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MEI: Mechanical and Environmental Informatics****
MEI: Music Education Initiatives****
MEI: Matsushita Electronic Industrial***
MEI: Motion Engineering Inc***
MEI: Matsushita Electric Industry***
MEI: Master in Economics***
MEI: Millennium Electronics Inc***
MEI: Mars Electronics International***
MEI: Mary Ellen Iskenderian***
MEI: Market Economy Institute***
MEI: Ministry of Economy and Industry***
MEI: Melbourne Enterprises International***
MEI: Media and Entertainment International***
MEI: Micro Encoder Inc***
MEI: Mechanical Equipment Inc***
MEI: Marketing English in Ireland***
MEI: Multimedia Entertainment Initiative***
MEI: Member of the Institute***
MEI: Ministry for European Integration***
MEI: Multivariate ENSO Index***
MEI: Minimum Essential Infrastructure***
MEI: Magnesium Elektron Inc***
MEI: Medical Evaluations Inc***
MEI: Minnesota Environmental Initiative***
MEI: Microgravity Enterprises Inc***
MEI: Mujeres En Igualdad***
MEI: Mussetter Engineering Inc***
MEI: Managing Editor Inc***
MEI: Michigan Ear Institute***
MEI: Medical Education Institute***
MEI: midwest express inc***
MEI: Marlin Engineering Inc***
MEI: Ministry of Electronics Industry***
MEI: Martronic Engineering Inc***
MEI: Management Education Institute***
MEI: Methode Electrs Inc***
MEI: Media in the Israeli***
MEI: Marktintroductie Energie Innovaties***
MEI: Millennium Engineering and Integration***
MEI: Ministarstva Europskih Integracija***
MEI: Multifamily Educational Intervention***
MEI: Mandarin English Information***
MEI: Middle East Issues***
MEI: Moscow Energy Institute***
MEI: Ministry of Electric***
MEI: Micro Enterprise Institute***
MEI: Monash Environment Institute***
MEI: Marginal Efficiency of Investment***
MEI: Minority Education Institution***
MEI: Multi Engine Instrument***
MEI: Moore Eye Institute***
MEI: Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation***
MEI: morris engineering inc***
MEI: Monitoring and Evaluation Institutions***
MEI: Marketing for the Electrical***
MEI: Murray Energy Inc***
MEI: MN Environmental Initiative***
MEI: Middle Europe Investments***
MEI: Manurewa Enhancement Initiative***
MEI: Minnesota Entrepreneurs Inc***
MEI: Mission Evangelique Internationale***
MEI: MacNeil Environmental Inc***
MEI: Mountain Equipment Inc***
MEI: Minority Educational Institutions***
MEI: Materials Engineering Institute***
MEI: Meniscus Educational Institute***
MEI: mauritian eagle insurance***
MEI: Middle Ear Implants**
MEI: Middle Earth International**
MEI: Molkenbuhr Enterprises Inc**
MEI: Majdalawi Educational Institute**
MEI: Military Education Initiative**
MEI: Magnetic endoscope imaging**
MEI: Marquette Electronics, Inc**
MEI: masticatory efficiency index**
MEI: mean exposure index**
MEI: mechanical external interference**
MEI: metabolisable energy intake**
MEI: Metabolizable energy intakes**
MEI: methionine-enkephalin immunoreactivity**
MEI: microsomal enzyme inducer**
MEI: microsomal enzyme inducers**
MEI: motion energy index**
MEI: Multicultural Environmental Inventory**
MEI: multiple extremity injuries**
MEI: Music Encoding Initiative**
MEI: Myocardial echo intensity**
MEI: myocardial efficiency index**
MEI: myocardial electrical impedance**
MEI: Marpet Enterprises Inc**
MEI: Management Engineering and Informatics**
MEI: Middle East Into**
MEI: Matrix Energy International**
MEI: Meridian Event Interface**
MEI: Maintenance Event Information**
MEI: Micro Electronic Instrument**
MEI: Mississippi Education Initiative**
MEI: Multiprotocol Encapsulation Implementation**
MEI: Medco Energi International**
MEI: Ministry of Electronics Industries**
