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MRI: Met and Reviewed****
MRI: Metallurgical Research Institute****
MRI: Martin Ryan Institute****
MRI: Motorcycle Riders Inc****
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imager****
MRI: Mediamark Research Inc****
MRI: Moredun Research Institute****
MRI: Market Research Initiative****
MRI: Marine Research Institute****
MRI: Mathematical Research Institute****
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagery****
MRI: Management Resources Institute****
MRI: Morally Responsible Investing****
MRI: Measurements of Rotational****
MRI: Market for Info****
MRI: Measurements of Right****
MRI: Major Regional Initiative****
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagers***
MRI: Maize Research Institute***
MRI: Magneto Rotational Instability***
MRI: Music Recording Industry***
MRI: Magnetic Resonace Imaging***
MRI: Morehouse Research Institute***
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagining***
MRI: Making the Readings***
MRI: Management Recruiters Inc***
MRI: Michigan Research Institute***
MRI: Magnet Resonance Imaging***
MRI: Medical_Specialties Radiology Imaging_Centers***
MRI: Magnetische Resonantie Imaging***
MRI: Movimiento Revolucionario Internacionalista***
MRI: Municipal Resources Inc***
MRI: MedStar Research Institute***
MRI: Marketing Results Inc***
MRI: Magnetic Reasonance Imaging***
MRI: Medical Resonance Imaging***
MRI: Management Resources Inc***
MRI: Mortality Resolution International***
MRI: Montpellier RIO Imaging***
MRI: Medical Research Institutes***
MRI: Ministry of International***
MRI: Miss Rodeo Idaho***
MRI: Moffitt Research Institute***
MRI: Machine Readable Identifier***
MRI: Manufacturing Resources Inc***
MRI: Metabolic Research Institute***
MRI: Marine Resources Inc***
MRI: Meter Reading Instrument***
MRI: Marsh Resources Inc***
MRI: Medlantic Research Institute***
MRI: Magnetic Resource Imaging***
MRI: Magnum Resources Inc***
MRI: Management Resources International***
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagine***
MRI: Max Rubner Institute***
MRI: Marketing Research Indonesia***
MRI: Maintenance Repair Improvements***
MRI: Magnetic Resonant Imaging***
MRI: Magnesium Research Institute***
MRI: Mehta Research Institute***
MRI: Moderate Resolution Imaging***
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Institute***
MRI: Maas Rijn Ijssel***
MRI: Maritime Rescue Institute***
MRI: Medical Rescue International***
MRI: Market Revenue Insurance***
MRI: Maritime Research Institute***
MRI: Metal Recovery Industry***
MRI: Musik Remaja Indonesia***
MRI: Mazda Repair Information***
MRI: Myth and Reality***
MRI: Marriott Residence Inn***
MRI: Modified Relay Intercropping***
MRI: Modesto Radiology Imaging***
MRI: MR Resources Inc***
MRI: Maritime Rescue International***
MRI: Michigan Rivers Inventory***
MRI: Mammography and Radiology***
MRI: Monetary Research Institute***
MRI: Mentor Research Institute***
MRI: Medical Resources on the Internet***
MRI: Montana Reading Institute***
MRI: Measured by an Integrating***
MRI: Market Research Institute***
MRI: Microbusiness Research Institute***
MRI: Methodist Research Institute***
MRI: Minneapolis Refuse Inc***
MRI: Marketing Research Inc***
MRI: Mathematisch Research Instituut***
MRI: Matrix Research Institute***
MRI: Medical Record Institute***
MRI: Missouri Reading Initiative***
MRI: Meuse Rhine Issel***
MRI: Member of the Royal Institute***
MRI: 19F-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: 1H-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: 2H-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: 3D-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: BACKGROUND--Magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: brain-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: cine-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: CT)/magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: CT-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: CT/magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: EEG-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: magnetic resolution imaging**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: Magnetic resonance imagings**
MRI: magnetic resonance imagins**
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagning**
MRI: magnetic resonance tomography**
MRI: magnetic resonant image**
MRI: Magnetic resonant images**
MRI: magnetic resonsance imaging**
MRI: magnetic response image**
MRI: magnetic risonance imaging**
MRI: magnetice resonance imaging**
MRI: mean regulation index**
MRI: meconium-related ileus**
MRI: metabolic rate index**
MRI: metabolic rate indicator**
MRI: METHODS--Magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: Miniature rat Ishikawa**
MRI: moderate renal impairment**
MRI: modified receptor index**
MRI: molecular redundancy index**
MRI: mortality risk index**
