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MEL: Minority Ethnic Led****
MEL: Middle East Life****
MEL: Midland Expressway Limited****
MEL: Middle Eastern Literatures****
MEL: maritime economics logistics****
MEL: Merida English Library****
MEL: Mixed Eulerian Lagrangian****
MEL: Monticello Empire League****
MEL: My Employment Lawyer****
MEL: Mechanical Engineering Laboratory****
MEL: Mercury Edsel Lincoln****
MEL: Maritime Employers Liability***
MEL: Marine Environment Laboratories***
MEL: Middle East and Levant***
MEL: Microwave Electronics Laboratory***
MEL: Mineral Exploration Licences***
MEL: Maya Entertainment Ltd***
MEL: Magnox Electric Ltd***
MEL: Marine Environment Laboratory***
MEL: Minimum Equipment Lists***
MEL: Micro Experimental Laboratory***
MEL: Manitoba Electrical League***
MEL: Microwave Engineering Laboratory***
MEL: Major Employment Locations***
MEL: meinl european land***
MEL: Mankind Enlightenment Love***
MEL: Maya Embeded Language***
MEL: Marx Engels Lenin***
MEL: Muzika Esperanto Ligo***
MEL: Mathematics for Everyday Life***
MEL: Macquarie Equities Ltd***
MEL: Maximum Exposure Limits***
MEL: Mobile Environmental Laboratory***
MEL: Multos Executable Language***
MEL: Mongolia Energy Limited***
MEL: Maya Entertainment Limited***
MEL: Master of Environmental Law***
MEL: Maritime Economics and Logistics***
MEL: Master Electrician License***
MEL: Marine Environmental Laboratory***
MEL: Mathieson Exchange Lofts***
MEL: Master Equipment Lists***
MEL: Materials Engineering Laboratory***
MEL: multimedia education laboratory***
MEL: Machine Evaluated Lumber***
MEL: Medical Employment Limitations***
MEL: Molecular Engines Laboratories***
MEL: Multidisciplinary Engineering Laboratory***
MEL: Mobile E Learning***
MEL: Microgravity Emissions Laboratory***
MEL: Major Event Log***
MEL: Multiprogram Energy Laboratory***
MEL: Maximum Exposure Level***
MEL: Meditec Excimer Laser***
MEL: Meridian Energy Limited***
MEL: most efficient level***
MEL: median eminence lesioned**
MEL: median eminence lesions**
MEL: median eminence-lesioned**
MEL: Medical Electronic Link**
MEL: micro-explosion lithotripsy**
MEL: middle ear lavage**
MEL: minimal-effect level**
MEL: More Effective Living**
MEL: mouse embryo limbs**
MEL: mouse erythroid leukemia**
MEL: multiplicative exponential/logistic**
MEL: murine erythro-leukemia**
MEL: Magnesium Elektron Limited**
MEL: Marine Ecology Laboratory**
MEL: Main Event League**
MEL: Management and Economics Library**
MEL: Miscellaneous Electric Loads**
MEL: Maximum Employment Level**
MEL: Munich Life Event List**
MEL: murine erythroleukemia cell line**
MEL: Murine erythroleukemia cell lines**
MEL: MySQL Emulation Layer**
MEL: Manchester Environmental Laboratory**
MEL: mouse erythroleukemia cell**
MEL: murine erythroleukemia cell**
MEL: Midland Engineering Limited**
MEL: Menard Engineering Ltd**
MEL: Master Eligibility Lists**
MEL: merit energy ltd**
MEL: Materiale Elettronico Locarno**
MEL: Ministry of Employment and Labour**
MEL: maternal effect embryonic lethal**
MEL: maternal-effect embryonic lethal**
MEL: mouse erythroleukemia cells**
MEL: murine erythroleukemia cells**
MEL: murine erythroleukemic cells**
MEL: Mobile Emissions Laboratory**
MEL: Market Expansion Line**
MEL: Macromedia Education Leaders**
MEL: Multiple Element Limitation**
MEL: Medical Enterprises Ltd**
MEL: Mercury Exchange Limited**
MEL: Multimedia Educational Laboratory**
MEL: Motif Eiffel Library**
MEL: Management Executive Letters**
MEL: Menard Engineering Limited**
MEL: Mobile Electronic Library**
MEL: Mutualized on Line**
MEL: Mathematical Explanation Language**
MEL: Mean Excess Loss**
MEL: Minerex Environmental Limited**
MEL: meinl european ld**
MEL: Metabolic Equivalent Level**
MEL: Member Eligibility Line**
MEL: Mobile Educational Laboratory**
MEL: Maximum Engagement Lines**
MEL: Multiprogram Energy Laboratories**
MEL: Marchwood Engineering Laboratory**
MEL: Mars Exploration Lander**
MEL: Maximum Excess Loss**
MEL: Mannosyl Erythritol Lipids**
MEL: Master of Educational Leadership**
MEL: Membership Equational Logic**
MEL: Ministerial and Executive Liaison**
MEL: mankind enlightment love*
MEL: Mercury Exchange Line*
MEL: Michigan Environmental Law*
MEL: Midland Energy Library*
MEL: Monticello Electronic Library*
MEL: Morocco Export Leaders*
MEL: maintenance expenditure limits*
MEL: Maya Enbedded Language*
MEL: Modified Eligible Liabilities*
MEL: Memoirs Exposed Literally*
MEL: Mobile Erector Launchers*
MEL: Mowlem Energy Ltd*
MEL: Marcroft Engineering Limited*
MEL: Messiah Evangelical Lutheran*
MEL: Microbiological Environmental Laboratories*
MEL: Mime Encoding Library*
MEL: Mogul Energy Ltd*
MEL: Multifamily Energy Loan*
MEL: Many Element Laser*
MEL: Material on Learning*
MEL: Mobile Energetics Lab*
MEL: Methane Emissions from Landfills*
MEL: Madison Electronic Library*
MEL: Master Enviromental Library*
MEL: Materials Education Library*
MEL: Microgravity Electromagnetic Levitator*
MEL: Marley Extrusions Limited*
MEL: Metallurgic Evaluation Laboratory*
MEL: Military Equipment List*
MEL: Maidstone England Lead*
MEL: Maintenance Expediture Limits*
MEL: Maintenance Expenditure Level*
MEL: Manchester England Leading*
MEL: Master Events Lists*
MEL: Military Edudation Level*
MEL: minimum essential levels*
MEL: Mining and Environment Links*
MEL: Mining and the Environment Links*
MEL: Mining Educational Links*
MEL: Mining Equipment Limited*
MEL: Ministry of Environment and Land*
MEL: Ministry of Environment and Lands*
MEL: Ministry of Environment Lands*
MEL: Minto Explorations Limited*
MEL: Miss Ellie Lingerie*
MEL: Mollusc Evolution Listserver*
MEL: Motorcycle Events Listing*
MEL: Mount Edon Limited*

Note: Acronym Finder has 35 verified definitions for MEL

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