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NAS: National Accreditation Service****
NAS: Naval Air Systems****
NAS: Noridian Administrative Services****
NAS: Network Attach Storage****
NAS: Netware Access Server****
NAS: Norfolk Naval Shipyard****
NAS: Netnews Administration System****
NAS: National Academy Sciences****
NAS: Nevada Association Services****
NAS: Naval Aviation Schools****
NAS: Network Access Services****
NAS: Nonindigenous Aquatic Species****
NAS: Nautical Archaeology Society****
NAS: Niggaz Against Society****
NAS: Newly Associated States****
NAS: North American SNJ****
NAS: Network Appliance SAN****
NAS: National Academies Studies****
NAS: News and Senior****
NAS: National Alcohol Survey****
NAS: New Amsterdam Singers****
NAS: National Ambulance Service****
NAS: Nightmare Armor Studios****
NAS: New Asia Strategy****
NAS: National Agricultural Systems****
NAS: Network Appliance Said****
NAS: network admin system***
NAS: nice and smooth***
NAS: Network Authentication Service***
NAS: Network Analyzer Software***
NAS: Network Audio Server***
NAS: Network Access Solutions***
NAS: Naval Air Stations***
NAS: National Archives of Singapore***
NAS: National Acadamy of Sciences***
NAS: Nord Amerika Suche***
NAS: Network Area Storage***
NAS: National Accessible Scheme***
NAS: National Agricultural Statistics***
NAS: Natural Areas Survey***
NAS: National Academy of Sciencies***
NAS: National Alfalfa Symposium***
NAS: North American Sales***
NAS: North Atlantic Solutions***
NAS: National Air Support***
NAS: North Atlantic Services***
NAS: North American Shippers***
NAS: Natl Academy of Sciences***
NAS: National Air Services***
NAS: Network Advisory Services***
NAS: National All Styles***
NAS: Non Access Stratum***
NAS: new album street***
NAS: National Academies of Sciences***
NAS: National Aviation Services***
NAS: National Advice Service***
NAS: National AIDS Secretariat***
NAS: National Aerospace Standards***
NAS: Norwegian Astronomical Society***
NAS: National Agricultural Survey***
NAS: Net Analyte Signal***
NAS: National Appraisal System***
NAS: National Art School***
NAS: National Accessible Standards***
NAS: Norsk Astronomisk Selskap***
NAS: Network Access Storage***
NAS: Network Attached Strorage***
NAS: National Airport System***
NAS: Nordic Atari Show***
NAS: National Aviation System***
NAS: Nebraska Advocacy Services***
NAS: Network Attachment Storage***
NAS: Network Association Syke***
NAS: Network Attatched Storage***
NAS: Needs Assessment Scale***
NAS: NetWare Administrator Simulator***
NAS: Nationwide Advisory Services***
NAS: National Association of Schoolmasters***
NAS: Network Aware Scheduling***
NAS: Norwalk Aquarium Society***
NAS: Nursing Agency South***
NAS: Nordic Audiological Society***
NAS: Neighborhood Action Strategy***
NAS: Nuclei Anti Sofisticazione***
NAS: Network Applications Support***
NAS: North Africa Service***
NAS: Northern Automotive Systems***
NAS: Nation Academy of Sciences***
NAS: Network Administrator Support***
NAS: National Accounting Standards***
NAS: North American Section***
NAS: Network Audio Sound***
NAS: Normative Aging Study***
NAS: National Assembly Services***
NAS: National Accounts Statistics***
NAS: North American Shepherds***
NAS: National Academy of Songwriters***
NAS: Neonatal Abstinence Score***
NAS: National Anesthesia Service***
NAS: North American Strongman***
NAS: Network Assurance System***
NAS: New and Seasoned***
NAS: Nationwide Average Speeds***
NAS: Non Altrimenti Specificato***
NAS: Numbers and Symbols***
NAS: National Autism Society***
NAS: National Airspace System (FAA)***
NAS: Nationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Suchtpolitik***
NAS: Non Availability Statements***
NAS: North American Standard***
NAS: National Airspace Systems***
NAS: northshore and shoreline***
NAS: North American Skies***
NAS: No Age Statement***
NAS: Network Addressable Storage***
NAS: Noise Abatement Society***
NAS: North American Studies***
NAS: National Association of Science***
NAS: Network Appraisal Services***
NAS: Network Attached System***
NAS: Network Authentication Server***
NAS: Novaco Anger Scale***
NAS: National Arena Symposium***
NAS: Network Attacked Storage***
NAS: Naval Aviation Symposium***
