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What does MIAA stand for?

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MIAA: Mid America Intercollegiate Athletics Association****
MIAA: Mortgage Industry Association Australia****
MIAA: Member of Industry Associations***
MIAA: Mortgage Industry Association of Australasia***
MIAA: Mid America Intercollegiate Athletic Association***
MIAA: Marina Industries Association of Australia***
MIAA: Medically Indigent Assistance Act**
MIAA: metabolizable indispensable amino acid**
MIAA: 1,4-methylimidazole acetic acid**
MIAA: 1-methylimidazole acetic acid**
MIAA: Meeting Industry Association of Australia**
MIAA: Mersey Internal Audit Agency**
MIAA: 1.4-methyl-imidazoleacetic acid**
MIAA: Maryland Independent Athletic Association**
MIAA: Memphis Interscholastic Athletic Association**
MIAA: Marine Industry Action Agenda**
MIAA: Master of International Affairs**
MIAA: Maine Ice Anglers Association**
MIAA: 1-methyl-4-imidazoleacetic acid**
MIAA: 5-methoxyindole-3-acetic acid**
MIAA: Master of International Affairs and Administration**
MIAA: Minnesota Indoor Air Association**
MIAA: Mass Interscholastic Athletic Association**
MIAA: Mariana Islands Airport Authority**
MIAA: Maine Insurance Agents Association**
MIAA: Medical Industries Association of Australia**
MIAA: Methyl Imidazole Acetic Acid**
MIAA: Marothodi Institute for Archaeology in Africa**
MIAA: Middle Income Assistance Act**
MIAA: Music Industry Association of America**
MIAA: Marlene Imirzian Associates Architects**
MIAA: Make Insurance Affordable and Accessible**
MIAA: Manufacturing Industry Achievement Awards**
MIAA: Miniatures Industry Assn of America**
MIAA: Modern Integrated Audit Approach**
MIAA: Meetings Industry Association Australia**
MIAA: Membership and or Associate**
MIAA: Mpower IP Abuse Administrator**
MIAA: Manitoba Insurance Adjusters Association**
MIAA: Maritime Intercollegiate Athletic Association**
MIAA: Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance**
MIAA: Manila International Airport Administration**
MIAA: Marin Indian American Association**
MIAA: Master in Accounting Auditing**
MIAA: MidAmerica Intercollegiate Athletics Association**
MIAA: Miss Indian Arizona Association*
MIAA: Mortgage Institute Association of Australia*
MIAA: Mactan International Airport Authority*
MIAA: Medical Industry Association Australia*
MIAA: Merseyside Internal Audit Agency*
MIAA: Midwest Intercollegiate Athletic Association*
MIAA: Mortgage Industry Assoc of Australia*
MIAA: Mortgage Industry of Australia Association*
MIAA: Marina Industries Association Australia*
MIAA: Military Information Architecture Accelerator*
MIAA: Manual Incident Action Actuation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 13 verified definitions for MIAA

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