MRI: MRS/magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: non-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: PET)/magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: purpose--magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: scan/magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: strategies-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: T-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: tomography-magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: VEP]/magnetic resonance imaging**
MRI: Memory Reference Instruction**
MRI: Marketing Research Incorporated**
MRI: Marshall Resources Inc**
MRI: Marine Research Institutes**
MRI: Managed Resources Inc**
MRI: Manukau Radiology Institute**
MRI: magnetic r+¬sonance imaging**
MRI: Magnetic Resonanace Imaging**
MRI: magnetic resonance cardiac imaging**
MRI: Magnetic resonance image analysis**
MRI: magnetic resonance image scans**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging changes**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging contrast**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging equipment**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging results**
MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging scan**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging scanner**
MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging studies**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging study**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging system**
MRI: magnetic resonance imaging unit**
MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging's**
MRI: magnetic resonance perfusion imaging**
MRI: magnetic resonance testing**
MRI: magnetic resonance tomographic images**
MRI: Maxillary-Rotation-Impaction Appliance**
MRI: Metrology Research Institute**
MRI: myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury**
MRI: Magnet Resonanz Imaging**
MRI: Marxistisch Reichistische Initiative**
MRI: Management Recruiting International**
MRI: Manufacturers Resources Inc**
MRI: Medical Readiness Inspection**
MRI: Metal Reflective Insulation**
MRI: Magnetic Resonanse Imaging**
MRI: Message Routing Information**
MRI: Management Resource Institute**
MRI: Manhattan Routing Inc**
MRI: Manufacturing and Research Inc**
MRI: Mathematical Research Inc**
MRI: Monitoring Request Interface**
MRI: Manipur Rural Institute**
MRI: Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia**
MRI: Menopause Research Institute**
MRI: Migrants Rights International**
MRI: Midwest Refinishing Inc**
MRI: Mangrove Replenishment Initiative**
MRI: Merrall Ross International**
MRI: macular recovery time**
MRI: magnetic resonance scanning**
MRI: Micro Resources Inc**
MRI: Mitspeh Ramon Israel**
MRI: Magnetic Resonance and Imaging**
MRI: Metadata Reference Information**
MRI: Mortgage Research Inc**
MRI: Magnetic Renonance Imaging**
MRI: Metsch Refractories Inc**
MRI: Management Risk International**
MRI: Mean Roughness Index**
MRI: Moldex Realty Inc**
MRI: Marcel Rieben Ingenieure**
MRI: Mission Related Investment**
MRI: Mohall Railroad Inc**
MRI: Mammography or Radiology**
MRI: Mississippi Realtors Institute**
MRI: Mediamark Research Incorporated**
MRI: Multicultural Research Institute**
MRI: Municipal Resources Incorporated**
MRI: Migrant Rights International**
MRI: Management Research Institute**
MRI: Mixing Roughness Information**
MRI: Moody Review Inc**
MRI: Magnetic Rubber Inspection**
MRI: Mark Ross International**
MRI: Market Research Imaging**
MRI: Meteorology Research Inc**
MRI: Microcomputer Resources Inc**
MRI: MidMichigan Regional Imaging**
MRI: Magnetic Response Imaging**
MRI: Munich Re Italy**
MRI: Music Reports Inc**
MRI: Magee Research Institute**
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagng**
MRI: Measurement Requirements and Interface**
MRI: Materials Research Instrument**
MRI: Meter Read Instructions**
MRI: Mutual Reciprocal Inspection**
MRI: Managed Response Inc**
MRI: Manges Realty Inc**
MRI: Method Replacement Indicator**
MRI: Major Research Infrastructures**
MRI: Management Results Inc**
MRI: McCormick Rankin International**
MRI: Modernization Resource Information**
MRI: Muese Rhine Issel**
MRI: Multipurpose Resource Inventories**
MRI: Musculoskeletal Rehab Inc**
MRI: Mean Rate of Increase**
MRI: Metal Refinishing and Improvements**
MRI: Midwest Reseach Institute**
MRI: Moore Research Institute**
MRI: Mammmal Research Institute**
MRI: Medizinisch Radiodiagnostisches Institut**
MRI: Methodist Reviews Index**
MRI: Moldex Realty Incorporated**
MRI: Main Raster Image*
MRI: Maruyama an Intelligent*
MRI: Medizinisch Radiologisches Institut*
MRI: Ministry Refresher Institute*
MRI: Macon Resources Inc*
MRI: Magnetic Resonance International*
MRI: Member Research Interests*
MRI: Merrimack River Initiative*
MRI: Monopulse Resolution Improvement*

Note: Acronym Finder has 58 verified definitions for MRI

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