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MMP: Montgomery MotorSports Park****
MMP: Minimum Mandatory Penalties****
MMP: Molecular Medicine Program****
MMP: Managing Marketing Performance****
MMP: Magellan Midstream Partners****
MMP: Memphis Motorsports Park****
MMP: Mobile Multimedia Platform****
MMP: Movement for Multi Party****
MMP: Medical Monitoring Project***
MMP: metabolic maintenance products***
MMP: Marysville Motorcycle Plant***
MMP: Movement of Priests***
MMP: Minerals and Materials Processing***
MMP: Military Mounted Police***
MMP: Medical Massage Practitioner***
MMP: Multi Manager Platform***
MMP: Matrix Metallo Proteinase***
MMP: Minimal Model Program***
MMP: mandatory minimum penalty***
MMP: Mitigation Monitoring Programs***
MMP: manure management planning***
MMP: Message Management Platform***
MMP: Media Monitoring Project***
MMP: Major Mechanical Protection***
MMP: Metal Matrix Polymer***
MMP: Mitochondrial Membrane Permeabilization***
MMP: Massively Multi Player***
MMP: Market Monitoring Plan***
MMP: Maintenance Management Process***
MMP: Maine Mentoring Partnership***
MMP: Minnesota Mortgage Program***
MMP: Marietta Minerals Processing***
MMP: Mic Modeling PREAMP***
MMP: Mars Millennium Project***
MMP: Moheli Marine Park***
MMP: Maryland Mortgage Program***
MMP: Master Mates Pilots***
MMP: Mexican Migration Project***
MMP: McLane Moored Profiler***
MMP: Memphis Mentoring Partnership***
MMP: Military Mod Project***
MMP: Moss Mosvold Platforms***
MMP: Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan***
MMP: Multi Mission Payload***
MMP: Modified Modular Plug***
MMP: Magnetic Materials Processing***
MMP: Minimum Miscibility Pressure***
MMP: Muzzleload Magnum Products***
MMP: Manure Management Planner***
MMP: Modified Meeting Package***
MMP: Multi Market Platform***
MMP: Modern Managers Program***
MMP: Many Mithril Pages***
MMP: Multi Media Professionals***
MMP: Main Metabolic Pathways***
MMP: Maglificio Moderno Padova***
MMP: Marine Mammals Pursuant***
MMP: Multiple Multipole Program***
MMP: Minerals and Metals Program***
MMP: Ministry of Marine and Ports***
MMP: Medical Management Professionals***
MMP: Maine Meeting Place***
MMP: manure management plans***
MMP: Missouri Mentoring Partnership***
MMP: Materia Medica Pura***
MMP: Maize Mapping Project***
MMP: Mission Mode Projects***
MMP: Master in Management Pubblico***
MMP: Medici Music Press***
MMP: Matrix Metalloproteinase Pump***
MMP: Matrix Metalloproteinase Pro***
MMP: Museum Management Program***
MMP: Michigan Media Professionals**
MMP: Money Market Preferred**
MMP: Montessori of Mt Pleasant**
MMP: Macrophage membrane potential**
MMP: maintenance methadone programmes**
MMP: major mastitis pathogens**
MMP: major membrane proteins**
MMP: make methylmannose polysaccharides**
MMP: masticatory muscle pain**
MMP: matched-mode processing**
MMP: matrix metal proteases**
MMP: Matrix metallo proteinases**
MMP: matrix metallo-proteinases**
MMP: Mean melting point**
MMP: Measuring Mentor Potential**
MMP: medical model program**
MMP: medium molecular peptides**
MMP: medium moving proteinase**
MMP: metabolite, monomethoxymethyl phenobarbital**
MMP: methadone maintenance patients**
MMP: Methadone Maintenance Program**
MMP: Methadone Maintenance Programme**
MMP: methyl mannose polysaccharide**
MMP: mid-match point**
MMP: middle mass peptides**
MMP: middle mass polypeptides**
MMP: middle-mass peptides**
MMP: mitochondrial membrane-phospholipid**
MMP: mixed muscle protein**
MMP: mixed-models procedure**
MMP: mouse metallothionein promoter**
MMP: multicystic mesothelial proliferation**
MMP: muscles microcirculative perfusions**
MMP: Mycoplasma membrane protein**
MMP: myelin major protein**
MMP: myosin/moesin phosphatase**
MMP: Multi Media Presentation**
MMP: Makmake Makefile Project**
MMP: Mumbai Metro Project**
MMP: Mechanism of Pro**
MMP: Mission Ministries Philippines**
MMP: Microsatellite Mutator Phenotype**
MMP: anti-matrix metalloproteinase**
MMP: B/matrix metalloproteinase**
MMP: Background-Matrix metalloproteinase**
MMP: gelatinase/matrix metalloproteinase**
MMP: MT1)-matrix metalloproteinase**
MMP: pro-matrix metalloproteinase**
MMP: Maze Marigold Project**
MMP: Main Moon Productions**
MMP: Maritime Mobile Phone**
