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What does NBA stand for?

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NBA: Neuter Before Adoption****
NBA: National Booking Agency****
NBA: National Bursars Association****
NBA: National Bank of Anguilla****
NBA: National Bank of Arizona****
NBA: National Bank of Arkansas****
NBA: Newspapers Bar Association***
NBA: National Beef Association***
NBA: National Bank of Alaska***
NBA: Nevada Bankers Association***
NBA: News and Basketball***
NBA: National Brownfield Association***
NBA: North Bay Angels***
NBA: Neurobiology and Anatomy***
NBA: Norwegian Business Association***
NBA: Nationwide Beauty Academy***
NBA: National or Branch***
NBA: Nashville Baptist Association***
NBA: National Business Administration***
NBA: National Bank Assets***
NBA: National Builders Association***
NBA: NFL and Baseball***
NBA: Notice of Board Action***
NBA: Network Behaviour Analysis***
NBA: Number Born Alive***
NBA: New Business Architecture***
NBA: Niger Basin Authority***
NBA: National Blood Authority***
NBA: National Board of Accreditation***
NBA: Niels Bohr Archive***
NBA: nolan bruce allen***
NBA: Neue Bach Ausgabe***
NBA: Nihon Bayer Agrochem***
NBA: North Bay Aquatics***
NBA: National Basket Association***
NBA: National Bloggers Alliance***
NBA: Nationwide Biweekly Administration***
NBA: National Bank Act***
NBA: National Bankcard Association***
NBA: Nigerian Bar Association***
NBA: National Bankers Association***
NBA: Net Business Archive***
NBA: Named to Both an All***
NBA: Nepal Bankers Association***
NBA: National Basketball Assn***
NBA: National Biotechnology Association***
NBA: nat basketball assoc***
NBA: Newcastle Brown Ale***
NBA: National Basketball Assocation***
NBA: Needham Business Association***
NBA: New Button Actions***
NBA: National Barbecue Association***
NBA: Northwest Behavioral Associates***
NBA: National Bank of Andrews***
NBA: National Basketball Associaton***
NBA: Nihon Bus Association***
NBA: Nottinghamshire Badminton Association***
NBA: National Building Agency***
NBA: Need Business Attire***
NBA: Natural Breast Augmentation***
NBA: Neil Baxter Associates***
NBA: Nepal Bar Association***
NBA: National Bartenders Association***
NBA: National Biodiversity Authority***
NBA: Nigeria Bar Association***
NBA: Northampton Bangladeshi Association***
NBA: No Body Allowed***
NBA: National Ballers Association***
NBA: Number of Bonded Atoms***
NBA: Newport Business Association***
NBA: News on Bleacher***
NBA: National Bowling Association***
NBA: National Basketball Assosiation***
NBA: New Brunswick Alliance***
NBA: Netron Bilisim Akademisi***
NBA: Nepal Basketball Association***
NBA: National Bulldogge Association***
NBA: NFL Bunnie Alliance***
NBA: Now Believes After***
NBA: Natinal Basketball Association***
NBA: North Belfast Alternatives***
NBA: No Bling Allowed***
NBA: Nuovo Basket Altopascio***
NBA: National Boring Association***
NBA: Nancy Barron Associates***
NBA: Nebraska Broadcasters Association***
NBA: northumberland badminton association***
NBA: Neuse Baptist Association***
NBA: Now and Basketball***
NBA: Natural Breast Alteration***
NBA: Nickelodeon the Backyardigans***
NBA: National Basketball Assiociation***
NBA: nurses bargaining association***
NBA: N Butyl Acetate***
NBA: Northside Business Association***
NBA: New Bagrut Assessment**
NBA: Narrow Band Allocation**
NBA: National Bibliographic Agency**
NBA: Nebraska Bankers Association**
NBA: National Business Agents**
NBA: Noontime Basketball Association**
NBA: naturally born animals**
NBA: neuron-binding antibody**
NBA: non-beta-adrenergic**
NBA: northern blot analysis**
NBA: National Bank for Agriculture**
NBA: Neighborhood Business Alliance**
NBA: Nacional Basketball Association**
NBA: National Bibliographic Agencies**
NBA: National Bible Association**
NBA: night blindness a**
NBA: NASS Bundled Authentication**
NBA: Network Business Administration**
NBA: Neuromuscular Blocking Agents**
