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MVP: Med Vet Pharmaceuticals****
MVP: Measurement and Verification Protocol****
MVP: Member Value Program****
MVP: Most Valued Professionals****
MVP: Music Visual and Performing****
MVP: MindSolve Visual Performance****
MVP: Magellan Voyage Project****
MVP: Music Vice President****
MVP: Mountain View Presbyterian****
MVP: Ministarstva Vanjskih Poslova****
MVP: Managed Ventricular Pacing****
MVP: Meningitis Vaccine Project****
MVP: Most Valuble Player****
MVP: Mountain Valley Properties****
MVP: Most Valueable Player****
MVP: Music Video Presentation****
MVP: Mark Varney Project****
MVP: Manufacturer Vantage Point****
MVP: Midwest Video Productions***
MVP: Michael Vescera Project***
MVP: Most Valued Professional***
MVP: Minnesota Vikings Pro***
MVP: Most Valuable Participant***
MVP: Member Value Proposition***
MVP: Museum Volunteer Program***
MVP: My Video Productions***
MVP: Medical Volunteer Program***
MVP: Mountain Villa Paradise***
MVP: Mountain View Pharmaceuticals***
MVP: Most Valuable Proposals***
MVP: Merrimack Valley Paddlers***
MVP: Management Volunteer Program***
MVP: Munich Venture Partners***
MVP: Microsoft Valuable Professional***
MVP: Most Valuable Performer***
MVP: Mass Voucher Privatization***
MVP: Member Volunteer Program***
MVP: Most Valuable Presentation***
MVP: Machine Vision Products***
MVP: Major Vault Protein***
MVP: Mike Vasilinda Productions***
MVP: Mobile Virtualisation Platform***
MVP: medical value plan***
MVP: Minimum Variance Portfolio***
MVP: Most Valued Player***
MVP: Mineral Valleys Project***
MVP: MySpace Videos Posted***
MVP: Mount Vernon Players***
MVP: Milk Volume Production***
MVP: Moisture Vapor Protection***
MVP: Most Valuable Papi***
MVP: Music and Video Player***
MVP: Minority Vendor Program***
MVP: Most Versatile Personality***
MVP: Mississippi Valley Population***
MVP: Microsoft Valued Professionals***
MVP: Moral Values Program***
MVP: Motorcycle Value Program***
MVP: Marathon Value Portfolio***
MVP: Marianist Volunteer Program***
MVP: Most Value Professional***
MVP: Motor Vehicle Producers***
MVP: Most Valuable Parents***
MVP: Model View Presentation***
MVP: minimum viable populations***
MVP: Multi Vendor Partnerships***
MVP: Most Valuable Products***
MVP: Most Valuable Pooch***
MVP: Mountain Valley Paintball***
MVP: music video panel***
MVP: Most Valuable People***
MVP: Master Valuer Program***
MVP: Method Validation Program***
MVP: Music Videos and Pictures***
MVP: Most Valuable Pet***
MVP: Multi Velocity Program***
MVP: Maximum Vehicle Protection***
MVP: Moraga Valley Pool***
MVP: Mississippi Valley Partners***
MVP: M V Productions***
MVP: Most Valuable Programmers***
MVP: Magic Vinyl Printing***
MVP: Mid Valley Partnership***
MVP: Mountain View Press***
MVP: Membership Vice President***
MVP: Model Viewer Presenter***
MVP: Mockup Visualization and Publishing***
MVP: Merrimack Valley Project***
MVP: Makes Victoria Proud***
MVP: Medicaid Value Program***
MVP: Millennium Villages Project***
MVP: Monterey Venture Partners***
MVP: Medical Valley Project***
MVP: Mobius Vendor Partners***
MVP: Menomonee Valley Partners***
MVP: Making Vacation Plans***
MVP: Machine Vision Processor***
MVP: Movie Value Pass***
MVP: My Visual Pitch***
MVP: Most Valuable Partnerships***
MVP: Mission Vision Partner***
MVP: Mammography Voucher Program***
MVP: Mitro Valve Prolapse***
MVP: Market Value Potential***
MVP: Make Vacation Plans***
MVP: MicroBilt Vehicle Protection***
MVP: Most Valuable Playas***
MVP: Multi View Process***
MVP: Multivitamins and Probucol***
MVP: Media Venture Partners***
MVP: Managed VoIP Peering***
MVP: MIT Video Productions***
MVP: Mednarodni Vesoljski Postaji***
MVP: Model Verification Program***
MVP: Maryland Vein Professionals***
MVP: MasterCard Vendor Program***
MVP: Mersey Valley Partnership***
MVP: Milwaukee Video Project***
MVP: Maximum Vitality Partners***
MVP: Mobile Video Production***
MVP: Mobile Video Products***
MVP: Mohawk Valley Physicians***
MVP: Monitoring and Verification Protocol***
MVP: Music Video Player***