MMP: Michigan Multispecialty Physicians**
MMP: Materials and Manufacturing Processes**
MMP: Museum for Missing Places**
MMP: 2-methoxy-2-methyl propionaldehyde**
MMP: maintenance treatment programs**
MMP: maleimidomethyl-3-maleimido propionate**
MMP: matrix metallo-proteinase activity**
MMP: median molecular-weight peptides**
MMP: Medium-weight molecular peptide**
MMP: medium-weight molecular peptides**
MMP: methyl methoxymethyl phosphonate anion**
MMP: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory**
MMP: mitochondrial transmembrane potential**
MMP: Mobility Management Plan**
MMP: Microfinance and Microenterprise Programme**
MMP: Minimum Miscible Pressure**
MMP: Mobile Media Partner**
MMP: 4-(Methylmercapto)-phenol**
MMP: Minority Mentor Program**
MMP: Mangrove Management Project**
MMP: morbidity monitoring project**
MMP: Master Mitigation Plan**
MMP: Master of Marine Policy**
MMP: Manufacturing Management Program**
MMP: Mava Multimedia Player**
MMP: IgM-lambda monoclonal protein**
MMP: Mascom Music Publishing**
MMP: Med Mal Plaintiff**
MMP: Madir Music Productions**
MMP: Massive Multi Player**
MMP: Mary MacKillop Place**
MMP: Motown Maurice Productions**
MMP: Magistrat Mesta Plzne**
MMP: Massive Multi Processing**
MMP: Massachusetts Manufacturing Partnership**
MMP: Mobility Management Process**
MMP: Medical Monitoring Program**
MMP: Maintenance Management Program**
MMP: Mosquito Magnet Pro**
MMP: Manilow Music Project**
MMP: Maryland Mentoring Partnership**
MMP: Management Marketing and Productivity**
MMP: Media Management Protocol**
MMP: Metal Marking Pen**
MMP: Multicast for Mobility Protocol**
MMP: Millionth Muse Productions**
MMP: Muscle Motors Performance**
MMP: magellan midstr parters**
MMP: Merrie Monarch Poster**
MMP: Mining and Mineral Processing**
MMP: Moderate Means Program**
MMP: Monarch Monitoring Project**
MMP: Mickey Mouse Paintings**
MMP: MS Music Producer**
MMP: Major Medical Products**
MMP: Man Machine Processor**
MMP: Managed Mail Program**
MMP: Mines Minerals and People**
MMP: Mobile Media Processors**
MMP: Massive Muscle Pumping**
MMP: Mobile Messaging Platform**
MMP: Mass Mentoring Partnership**
MMP: Memory Management Policy**
MMP: Mixed Model Plan**
MMP: More Money Please**
MMP: Manual Microsyringe Pump**
MMP: Monkey Media Productions**
MMP: Murray Mosher Photography**
MMP: Marlin Motion Pictures*
MMP: Milwaukee Marriage Partnership*
MMP: Minneapolis Mediation Program*
MMP: Miscellaneous Metal Parts*
MMP: Materials Management Plan*
MMP: Mono Methyl Phthalate*
MMP: Mean Maximum Pressure*
MMP: Melanosomal Matrix Protein*
MMP: Mercury Miniature Playhouse*
MMP: Metered Market Participants*
MMP: Microsoft Music Producer*
MMP: Minimum Medical Program*
MMP: Multi Media Protection*
MMP: Maintenance Medication Program*
MMP: Master Management Plan*
MMP: Mietoisten Maunun Pojat*
MMP: Modular Mammography Program*
MMP: Magenta Magenta Pink*
MMP: MANPRINT Management Plan*
MMP: Middle Management Program*
MMP: Modular Microstructure Profiler*
MMP: Monastic Manuscript Project*
MMP: Montgomery Medical Partners*
MMP: Multi Media Promo*
MMP: Minerals and Metallurgical Processing*
MMP: Modular Mission Payloads*
MMP: Mangotree Music Productions*
MMP: Mining and Metallurgy Poland*
MMP: Missed Message Probability*
MMP: Marine Meteorology Programme*
MMP: Meteorological Monitoring Plan*
MMP: Michigan Milk Producers*
MMP: Microsoft Mail Postoffice*
MMP: Modular Midcourse Package*
MMP: Maintenance Manual Procedure*
MMP: Marine Mammal Page*
MMP: Mellow Mood Productions*
MMP: Mercator Map Projection*
MMP: Mesquite Metal Products*
MMP: Minerals Management Program*
MMP: Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum*
MMP: Modular Mission Processor*
MMP: Multi Mind Productions*
MMP: Multiple Myeloma Page*
MMP: Madness Maker Productions*
MMP: Maddog Miracles Photos*
MMP: Magic Media Productions*
MMP: Mals Magic Page*
MMP: Mania Man Productions*
MMP: Manufacturing Modernization Program*
MMP: Mapping and Metadata Page*
MMP: Marilyn Manson Petition*
MMP: Mark Maziarz Photography*
MMP: Marketing and Media Planning*
MMP: marsh management plans*
MMP: Martinez Moves People*
MMP: Marvin the Martian Page*

Note: Acronym Finder has 81 verified definitions for MMP

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