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MOP: Methoxy 2 Propyl****
MOP: Medical Office Plaza****
MOP: Ministries of Planning****
MOP: Meta Object Protocols****
MOP: Most Outstanding Program****
MOP: Mashed Out Posse****
MOP: Ministry of Petroleum****
MOP: Made to Order Production***
MOP: Meetings of the Parties***
MOP: Messengers of Peace***
MOP: Ministry of Public***
MOP: Manager of Partners***
MOP: Multiple Objective Planning***
MOP: Means of the Parameter***
MOP: Movement of People***
MOP: Mother of Preschooler***
MOP: Measures of Performance***
MOP: Ministry of Personnel***
MOP: Masters of Pain***
MOP: Market Oriented Planning***
MOP: Miles of Pennies***
MOP: Minds on Physics***
MOP: Medical Office Pavilion***
MOP: Manual of Office Procedure***
MOP: Marina Oswald Porter***
MOP: Mental or Physical***
MOP: Military Outreach Program***
MOP: Manual of Operating Procedures***
MOP: Master of Organisational Psychology***
MOP: Movement for Progress***
MOP: Manual of Operations***
MOP: Model Oriented Programming***
MOP: Multiple Original Printing***
MOP: Management of Organizational Performance***
MOP: Magic of Persia***
MOP: Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets***
MOP: Medical Outreach Project***
MOP: Music of the People***
MOP: Mail Order Pharmacy***
MOP: Movement of the People***
MOP: Money Oriented Programming***
MOP: Machine Operator Panel***
MOP: Management Organization and Policy***
MOP: Marketing Opportunities Program***
MOP: Mathematical Olympiad Program***
MOP: Model Organism Proteomes***
MOP: Minimum Occupation Period***
MOP: Meteosat Operational Programme***
MOP: Multiple Option Plan***
MOP: Merchants on Points***
MOP: Minister of Propaganda***
MOP: Mount of Praise***
MOP: Monitoring Oriented Programming***
MOP: Marine Oil Pollution***
MOP: Masterharper of Pern***
MOP: Maximum Oil Pickup***
MOP: Margin of Preference***
MOP: Mothers Opposing Pollution***
MOP: Meerjaren Ontwikkelings Plan***
MOP: Masters of Puppets***
MOP: Management and Operating Plan***
MOP: Music Opportunity Program***
MOP: Meerjaren Ontwikkelings Programma***
MOP: Marketing and Operations***
MOP: Magnox Operating Programme***
MOP: Marine Outreach Program***
MOP: Management of People***
MOP: Multi Objective Problems***
MOP: Marina Operating Permit***
MOP: Modalities of Operation***
MOP: Ministry of Pain***
MOP: Meta Opac Pisano***
MOP: maxillary ostium patency**
MOP: Maximal outlet pressure**
MOP: maximum output pressure**
MOP: Meaning of Parenthood**
MOP: median occlusal position**
MOP: Medical Opportunities Program**
MOP: method of proportion**
MOP: method of proportions**
MOP: mini-osmotic pumps**
MOP: mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation**
MOP: modulator of phosphorylation**
MOP: morbidly obese patients**
MOP: Mouth Occlusion Pressure**
MOP: mouth occlusion pressures**
MOP: mu opioid peptide**
MOP: Multi Objective Programming**
MOP: multiple organ procurement**
MOP: myopia of prematurity**
MOP: Myositis ossificans progressiva**
MOP: Metering Oil Pump**
MOP: Maridive Offshore Projects**
MOP: Mode of Operations**
MOP: Modifier of pma1**
MOP: Meteor Observation Project**
MOP: Maximal Onset Principle**
MOP: mg of micronized progesterone**
MOP: mono-n-octyl phthalate**
MOP: mouth occlusion pressure technique**
MOP: Memory Organisation Packets**
MOP: Magnox Operating Plan**
MOP: Main Oil Pressure**
MOP: Manual Operating Panel**
MOP: Ministry Operational Plans**
MOP: Multiple Option Product**
MOP: 1-(2-methoxyphenyl)piperazine**