NBA: Non Beta Adrenergic**
NBA: Nippon Bonsai Association**
NBA: National Banking Association**
NBA: nato bices agency**
NBA: Name Belongs Among**
NBA: National Bhangra Association**
NBA: native basin of attraction**
NBA: Negros Bien Altos**
NBA: National Bakers Association**
NBA: National Brokerage Agencies**
NBA: National Business Alliance**
NBA: Narmada Bachao Andolon**
NBA: NBL Basketball Australia**
NBA: Nebraska Bandmasters Association**
NBA: 3-nitrobenzyl alcohol**
NBA: 4-nitrobenzoic acid**
NBA: N-benzoyl-beta-alanine**
NBA: number of brief awakenings**
NBA: National Barn Alliance**
NBA: New Business Advice**
NBA: NBC Basketball Announcer**
NBA: National Biofuels Action**
NBA: NCAA Basketball Any**
NBA: Nisku Business Association**
NBA: Normalized by Amount**
NBA: d-N-butylamphetamine**
NBA: Norman Builders Association**
NBA: National Biosafety Authority**
NBA: Namibian Biotechnology Alliance**
NBA: Nude Beach Alliance**
NBA: nippon badminton association**
NBA: niwot business association**
NBA: Navis Business Alliance**
NBA: Nonprofit Business Analysis**
NBA: Negro Basketball Association**
NBA: Nation Builders Association**
NBA: National Business Aircraft**
NBA: No Bitches Allowed**
NBA: N Butyl Acrylate**
NBA: Nepal Biotechnology Association**
NBA: No Boner Association**
NBA: Nothing But Attitude**
NBA: National Billiards Association**
NBA: Northeast Badminton Association**
NBA: National Brokers Assurance**
NBA: News Basketball Almanac**
NBA: Nuffle Blasphemers Association**
NBA: National Brownfields Association**
NBA: Nepalese Bar Association**
NBA: No Barriers Allowed**
NBA: Norwegian Bioindustry Association**
NBA: National Board of Accrediation**
NBA: Nordic Brokers Association**
NBA: Nairobi Basketball Association**
NBA: National Bicycle Association**
NBA: No Bebemos Agua**
NBA: Noon Basketball Association**
NBA: Norton Baseball Association**
NBA: National Bankruptcy Archives**
NBA: National Billing Associates**
NBA: Nature Business Alliance**
NBA: National Broker Associates**
NBA: Nothin But Attitude**
NBA: National Basket Americain**
NBA: NetsDaily Blog Archive**
NBA: New Beginnings Antiques**
NBA: No Broker Affiliation**
NBA: nuggets business alliance**
NBA: National Brokers Alliance**
NBA: Norddeutsche Bronchialkarzinom Arbeitsgruppe**
NBA: Normal Butyl Alcohol**
NBA: NAS Boxes Archive*
NBA: Natural Bodybuilders Association*
NBA: Nested Boxes and Arrows*
NBA: North Brooklyn Alliance*
NBA: Notch Below Athletes*
NBA: names by address*
NBA: National Benefit Advisors*
NBA: National Board of Anesthesiology*
NBA: Newton Bingo Association*
NBA: Normal Butyl Alcool*
NBA: Northborough Baseball Association*
NBA: Norwegian Bangladesh Association*
NBA: Nagpada Basketball Association*
NBA: National Bling Association*
NBA: National Board of Accredition*
NBA: National Body of Accreditation*
NBA: National Broadcasting Authority*
NBA: National Brokerage Agency*
NBA: Niagara Business Associates*
NBA: nixa business alliance*
NBA: Norwegian Battlefield Association*
NBA: Not Backpedaling from Anti*
NBA: Nuggets Boasted A*
NBA: National Basketball Amazon*
NBA: National Battery Associations*
NBA: National Board of Aviation*
NBA: National Buffalo Association*
NBA: Neighborhood Based Alliance*
NBA: Nickname by Bumpshack*
NBA: Northeast Boaters Almanac*
NBA: National Bebuns Association*
NBA: Newcastle Belmont Australia*
NBA: NHL or Basketball*
NBA: Noale Basket Association*
NBA: Nominated Barring Authority*
NBA: Norman Bissett and Associates*
NBA: North Branch Area*
NBA: Newburyport Boardsailing Association*
NBA: Name and Business Address*
NBA: Naples Business Association*
NBA: Narrow Band Analog*
NBA: Need Based Acquisition*
NBA: New Burnside Anticline*
NBA: Newport Beach Announces*
NBA: North Bridge Antiques*
NBA: Northwest Boardsailing Association*
NBA: Nostradamus Branches Apollo*
NBA: Nushagak Bay Alaska*

Note: Acronym Finder has 43 verified definitions for NBA

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