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What does NCB stand for?

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NCB: Nebraska College of Business****
NCB: National Car Booking****
NCB: Network Control Board****
NCB: No Claims Bonus****
NCB: Nature Cell Biology***
NCB: National Commerce Bank***
NCB: National Cooperative Business***
NCB: Nederlands Centrum Buitenlanders***
NCB: National Central Bureaus***
NCB: Nature Conservation Branch***
NCB: Nebraska Center for the Book***
NCB: National Certification Board***
NCB: North Central Branch***
NCB: National Chemicals Bureau***
NCB: National Central Banks***
NCB: National Certification Bodies***
NCB: Nuisance Call Bureau***
NCB: Narcotics Control Board***
NCB: Nevada City Branch (Nevada City, CA)***
NCB: Norwich Citadel Band***
NCB: Nippon Credit Bank***
NCB: National Coalition on Benefits***
NCB: National Childrens Bureau***
NCB: National Centre for Biosecurity***
NCB: National Competence Baseline***
NCB: Nordic Copyright Bureau***
NCB: Nouveau Cervoliste Belge***
NCB: Northshore Concert Band***
NCB: National Coop Bank***
NCB: National Centre for Biotechnology***
NCB: National Center for Biotechnology***
NCB: National Consulting Bureau***
NCB: National Crime Bureau***
NCB: North Central Bronx***
NCB: Narcotic Control Bureau***
NCB: National Check Bureau***
NCB: New Century Bible***
NCB: Nederlands Congres Bureau***
NCB: Nevada Council of the Blind***
NCB: National Coordination Body***
NCB: Nationalised Commercial Banks***
NCB: Net Control Block***
NCB: National Centre for Biosystematics***
NCB: National Commerical Bank***
NCB: Nederlandse Competence Baseline***
NCB: Net Clearing Balance***
NCB: National Certification Body***
NCB: Nationalized Commercial Banks***
NCB: National Curriculum Board***
NCB: Network Control Blocks***
NCB: North Coast Beds**
NCB: Needle core biopsies**
NCB: Needle core biopsy**
NCB: neuronal critical bandwidth**
NCB: new cancellous bone**
NCB: nitrogen containing bisphosphonates**
NCB: non conjugated bilirubin**
NCB: Nebraska Corn Board**
NCB: National Commercial Banks**
NCB: National CDM Board**
NCB: National Computing Board**
NCB: nationale competition b**
NCB: Network Connection Block**
NCB: needle core breast biopsy**
NCB: New Construction Bracket**
NCB: Node Control Block**
NCB: Northern California Branch**
NCB: Nicollet County Bank**
NCB: National Commission on Biotechnology**
NCB: Nederlandse Curling Bond**
NCB: Nile Commercial Bank**
NCB: northport corporation bhd**
NCB: New Consultancy in Business**
NCB: National Culture Bank**
NCB: National Central Bureaux**
NCB: National Communications Board**
NCB: Ningbo Commercial Bank**
NCB: Noordbrabantse Christelijke Boerenbond**
NCB: National Capacity Building**
NCB: Nautical Costa Blanca**
NCB: North China Block**
NCB: NetBIOS Control Block**
NCB: National Certification Based**
NCB: new cooch behar**
NCB: Northwest College of the Bible**
NCB: Nordisk Copyrigth Bureau**
NCB: Nederlandse Cricket Bond**
NCB: Napa California Bank**
NCB: national consultative body**
NCB: Nederlandse Christelijke Boerenbond**
NCB: New College Berkeley**
NCB: Non Carbonated Beverages**
NCB: North Carolina Baptist**
NCB: National Coalition Building**
NCB: Natural Color Balance**
NCB: Novice Concert Band**
NCB: Nuffield Council of Bioethics**
NCB: NATO Codification Bureau**
NCB: NW Christian Broadcasting**
NCB: Natalie Clifford Barney*
NCB: Nuclear Chemical Biological*
NCB: Nuovo Cimento B*
NCB: National Certifying Body*
NCB: National Committee for Biotechnology*
NCB: nevada copper belt*
NCB: Natural Cleaning Booster*
NCB: Naval Capabilities Board*
NCB: Non Course Based*
NCB: National Collection of Bacteria*
NCB: National Cooperatives Bank*
NCB: Network CBN Based*
NCB: New Childhood Bereavement*
NCB: Netcheck Commerce Bureau*
NCB: Northern Colorado Business*
NCB: National Commission on Biodiversity*
NCB: New Capitol Building*
NCB: Nandos College Basketball*
NCB: National Center for Biotechnol*
NCB: National College Bangalore*
NCB: National Contaminant Biomonitoring*
NCB: Neons Cigar Bar*
NCB: Nerco Coal Bridger*
NCB: Newman Crusts Board*
NCB: Nickel Cadmium Batterien*
NCB: Non Certified Blasting*
NCB: Non Cropped Boundaries*
NCB: Noosa Coach and Body*
NCB: Normans Cay Bahamas*
NCB: Northern California Backcountry*
NCB: Northern Carpet Bagger*
NCB: Northwest Coast Book*
NCB: Northwest Connecticut Balloon*
NCB: Nutritional Collossus Bodybuilding*

Note: Acronym Finder has 55 verified definitions for NCB

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