MOP: Microfinance Outreach Plan**
MOP: Modulus of Plasticity**
MOP: Master Oscillator Power amplifier**
MOP: Memorandum of the President**
MOP: Multiple Objective Programming**
MOP: mannityl opines mannopine**
MOP: Measures of Protection**
MOP: moderate chronic pancreatitis**
MOP: MD Office of Planning**
MOP: Methadone for Profit**
MOP: MIDI Orchestrator Plus**
MOP: Ministry of Privatization**
MOP: Mouvement Ouvrier Paysan**
MOP: Microwave Observing Program**
MOP: Multiobjective Optimization Problems**
MOP: Meerjaren Onderhoud Plan**
MOP: Meeting of Protocol**
MOP: Mining Operations Plan**
MOP: Measuring Organizational Performance**
MOP: Metropolitan Organizations for People**
MOP: Mission Operations Planning**
MOP: Meteorologisches Observatorium Potsdam**
MOP: Monthly Option Plan**
MOP: Memoranda of the President**
MOP: Memorandum of Partnership**
MOP: Metals Organics Pathogens**
MOP: Maids of the Poor**
MOP: Maquila Organizing Project**
MOP: Migration of the Peoples**
MOP: Malaysia Olefins Project**
MOP: Mean Output Power**
MOP: Manitoba Ostomy Program**
MOP: Master Operating Panel**
MOP: Modified Opening Process**
MOP: Modulation on Pulse**
MOP: Managing Office Productivity**
MOP: Manuals of Operations**
MOP: March of Perceptions**
MOP: Measurement of Progress**
MOP: Macromolecular Outreach Program**
MOP: MAFFS Operating Plan**
MOP: Meeting Ofthe Parties**
MOP: Mitigation Opportunities Project**
MOP: Mono Oxoisononyl Phthalate**
MOP: Meiotic Outer Plaque**
MOP: Militia of Prague**
MOP: Malaria Operational Plan**
MOP: MetaModel Oriented Programming**
MOP: Middlebury Outdoor Programs**
MOP: Modern Office Practice**
MOP: Major Options of the Plan*
MOP: Metal Organic Polyhedron*
MOP: Metro Organizations for People*
MOP: Mini Optyczna PS2*
MOP: Mobile Offshore Production*
MOP: Muriate or Potash*
MOP: Members Online Pro*
MOP: Memory Organization Package*
MOP: Minority Outreach Program*
MOP: Monthly Operation Plan*
MOP: Multiple Original Printers*
MOP: Maintenance of Proficiency*
MOP: Marilynn Orphans Projects*
MOP: Meaningful Occupation Project*
MOP: Medic Operational Pouch*
MOP: Memorandums of Policy*
MOP: Minimum Operational Performance*
MOP: monochrome operator panel*
MOP: Management of Optical*
MOP: Mediation Observation Project*
MOP: Method Oriented Programming*
MOP: Mobile Operator Providers*
MOP: Model Organism Proteomics*
MOP: Monthly Obligation Plans*
MOP: Maintenance Officer Program*
MOP: Makkingaster Oudejaars Ploeg*
MOP: Maximum Outstanding Push*
MOP: Method of Optimal*
MOP: Microbiology Outreach Program*
MOP: Mika Ontto Panula*
MOP: Ministry of Partying*
MOP: minimum operating pools*
MOP: Molecular and Optical Physics*
MOP: Metronome Online Press*
MOP: Mining Operation Plan*
MOP: Monthly Objective Plan*
MOP: Management Oversight Policy*
MOP: Manganese and Other Parameters*
MOP: Manual of Practice*
MOP: Marcela Oasis Page*
MOP: Marcelas Oasis Page*
MOP: Maritime Operations Publications*
MOP: Maryland Ornithology Page*
MOP: Mercury Offset Printing*
MOP: Meridian Office Park*
MOP: Methods of Operation*
MOP: Miloncus Oil Properties*
MOP: Molly Owre Page*
MOP: Moments Online Precio*
MOP: Monitoring Of Parameters*
MOP: MOS and performance*
MOP: Motion Of Party*
MOP: Movie Opinions Poll*
MOP: Movies of Orpheus Parade*
MOP: Multilink Operation Procedure*
MOP: Munchs Outland Page*
MOP: Museum Of Palentology*

Note: Acronym Finder has 104 verified definitions for MOP

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