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What does MISA stand for?

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MISA: Media Institute for Southern Africa****
MISA: Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture****
MISA: Madeline Island School of the Arts***
MISA: Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Association***
MISA: Management Information Systems About***
MISA: Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement***
MISA: Marubeni Itochu Steel America***
MISA: Mental Illness and Substance Abuse***
MISA: Media in Southern Africa***
MISA: Minnesota International Student Association***
MISA: Malaysia International Space Adventure***
MISA: Mental Illness Substance Abuse***
MISA: Maryland Investigators and Security Association***
MISA: Maryland Investigators Security Association***
MISA: Metropolitan Immigration Settlement Association***
MISA: Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs***
MISA: Millwall Independent Supporters Association***
MISA: Mentally Ill Substance Abuser***
MISA: Minimum Income for School Attendance***
MISA: Military Impacted Schools Association**
MISA: Maritime Industry Seagoing Award**
MISA: Malaysian International Space Adventure**
MISA: Minnesota Institute of Sustainable Agriculture**
MISA: Municipal and Industrial Strategy for Abatement**
MISA: Market Information Services of America**
MISA: Management Information Society for Agriculture**
MISA: Media Institute for South Africa**
MISA: Metro Immigrant Settlement Association**
MISA: Microbiology and Immunology Student Association**
MISA: Military Impacted School Association**
MISA: Microbiology and Immunology Students Association**
MISA: Monterey Institute for Social Architecture**
MISA: Managed Information Security Architecture**
MISA: Management Information System Association**
MISA: Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance**
MISA: Media Including the South African**
MISA: Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Agency**
MISA: McGill Ismaili Students Association**
MISA: Media Institute of Southern African**
MISA: Media Insitute of Southern Africa**
MISA: Missouri Independent Schools Association**
MISA: Macarthur Independent Schools Association*
MISA: Maryland Investigators Security Assoc*
MISA: MN Institute for Sustainable Agriculture*
MISA: Multicultural and International Student Affairs*
MISA: Massage in Schools Association*
MISA: Mines Innovations Solutions Applications*
MISA: Malaysian International Student Alumni*
MISA: Mobile Internet Service Architecture*
MISA: Mangrum Inventory of School Adjustment*
MISA: Motorist Information and Services Association*
MISA: Managment Information Systems A*
MISA: McNeese Indian Student Association*
MISA: montana information systems association*
MISA: Multicultural International Student Affairs*

Note: Acronym Finder has 20 verified definitions for MISA

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