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MRA: Mandatory Retirement Ages****
MRA: Mutual Recognition Agreements****
MRA: Michael Rigby Associates****
MRA: Medical Regulatory Authorities****
MRA: Medicare Risk Adjustment****
MRA: Management Research Associates****
MRA: Mutual Recognition Arrangements****
MRA: Motorcycle Roadracing Association****
MRA: Morris Ritchie Associates****
MRA: Moral Re Armament****
MRA: Motorcycle Riders Association***
MRA: Market Resource Associates***
MRA: Magnetic Resonance Angiogram***
MRA: Mountain River Adventures***
MRA: Montana River Action***
MRA: Microbial Risk Assessments***
MRA: Marginal Rural Areas***
MRA: Medicine Regulatory Agencies***
MRA: Minnesota Restaurant Association***
MRA: Motor Racing Archive***
MRA: Marine Resources Act***
MRA: Master Registration Agreement***
MRA: Medicines Regulatory Authorities***
MRA: Major Repairs Allowance***
MRA: Market Research Association***
MRA: Manitoba Rowing Association***
MRA: Midland Redevelopment Authority***
MRA: Marketing Recruitment and Admissions***
MRA: Milwaukee Radio Alliance***
MRA: Microbiological Research Authority***
MRA: Magothy River Association***
MRA: motocross racing at***
MRA: Mineral Resource Area***
MRA: Malden Redevelopment Authority***
MRA: Multi Recipient Addresses***
MRA: Main Renal Artery***
MRA: Members Representational Allowance***
MRA: Michigan Reading Association***
MRA: Market Research Africa***
MRA: Malayan Railway Administration***
MRA: Microbiological Risk Assessments***
MRA: Meduxnekeag River Association***
MRA: Madison Ridgeland Academy***
MRA: Malta Resources Authority***
MRA: Mississippi Reading Association***
MRA: Magnetic Resonance Arteriography***
MRA: Massachusetts Reading Association***
MRA: Massachusetts Rifle Association***
MRA: Multi Role Aircraft***
MRA: Midlands Regional Alliance***
MRA: Malibu Research Associates***
MRA: Motorcycle Roadracing in and Around***
MRA: Mandibular Repositioning Appliances***
MRA: malayan racing association***
MRA: Multi Racial Anti***
MRA: Medical Reimbursement Account***
MRA: Mobility Resource Associates***
MRA: Mogee Research Analysis***
MRA: Mariborska Razvojna Agencija***
MRA: Manitoba Research Alliance***
MRA: Multilateral Recognition Arrangements***
MRA: Manpower and Reserve Affairs***
MRA: Microbiological Risk Assessment***
MRA: Mediterranean Rate Agreement***
MRA: Market Reality Assessment***
MRA: Meadville Redevelopment Authority***
MRA: Metropolitan Rainbow Alliance***
MRA: Maine Rowing Association***
MRA: Mutual Recognition Act***
MRA: Maine Restaurant Association***
MRA: Medicines Regulatory Affairs***
MRA: Missouri Restaurant Association***
MRA: Mecklenburg Radiology Associates***
MRA: Marine Recovery Areas***
MRA: Multiple Recipient Addresses***
MRA: McDonald Research Associates***
MRA: Munich Rent Advisor***
MRA: Missoula Redevelopment Agency***
MRA: Microbial Risk Assessment***
MRA: Master Rental Agreement***
MRA: Manchester Regional Academy***
MRA: Minimum Risk Approach***
MRA: Magnetic Resonance Amplifier***
MRA: Metacenter Regional Alliance***
MRA: Mortgage and Rental Assistance***
MRA: Motorcycle Racing Association***
MRA: Missouri Republican Assembly***
MRA: Maximum Reimbursable Amount***
MRA: Mark for Accredited***
MRA: Ministry for Refugees and Accommodation***
MRA: Mugi Rekso Abadi***
MRA: Migration and Refugee Account***
MRA: Mobile Roaming Alliance***
MRA: Message Records and Actions***
MRA: Marina Recreation Association***
MRA: Microbiology Research Associates***
MRA: Malignancy Related Ascites***
MRA: Master Repurchase Agreements***
MRA: Marine Royale Australienne***
MRA: Mantorville Restoration Association***
MRA: Material Readiness Assessment***
MRA: Motor Racing Association***
MRA: Miami Research Associates***
MRA: Manpower Reserve Affairs***
MRA: Minnesota Racquetball Association***
MRA: Manitoba Roadracing Association***
MRA: Manager Revenue Accountant***
MRA: Motorcycle Retailers Association***
MRA: Music Relief Association***
MRA: Milliken Research Associates**
MRA: 2D-Magnetic Resonance Angiography**
MRA: 3-D-MT-TONE-magnetic resonance angiography**
MRA: 3D-TOF-magnetic resonance angiography**
MRA: developed--magnetic resonance angiography**
MRA: imaging/magnetic resonance angiography**
MRA: Maggs Research Associates**
MRA: magnetic resonance angiography**
MRA: magnetic resonance angiograms**
MRA: Magnetic resonance angiographic**
MRA: magnetic resonance arteriogram**
MRA: Magnetic Resonance Arthrography**
MRA: Malignant rheumatoid arthritis**
MRA: mannose-resistant adhesion**
MRA: marked repolarization abnormalities**
MRA: marrow repopulating ability**
