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MVA: Medicon Valley Academy****
MVA: Montana Vintage Arms****
MVA: Motor Vehicles Administration****
MVA: Motor Vehicle Association***
MVA: Multiple Variable Analysis***
MVA: Market Value Adjustments***
MVA: Marianas Visitors Authority***
MVA: Maryland Vehicle Administration***
MVA: Market Value Adjusted***
MVA: Mega Volt Ampere***
MVA: Mitral Valve Annuloplasty***
MVA: Malaysian Video Awards***
MVA: Mega Volt Amperes***
MVA: Multi Verse Authorities***
MVA: Minerals Vitamins and Amino***
MVA: Montclair Village Association***
MVA: Mitral Valve Area***
MVA: Market Value Adjuster***
MVA: Memorie Van Antwoord***
MVA: Machine Vision Association***
MVA: Marymoor Velodrome Association***
MVA: Modified Virus Ankara***
MVA: Machine Vacuum Aspiration***
MVA: Migration Velocity Analysis***
MVA: Minnesota Volleyball Association***
MVA: Market Value of Assets***
MVA: Manufacturing Value Added***
MVA: Merrimack Valley Apiaries***
MVA: Manufacturing Value Analysis***
MVA: Motor Vehicle Agencies***
MVA: Mountain View Academy***
MVA: Manitoba Volleyball Association***
MVA: Motor Vehicles Act***
MVA: Medical Vendor Administration***
MVA: Mount Vernon Academy***
MVA: Multiple View Angle***
MVA: Maryland Volkssport Association***
MVA: Most Versatile Aussie**
MVA: Mississippi Valley Airlines**
MVA: Modified Virtual Address**
MVA: mitral valvar area**
MVA: mitral valve annulus**
MVA: mitral valve areas**
MVA: mitral valvular annulus**
MVA: mitral valvular area**
MVA: multiple vessel angioplasties**
MVA: severity-mitral valve area**
MVA: Melbourne Victoria Australia**
MVA: Midwest Visual Agency**
MVA: Multi Vehicle Accident**
MVA: Motor Vehicle Administrations**
MVA: Minimum Viewing Age**
MVA: Mountain View Alliance**
MVA: Multi Video Amplifier**
MVA: mitral valve orifice area**
MVA: modified vaccinia strain Ankara**
MVA: prime/modified vaccinia virus Ankara**
MVA: Model Visualization and Analysis**
MVA: Missouri Valley Authority**
MVA: 2-14C]mevalonic acid**
MVA: 3H-mevalonic acid**
MVA: R)-[5-14C]mevalonic acid**
MVA: R,S-mevalonic acid**
MVA: R-[2-(14)C]mevalonic acid**
MVA: Maoist Victims Association**
MVA: Modified Vaccina Ankara**
MVA: Motor Vehicle Account**
MVA: Motor Vehical Accident**
MVA: Multi Vehicular Accident**
MVA: Motor Vehicle Adminstration**
MVA: Molokai Visitors Association**
MVA: Modular Voice Architecture**
MVA: Military and Veterans Affairs**
MVA: Minerals and Vitamins**
MVA: Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi**
MVA: Michigan Volleyball Academy**
MVA: Minimum Variance Analysis**
MVA: Montville Village Association**
MVA: Mine Ventilation Australia**
MVA: Multi Vertical Alignment**
MVA: Morning View Associates**
MVA: motor vehicular accident**
MVA: Mountain Video Associates**
MVA: Mine Victims Assistance**
MVA: Maine Vocational Association**
MVA: Method Validation in Analytics**
MVA: Mongolian Volunteers Association**
MVA: Multipurpose Ventricular Actuating**
MVA: Macdonald Valley Association**
MVA: Mobile Variance Agent**
MVA: Multi Vezel Akkoord**
MVA: Market Value Appraisal**
MVA: Motor Vehicle Associate**
MVA: Manifold Vacuum Assist**
MVA: Minimum Vector Altitude**
MVA: Monroe Veterinary Associates*
MVA: motor vehicle action*
MVA: Multi Vendor Architecture*
MVA: Mosaic Variegated Aneuploidy*
MVA: Mountain Valley Aquatics*
MVA: Mountain View Associates*
MVA: Malaysia Video Awards*
MVA: Minisink Valley Aquatics*
MVA: Mississippi Valley Association*
MVA: Multi Valued Attributes*
MVA: Micorriza Vesicula Arbuscular*
MVA: Million Volt Amps*
MVA: Most Valuable Author*
MVA: Motor Vehicle Acceptance*
MVA: Motor Vehicles Accident*
MVA: Music Video Association*
MVA: Malignant Ventricular Arrhythmias*
MVA: Masters in Voluntary Administration*
MVA: Medal of Valor Award*
MVA: Million Volt Ampere*
MVA: Monetary Value of Adjustment*
MVA: Motor Vehicle Actions*
MVA: Mountain Village Alaska*
MVA: Main Valve Actuator*
MVA: Mesh Velcro Apron*
MVA: Mobile Varient Agent*
MVA: Most Valuable Ass*
MVA: Mathew Vangel and Associates*
MVA: Matrix Vector Animal*
MVA: Music from Vienna and Austria*
MVA: Music View Archive*

Note: Acronym Finder has 40 verified definitions for MVA

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