Independent Schools****
NCIS: National Crop Insurance Services***
NCIS: Network Consulting and Integration Services***
NCIS: National Criminal Information System***
NCIS: Navy Criminal Investigation Service***
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigation Service***
NCIS: National Cruelty Investigations School***
NCIS: Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation System***
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Services***
NCIS: National Clinical Information System***
NCIS: National Coronial Information System***
NCIS: Naval Criminal Intelligence Service***
NCIS: Navy Criminal Investigative Service***
NCIS: National Criminal Intelligence System***
NCIS: Nature Conservation Information System***
NCIS: Norwegian Channel Ice Stream***
NCIS: National Career Information Service***
NCIS: National Center for International Schools***
NCIS: National Council for Impacted Schools***
NCIS: National Criminal Index Search***
NCIS: National Crime Intelligence Squad***
NCIS: Naftidrofuryl Clinical Ischemia Study***
NCIS: National Chemical Information Symposium**
NCIS: National Conference on Intelligent Systems**
NCIS: National Contaminants Information System**
NCIS: National Cardiovascular Information System**
NCIS: National Career Information System**
NCIS: Naval Crime Investigative Service**
NCIS: New Construction Inspection Specialist**
NCIS: Namibian Central Intelligence Service**
NCIS: National Construction Insurance Services**
NCIS: Nevada Criminal Information System**
NCIS: National Crime Information System**
NCIS: National Cruelty Investigators School**
NCIS: Norwegian Council for Information Science**
NCIS: National Corporate Investment Services**
NCIS: National Cultural Information System**
NCIS: National Check Information Service**
NCIS: Net Centric Infrastructure Services**
NCIS: National Center for Infectious**
NCIS: National Club Insurance Scheme**
NCIS: Navy Crime Investigation Service**
NCIS: Nadir Climate Interferometer Spectrometer*
NCIS: National Council for the Social*
NCIS: Nationally Coordinated Industry Survey*
NCIS: Nebraska Career Information Service*
NCIS: Naval Crimminal Investigative Service*
NCIS: National Central Intelligence Services*
NCIS: National Criminal Investigative Services*
NCIS: Navision Certified Implementation Specialist*
NCIS: Naval Criminial Investigative Service*
NCIS: NeoMedia Consulting and Integration Services*
NCIS: Nonintrusive Container Inspection System*
NCIS: Nebraska Crime Information System*
NCIS: Networks Computers Internet Solutions*
NCIS: NHS Contract Information System*
NCIS: Nadir Climatic Interferometer Spectrometer*
NCIS: National Center for Information Security*
NCIS: North Central Institute for Sust*

Note: Acronym Finder has 19 verified definitions for NCIS

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