MRA: marrow repopulating activity**
MRA: marrow-repopulating ability**
MRA: Maternal role attainment**
MRA: maximal regurgitant area**
MRA: Mechanical rotational atherectomy**
MRA: Medical record administration**
MRA: membrane-receptor assay**
MRA: Mesenteric resistance arteries**
MRA: mesenteric resistance artery**
MRA: mid-right atrium**
MRA: minimal residual activity**
MRA: mitral regurgitant area**
MRA: modified restriction analysis**
MRA: monospecific rabbit antiserum**
MRA: MRI/magnetic resonance angiography**
MRA: Multiple regression analyses**
MRA: multiple renal arteries**
MRA: multiple-myeloma-related amyloidosis**
MRA: muscle relaxation appliance**
MRA: musculus rectus abdominalis**
MRA: myocardial renin activity**
MRA: test-magnetic resonance angiography**
MRA: Medical Records Administrator**
MRA: Master Reference Amplifier**
MRA: Mines and Resources Australia**
MRA: Multi Roster Assistant**
MRA: Media Rights Association**
MRA: Master Repo Agreement**
MRA: Media Research Associates**
MRA: Medical Rehabilitation Associates**
MRA: Marine Response Alliance**
MRA: 3D-MR angiography**
MRA: imaging/MR angiography**
MRA: MRI)-MR angiography**
MRA: Maryland Recycling Act**
MRA: Middletown Recreation Association**
MRA: Mens Rights Activists**
MRA: Midwest Recycling Association**
MRA: Monthly Reports Are**
MRA: Medical Reimbursement Advocates**
MRA: Magnetic resonance imaging, angiography**
MRA: Magnetic Resonance Angiography technique**
MRA: Magnetic resonance coronary angiography**
MRA: magnetic resonance imaging angiography**
MRA: mannose resistant haemagglutinating activity**
MRA: metabolic and respiratory acidosis**
MRA: mildly reduced and alkylated**
MRA: mitral regurgitant orifice area**
MRA: modified rapidly adapting" mechanoreceptor**
MRA: Monocyte-derived recruiting activity**
MRA: Malaysian Retailers Association**
MRA: Maureen Reagan Architects**
MRA: Manufacturers Representatives of America**
MRA: Messenger Ribonucleic Acid**
MRA: Minnesota Rodeo Association**
MRA: Medical Reimbursement Accounts**
MRA: 3'-deamino-3'-(4"-morpholinyl)adriamycin**
MRA: 3'-Deamino-3'-(4-morpholinyl)adriamycin**
MRA: Magnetic Resonance Angiographies**
MRA: mean right atrial pressure**
MRA: Maximum Reimbursable Amounts**
MRA: Mycelium Radicis Atrovirens**
MRA: Meiringen Reichenbach Aareschlucht**
MRA: Michigan Retailer Bowen**
MRA: Mike Rosen Associates**
MRA: Medical Record Assistant**
MRA: Midwest Redesign Association**
MRA: Motocross Racing Association**
MRA: Management Retention Agreements**
MRA: Medicare Remittance Advice**
MRA: Mens Rights Agency**
MRA: Main Result Areas**
MRA: Maximum Reimbursement Allowances**
MRA: Mutual Recognition of Awards**
MRA: Measurement Research Associates**
MRA: MR orifice area**
MRA: MN Resort Association**
MRA: Materiel Receipt Acknowledgement**
MRA: Medical Recruitment Associates**
MRA: Missed Repair Appointment**
MRA: Memphis Rifle Association**
MRA: Michigan Railroads Association**
MRA: Manchester Residents Association**
MRA: Manitoba Runners Association**
MRA: Midtown Redevelopment Authority**
MRA: Medical Record Administrator**
MRA: Marketing Resource Associates**
MRA: Member of the Alleghany**
MRA: Maharashtra Rowing Association**
MRA: Maritime Regulatory Authority**
MRA: Multiple Recipient Aliases**
MRA: Multivariate Regression Analysis**
MRA: Mariemont Recreation Assoc**
MRA: Michigan Rehabilitation Association**
MRA: Minnesota Reading Association**
MRA: Mobjack Rowing Association**
MRA: Magnetic Resonance Analyser**
MRA: Maury River Alliance**
MRA: Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas**
MRA: Microwave Research and Applications**
MRA: Moose Ridge Associates**
MRA: Mountain Repeater Association**
MRA: Member Responsibility Actions**
MRA: Mycoplasma Removal Agent**
MRA: Midtown Residents Association**
MRA: Minimum Rates Adjustment**
MRA: Model Research Areas**
MRA: My Rural America**
MRA: Managed Risk Advisors**
MRA: Marianas Racing Association**
MRA: Mental Retardation Authorities**
MRA: Metropolitan Restaurant Association**
MRA: Machine Readable Archives**
MRA: Manitoba Restaurant Association**
MRA: Montecito Retirement Association**
MRA: Merebank Residents Association**
MRA: Meter Reading Agents**
MRA: Media Research Alliance**
MRA: Mike Rosen Architects**
MRA: Multi Rater Assessment**
MRA: Multilateral Recognition Agreements**
MRA: Manufacturer Return Authorization**
MRA: Member Responsibility Action**
MRA: Modelling and Risk Assessment**
MRA: maine reading association**

Note: Acronym Finder has 81 verified definitions for MRA

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