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What does MIO stand for?

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MIO: Mediterranean Information Office****
MIO: Modular Input Output***
MIO: Military Industrialization Organization***
MIO: Medical Informatics Objectives***
MIO: Multifunction Input Output***
MIO: Medical Intelligence Officer***
MIO: Maritime Interception Operations***
MIO: Military Intelligence Organisations***
MIO: Mensch Informatik Organisation***
MIO: Merger Integration Office***
MIO: Memory Input Output***
MIO: McKinsey Investment Office***
MIO: Metal Ion Oxidation***
MIO: Marine Information Objects***
MIO: Maritime Intercept Operations**
MIO: Migration Integrity Officer**
MIO: Model International Organization**
MIO: male idiopathic osteoporosis**
MIO: Maximal interincisal opening**
MIO: maximum incisal opening**
MIO: maximum interincisal opening**
MIO: melatonin-induced-opioid**
MIO: melatonin-induced-opioids**
MIO: minimal invasive osteosynthesis**
MIO: minimum identifiable odour**
MIO: MLT-induced-opioids**
MIO: Motility Indole Ornithine**
MIO: Missing in Orlando**
MIO: Multi Interval Optimization**
MIO: Midland Institute of Otology**
MIO: Monocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope**
MIO: Minimally Invasive Oesophagectomy**
MIO: Military Information Officer**
MIO: Media Information Officer**
MIO: Metal Induced Oxidation**
MIO: Manufacturing Inspection Office**
MIO: Multicultural and International Outreach**
MIO: Maritime Interdiction Ops**
MIO: Military Intelligence Officers**
MIO: Mobile Ionospheric Observatory**
MIO: manufacturing inspection offices**
MIO: Multiport Information Outlet**
MIO: Mentally ill offenders*
MIO: Military Interdiction Operations*
MIO: Media Input Output*
MIO: Module Input Output*
MIO: Macalester International Organization*
MIO: Municipal Information Officer*
MIO: Macau Insurance Ordinance*
MIO: Modular Input and Output*
MIO: MSX Itinerant Orchestra*
MIO: Map Information Office*
MIO: Made in Italy Online*
MIO: Mauritius Island Online*
MIO: Microwave Induced Oligomerization*
MIO: Manual Input Operator*
MIO: Madencilikle Ilgili Organizayonlar*
MIO: Mariah Internet Origination*
MIO: Materials or Information Obtained*
MIO: Medicine and the Internet Oxfor*
MIO: Meridian Institute Ottawa*
MIO: Mineral Industry Overview*
MIO: Mineral Information Office*
MIO: Minerals Information Offices*
MIO: Mining India Online*
MIO: Mining Information Online*
MIO: Mitchell International Online*
MIO: Movements Integrated Orbital*

Note: Acronym Finder has 26 verified definitions for MIO

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