NAS: Network Attachable Storage***
NAS: Nautical Archaeological Society***
NAS: Network Administration Support***
NAS: Network Archive Server***
NAS: Native American Services***
NAS: New Active Substances***
NAS: Navy Aeronautical Standard***
NAS: Neptune Associated Shipping***
NAS: Not by A Server***
NAS: Network Access Software***
NAS: New Active Substance***
NAS: Native American Systems***
NAS: National Aviation Standard***
NAS: Nutritional Accounting System***
NAS: Nationwide Audit Services***
NAS: Native American Sites***
NAS: Numerical Aerodynamics Simulation***
NAS: Nottingham Astronomical Society***
NAS: Navigation Assistance Service***
NAS: National Association of Shopfitters***
NAS: Nepal Accounting Standards***
NAS: National Association for Search***
NAS: Neural Activity Sensor***
NAS: National Air Space***
NAS: Network Attaches Storage***
NAS: North American Specialty**
NAS: National Academy of the Sciences**
NAS: Navy Air Station**
NAS: N-acetyl serotonin**
NAS: N-acetyl-serotonin**
NAS: N-acetyl-sulfadoxine**
NAS: n. accumbens septi**
NAS: nail area severity**
NAS: National Acceptor Survey**
NAS: natural anticoagulant system**
NAS: natural antihistamine substance**
NAS: Negative Affect Scale**
NAS: Neoadjuvant androgen suppression**
NAS: neonatal abstinence symptoms**
NAS: Neonatal Assessment Scale**
NAS: Netobjects Authoring Server**
NAS: Neurobehavioral Assessment Scale**
NAS: non-animal stimuli**
NAS: non-apnoeic snorers**
NAS: non-artery-sparing**
NAS: non-asthmatic serum**
NAS: Nonrheumatic aortic stenosis**
NAS: normal aortic specimens**
NAS: normal arm swing**
NAS: normal-appearing skin**
NAS: nuclear accumulation sequence**
NAS: nuclei accumbens septi**
NAS: nucleic acid synthesis**
NAS: nucleus accumben septi**
NAS: nucleus accumbens septi**
NAS: nucleus accumbens septum**
NAS: nucleus accumbens shell**
NAS: numeric analogue scale**
NAS: Nutrient Analysis System**
NAS: Nutrition Adjuvant Study**
NAS: Nutrition Attitude Survey**
NAS: Native American Spiritual**
NAS: Needs Assessment Schedule**
NAS: Not Absolutely Sure**
NAS: Nederlandse Appaloosa Stamboek**
NAS: Nephrology Analytical Services**
NAS: Netherlands American Society**
NAS: Network Adapter Storage**
NAS: Norwegian Academy of Sciences**
NAS: New Apprenticeship System**
NAS: National Aerospace System**
NAS: Narrowband Area Service**
NAS: Nautical Archeology Society**
NAS: Naval Air Systems command headquarters**
NAS: North Atlantic Study**
NAS: North Atlantic Systems**
NAS: Na Arbeid Sport**
NAS: Nihon Ad Systems**
NAS: National Archive for Scotland**
NAS: Nework Attached Storage**
NAS: Netzwerk Automotive Saarland**
NAS: North American Station**
NAS: National Action Statement**
NAS: National Address Server**
NAS: National Aids Survey**
NAS: 1-naphthylacetyl-spermine**
NAS: intra-nucleus accumbens**
NAS: nonsense-associated altered splicing**
NAS: nonsense-mediated altered splicing**
NAS: nucleus accumbens septi region**
NAS: Nuremberg-Alters-Selbstbeurteilungs-Skala**
NAS: NVP)/N-acryloxysuccinimide**
NAS: News Academy of Sciences**
NAS: Network Architectures and Services**
NAS: National Analytical Services**
NAS: Needle Arts Studio**
NAS: Network Attached Storge**
NAS: Nutritional Analysis Software**
NAS: Narcotic Affairs Section**
NAS: National Acceptance Schemes**
NAS: N Application Support**
NAS: Nevada Autism Summit**
NAS: Network Accessable Storage**
NAS: Network Architecture Storage**
NAS: Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator**
NAS: Northern Associated Schools**
NAS: network access support**
NAS: North America Server**
NAS: Network Access Station**
NAS: No Advanced Scanners**
NAS: Nationaal Arbeids Secretariaat**
NAS: National Audobon Society**
NAS: Network Address Server**
NAS: Network Attached Strage**
NAS: Nugget Archive Server**
NAS: Northwest Area Strike**
NAS: Need Analysis System**
NAS: Notice of Adverse**
NAS: Norsk Akustisk Selskap**
NAS: national accounting system**
NAS: Nationalen AIDS Stiftung**
NAS: Network Appliance Servers**
NAS: Network Appliance Supporting**
NAS: North Alabama Skywarn**
NAS: Northland Astronomical Society**

Note: Acronym Finder has 86 verified definitions for NAS

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