MVP: Music Video Pictures**
MVP: Multicultural Vision Program**
MVP: maximal voiding pressure**
MVP: maximum venous pressure**
MVP: mean venous plasma**
MVP: mean ventricular pressure**
MVP: measles viral pneumonia**
MVP: mechanical valve prostheses**
MVP: mechanical valve prosthesis**
MVP: median vertical plane**
MVP: mesenteric venous pressure**
MVP: microbial vaginal pictures**
MVP: Mitral value prolapse**
MVP: mitral valva prolapse**
MVP: Mitral valve prolapses**
MVP: mitral valve prosthesis**
MVP: muscle-vascularized pedicle**
MVP: Moreno Valley Perris**
MVP: Mission Valley Power**
MVP: Mednarodno Vesoljsko Postajo**
MVP: Most Valueable Poster**
MVP: Molecular Virology Program**
MVP: Most Valuable Poet**
MVP: Microbiology Virology and Parasitology**
MVP: Member Value Pricing**
MVP: Most Valuable Patron**
MVP: Multi Value Plan**
MVP: Multiple Venue Presentation**
MVP: Most Valuable Performance**
MVP: Maryland Volleyball Program**
MVP: Mission Vision Player**
MVP: Magic Valley Paramedics**
MVP: Movietyme Video Productions**
MVP: Math Video Project**
MVP: Mountain View Partnership**
MVP: maximum vertical single pocket**
MVP: Media Vault Program**
MVP: methotrexate, vinblastine and prednisolone**
MVP: mitomycin-C-vindesine-platinum**
MVP: mitomycin-vindesine-cisplatin**
MVP: mitral valve prolapse patients**
MVP: Mitral valve prolapse syndrome**
MVP: Mitral valve repair**
MVP: mitral valve replacement**
MVP: moisture vapor permeable dressing**
MVP: Multimission VICAR Planner**
MVP: Mercy Volunteer Program**
MVP: Monument Valley Park**
MVP: Magazine Value Partners**
MVP: Mountain View Pistons**
MVP: Media Village Platform**
MVP: Managed Volunteer Programs**
MVP: Metro Volunteer Program**
MVP: Most Vulnerable Player**
MVP: Municipal Volunteer Program**
MVP: Milestone Video Productions**
MVP: Mission Valley Paintball**
MVP: Most Valuable Payer**
MVP: Mobile Video Producer**
MVP: Management of Variability Program**
MVP: Maximum Value Partnership**
MVP: More Valuable Partnership**
MVP: Most Valuable Painter**
MVP: Master Validation Plan**
MVP: Most Valued Persons**
MVP: Master Vendor Program**
MVP: Maximum Value Program**
MVP: Miguel Vargas Presidente**
MVP: Most Vocal Player**
MVP: Master Volume Project**
MVP: Michael Vescara Project**
MVP: Merchant Vessel Personnel**
MVP: Medicare Value Purchasing**
MVP: Mednarodne Vesoljske Postaje**
MVP: Media Ventures Partners**
MVP: Magmatic Volatile Phase**
MVP: Most Valuable Program**
MVP: Massive Video Production**
MVP: Multicultural Visit Program**
MVP: Murphree Venture Partners**
MVP: Metropolitan Volunteer Program**
MVP: mitomycin vinblastine and cisplatin**
MVP: Military Vehicle Parts**
MVP: Most Valuable Plan**
MVP: Making Visions Possible**
MVP: Most Valueless Player**
MVP: Multimedia Video Production**
MVP: Maintenance Value Plan**
MVP: Midwest Vehicle Professionals**
MVP: Mentoring Volunteer Program**
MVP: Mississippi Valley Paintball**
MVP: Military Veterans Pet**
MVP: Moon Valley Productions**
MVP: Multiprocessing Verification Platform**
MVP: Managed Vendor Program**
MVP: Maximum Velocity Power**
MVP: Maximum Vertical Potential**
MVP: Media Vision Project**
MVP: Merrimack Valley Pirates**
MVP: Malthus Verhulst Process**
MVP: Millennium Vice President**
MVP: Multi Vehicle Programmer**
MVP: Multicultural Visitation Program**
MVP: marathi vidnyan parishad**
MVP: Mitral Valvular Prolapse**
MVP: Making Voting Popular**
MVP: Marketing Video Program**
MVP: Most Violent Player**
MVP: Michael V Petrovich**
MVP: Mobile Video Productions**
MVP: Most Valuable Pupil**
MVP: Main Verb Phrase**
MVP: Many Viable Possibilities**
MVP: Minneapolis Vascular Physicians**
MVP: Managing Virginia Program**
MVP: Mary Volleyball Program**
MVP: Median Voter Process**
MVP: Most Valueable Professional**
MVP: Most Valued Patron**
MVP: Measurement Verification Project**
MVP: Men of Vision and Purpose**
MVP: Messaging Vendor Program**
MVP: Missouri Valley Park**
MVP: Most Visited Pages**
MVP: Motor Vehicle Permits**

Note: Acronym Finder has 63 verified definitions for MVP

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