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What does MER stand for?

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MER: Marine Environmental Research****
MER: Management Expense Ratios****
MER: Monitoring Evaluation Review****
MER: Market Exchange Rates***
MER: Maximum Energy Recovery***
MER: Minister of Energy***
MER: marine engineers review***
MER: Management Evaluation Review***
MER: Milieu Effect Rapport***
MER: Mutuelle Epargne Retraite***
MER: Marie Elena Rigo***
MER: Michigan Educators Resources***
MER: Migration and Ethnic Relations***
MER: Methanol Extraction Residue***
MER: Middle East Reporter***
MER: Milieu Effecten Rapportage***
MER: Maximum Economic Recovery***
MER: Marriage Enrichment Retreat***
MER: Management Employee Relations***
MER: Middle East Realities***
MER: Manager Employment Relations***
MER: Mandatory Electronic Reporting***
MER: Mid Eastern Region***
MER: Member of European***
MER: Modelo Entidade Relacionamento***
MER: Manx Electric Railway***
MER: Ministere de l'Energie et des Ressources***
MER: Mathematicians and Education Reform***
MER: Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting***
MER: Motorsport Enterprises Racing***
MER: Monitoring Evaluation and Research***
MER: Mean Error Rate***
MER: Medical Eligibility Review***
MER: Marine Education and Research***
MER: Master Employee Record***
MER: Middle Earth Role***
MER: Music Education Research***
MER: Marine Ecosystem Research***
MER: Multi Engine Rating***
MER: Medication Error Rate***
MER: Mathematics Education in the Research***
MER: Marine Engineering Review***
MER: Managing Environmental Resources***
MER: Ministry of External Relations***
MER: macrophage-erythrocyte-rosettes**
MER: Main Ethiopian Rift**
MER: maintenance energy requirement**
MER: maintenance energy requirements**
MER: maximal emptying rate**
MER: mean enlargement rate**
MER: meaningful effective roles**
MER: memory engrams reproduction**
MER: metabolizable energy requirement**
MER: methanol extract residue**
MER: methanol-extractable residue**
MER: methanol-extracted residue**
MER: middle ear reflex**
MER: Milk ejection reflex**
MER: millimetric electromagnetic radiation**
MER: mobility-evagination-relationship**
MER: moderate energy restriction**
MER: moesin-ezrin-radixin**
MER: molar esterification rats**
MER: motor evoked response**
MER: motor exhaust-related**
MER: mouse erythrocyte rosettes**
MER: mouse estrogen receptor**
MER: Multimodal Evoked Responses**
MER: myeloid-erythroid ratio**
MER: myocardial extraction ratios**
MER: Materials Electrochemical Research**
MER: methanol extraction residue of BCG**
MER: Mineral and Energy Resources**
MER: Marine Event Recorder**
MER: Manager Environment and Recreation**
MER: Marine Ecosystem Response**
MER: maximal electrically-induced response**
MER: Measure of Epistemological Reflection**
MER: methanol extraction residue of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin**
MER: middle ear muscle reflex**
MER: mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum**
MER: Moesin, ezrin, and radixin**
MER: McPherson Environmental Resources**
MER: Middle East Research**
MER: Mass Estimating Relationship**
MER: Material and Electrochemical Research**
MER: Middle East Restaurant**
MER: Molar Esterification Rate**
MER: Metabolizable Energy Requirements**
MER: N5,N10-methylenetetrahydromethanopterin reductase**
MER: Mean Ejection Rate**
MER: minimum excitation energy**
MER: N5,N10-methylene-tetrahydromethanopterin reductase**
MER: Mid East Realitites**
MER: Multiple Ejector Racks**
MER: Matric Entry Recruits**
MER: Message Erasure Rate**
MER: Monthly Expenditure Report**
MER: Minimum Experience Requirement**
MER: Mountain Electronics Recycling**
MER: Mgmt Expense Ratio**
MER: Mineral Exploration Review**
MER: Mobile Enforcement Reader**
MER: Monitoring Evaluating Reporting**
MER: Mouse Erythrocyte Receptor**
MER: mass emission rate**
MER: Mechanical Engineering Research**
MER: Membrane Electrochemical Reactors**
MER: Micro Electronic Relay**
MER: Moran Environmental Recovery**
MER: Materials for Environmental Restoration**
MER: Medication Exception Request**
MER: Main Equipment Rooms**
MER: Multiple External Representations**
MER: Multiple Ejection Rack**
MER: Magnetic Error Reduction**
MER: MassHealth Eligibility Review**
MER: Metropolitan Economic Region**
MER: MONTAGNE Et Responsable**
MER: Market Environment Research**
MER: Message Error Ratio**
MER: Marine Environmental Researchers**
MER: Medicaid Eligibility Rate**
MER: Milieu Effecten Rapportering**
MER: Mathematicians and Educational Reform**
MER: Month End Restructure**
MER: Minimum Essential Requirements*
MER: Museum Educators Roundtable*
MER: Minimal Essential Requirements*
MER: Metal Enrichment Rates*
MER: Manufacturing Engineering Request*
MER: Marine Engineer Review*
MER: Marinens Elektroniske Ressursbibliotek*
MER: Mathematicians for Education Reform*
MER: Message Error RSS*
MER: Mission Event Review*
MER: Multiple Event Reconstruction*
MER: Metro Ethernet Reporting*
MER: Mission Evaluation Review*
MER: Most Economical Routing*
MER: Multimodality Evoked Response*
MER: Manned Earth Reconnaissance*
MER: Medium Energy Resolution*
MER: Mineral Exploration Research*
MER: Materials Engineering and Research*
MER: Medical Event Reports*
MER: Middle Eastern Radicals*
MER: Mines and Earth Resources*
MER: Mission Essential Requirements*
MER: Math Education Resources*
MER: Mainstream Engineering Rockledge*
MER: Maintenance Engineering Report*
MER: Manpower Estimating Relationship*
MER: Marine Environmental Radiometer*
MER: Mining and Environment Research*
MER: Mining Engineering Research*
MER: Mining Exploration and Research*
MER: Management of Electronic Records*
MER: Map Explanation References*
MER: Marshall Elfstrand Rochester*
MER: Marthas Exchange Restaurant*
MER: Massachusetts Earth Resources*
MER: Massachusetts Environmental Regulations*
MER: Minds Eye Reprographics*
MER: Minimum Environmental Requirements*
MER: Mining and Exploration Reference*
MER: Mining Engineering Resources*
MER: Ministry of Energy Resources*
MER: Mobile Equipment Rollover*
MER: Moisture to Ensure Revegetation*
MER: Museums and Exhibits Related*
MER: Museums Exhibitions and Rock*

Note: Acronym Finder has 75 verified definitions for MER

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