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MMD: Malaysian Meteorological Department****
MMD: MDSI Mobile Data***
MMD: Multi Media Domain***
MMD: Minuit Moins Dix***
MMD: Mercury Musical Developments***
MMD: Merchant Marine Document***
MMD: Metal Matrix Diaphragms***
MMD: merchant mariner documents***
MMD: Manufacturing Metrology Division***
MMD: Mesch Media Direct***
MMD: Mechanics Materials and Design***
MMD: Multiple Master Domains***
MMD: mercantile marine department***
MMD: Money Market Directories***
MMD: Microwave Measurements Division***
MMD: Mining and Minerals Division***
MMD: March Madness Discount***
MMD: Multi Media Design***
MMD: Multi Method Dispatch***
MMD: Mechanical Metallurgy Division***
MMD: Military Medical Doctrine***
MMD: Merchant Mariners Document***
MMD: Mina Magiska Djur***
MMD: Microelectronics Materials Division***
MMD: Motion Monitoring Device***
MMD: Mansour Manufacturing Distribution***
MMD: Money Market Deposit***
MMD: Mobile Media Distribution***
MMD: major mood disorders**
MMD: manual maximum difference**
MMD: mass median diameters**
MMD: mean marital distance**
MMD: mean microvessel density**
MMD: methyl mercury dicyandiamide**
MMD: minimal melanogenic dose**
MMD: minimum marketed dose**
MMD: minimum melanogenic dose**
MMD: minimum mutagenic doses**
MMD: minor mental disorder**
MMD: Minor Myocardial Damage**
MMD: molecular-mass distribution**
MMD: Multi-minicore disease**
MMD: multiple molecular dynamics**
MMD: multiple instruction, multiple data**
MMD: Master of Management Development**
MMD: Mild Mental Disability**
MMD: 3-O-methyl-methyldopa**
MMD: Multiple Method Dispatch**
MMD: Monarch Media Designs**
MMD: Mean Measure of Divergence**
MMD: molecular mechanics and dynamics**
MMD: Maximum Minimum Distance**
MMD: Maximum Mixing Depth**
MMD: HLA-monomorphic determinant**
MMD: Movement Measuring Device**
MMD: Microfinance and Microenterprise Department**
MMD: Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled**
MMD: Mensch Maschine Dialog**
MMD: Mosquito Magnet Defender**
MMD: Multiple Mental Disabilities**
MMD: moving map display**
MMD: Multiple Minimum Degree**
MMD: Mitsui Machinery Distribution**
MMD: Mathematical Modeling of Dynamics**
MMD: Matter and Material Devices**
MMD: Membership Mobilization Department**
MMD: Mining Machinery Development**
MMD: Medical Microbiology Department**
MMD: Military Model Distributors**
MMD: Mitochondrial Membrane Depolarization**
MMD: Motion for Modification**
MMD: Mini Marketing Director**
MMD: Marine Mammal Division*
MMD: Micro Medical Devices*
MMD: Media Monitoring Dokument*
MMD: Microlithographic Mask Development*
MMD: Middle Management Development*
MMD: Mini Module Drive*
MMD: Mitochondrial Malate Dehydrogenase*
MMD: Master Monitor Display*
MMD: MGT Minami Daito*
MMD: Multi Media Diensten*
MMD: Mach Maker for Development*
MMD: Mame Mulatu Debebe*
MMD: Mandible Malposture Disorder*
MMD: Mansour Manufacturing and Distribution*
MMD: Manual for the Medical Department*
MMD: Mass Medium Diameter*
MMD: Media Management Database*
MMD: Midland Movies Dynamic*
MMD: Multi Media Document*
MMD: Multi Modular Display*
MMD: Manual of Medical Department*
MMD: Medical Malpractice Defense*
MMD: Mines and Minerals Division*
MMD: Magnetic Materials and Devices*
MMD: Manpower and Management Division*
MMD: Merchant Marines Document*
MMD: Michigan Medical Device*
MMD: Multimedia Medical Dialog*
MMD: Mass Medium aerodynamic Diameter*
MMD: Metropolitan Manila Development*
MMD: Multichannel Memorandum Distribution*
MMD: Micro Miniature Diode*
MMD: Monadnock Mineral and Display*
MMD: Magpie Mine Derbyshire*
MMD: Man of My Dreams*
MMD: Manitoba Minerals Directory*
MMD: Manual of Mental Disorders*
MMD: Marine Minerals Database*
MMD: Maryland Meteorology Department*
MMD: Mass Media Delanson*
MMD: May and Michael Davie*
MMD: Meilahti Medical Department*
MMD: Memphis Mac Directory*
MMD: Mexican Mining Directory*
MMD: Microgravity Measurement Devices*
MMD: Minelab Metal Detectors*
MMD: Mining and Metallurgy Department*
MMD: Mining and Mineral Directory*
MMD: Mining and Minerals Directory*
MMD: Minnesota Media Directories*
MMD: Minnesota Minerals Division*
MMD: Mitchell Miller and Dell*
MMD: Monitor Magazine Desktop*
MMD: multi mission depots*
MMD: Murad Mounir Daheshism*
MMD: Myco Mycobacterium Database*

Note: Acronym Finder has 50 verified definitions for MMD

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