MEI: Mobile Equipment International**
MEI: Medical Equipment Initiative**
MEI: Measles encephalopathy during immunosuppression**
MEI: Myoclonic encephalopathy of infancy**
MEI: myoclonic encephalopathy of infants**
MEI: Monteral Economic Institute**
MEI: Ministry of Electronic Industries**
MEI: Mellott Enterprises Inc**
MEI: Mammography Education Inc**
MEI: monocyte/neutrophil elastase inhibitor**
MEI: Media Entertainment International**
MEI: Media, Entertainment International**
MEI: Modified Exclusive Invalid**
MEI: Media and Income**
MEI: Mission Essential Infrastructure**
MEI: merlin express inc**
MEI: Management and Economics of Innovation**
MEI: Metabolizable Energy Intake**
MEI: Mennonite Education Institute**
MEI: Marcel Electronics International**
MEI: Marine Equipment International**
MEI: Mars Electronics Inc**
MEI: Member Engagement Initiative**
MEI: Minnesota Elevator Inc**
MEI: Metals Engineering Institute**
MEI: Medical Expeditions International**
MEI: Member of the Energy Institute**
MEI: Mobile Eye Institute**
MEI: Magicorp Entertainment Inc**
MEI: Maverick Entrepreneurship Institute**
MEI: Medical Economic Index**
MEI: Metal Experts International**
MEI: Military Education Institute**
MEI: Mander Enthesis Index**
MEI: Maxwell Entertainment Inc**
MEI: Mihir Environics Inc**
MEI: minority educational institution**
MEI: Music Education IJME**
MEI: Mahnken Enterprises Inc**
MEI: Message Express Internet**
MEI: Miyazaki Educational Institution**
MEI: Maverick Engineering Inc**
MEI: Minnesota Economic Indicators**
MEI: Main Events International**
MEI: Micro Electronics International**
MEI: Mobile Equipment Installers**
MEI: Moscow Energetic Institute**
MEI: Med Emerg International**
MEI: Menominee Enterprises Inc**
MEI: minority enterprises inc**
MEI: Music Educators Institute**
MEI: McCutcheon Enterprises Inc**
MEI: Ministry of the Electronics Industry**
MEI: Modified Exclusive and Invalid**
MEI: Music EdVentures Inc**
MEI: Management of Executive Information**
MEI: millennium energy inc**
MEI: Mobile Exchange Inc**
MEI: Major End Items*
MEI: Middle East Info*
MEI: Middle East Information*
MEI: Minority Economic Impact*
MEI: Mountain Enterprise and Infrastructure*
MEI: Makel Engineering Incorporated*
MEI: Marine Electronics Installer*
MEI: Mckaig Evergreen Incorporated*
MEI: Members of IALC*
MEI: Mobbs Environmental Investigations*
MEI: Mithras Enterprises Inc*
MEI: Molick Enterprises Incorporated*
MEI: Main Engine Ignition*
MEI: Malouf Engineering International*
MEI: Marenberg Enterprises Incorporated*
MEI: Marketing English Ireland*
MEI: Marlboro Enterprises Inc*
MEI: materials education institute*
MEI: Matrix Energy Inc*
MEI: Mechanical Electrical and Instrumentation*
MEI: Medical Education Information*
MEI: Mobile Equipment Identifier*
MEI: Montana Environmental Information*
MEI: Mail Exchanger [Internet]*
MEI: Mail Exchanger Internet*
MEI: Medical Entomology Information*
MEI: Malouf Engineering Intl*
MEI: Methode Electronics Incorporated*
MEI: Maintenance Effectiveness Indicator*
MEI: Marquette Electronics Incorporated*
MEI: Mechanical Engineering Institutes*
MEI: Mineral Extraction Industries*
MEI: Magin Energy Incorporated*
MEI: Map of Eastern India*
MEI: Maps Etc Incorporated*
MEI: March and Evans Inside*
MEI: Marin Environmental Incorporated*
MEI: Materials Engineering Index*
MEI: Maverick Energy Incorporated*
MEI: Melissa Etheridge Information*
MEI: Middletown Education Information*
MEI: Miller Energy Incorporated*
MEI: Mineral Economics in Illinois*
MEI: Mining and Energy Investor*
MEI: Mining and Exploration Index*
MEI: Mining Engineering Index*
MEI: Mining Engineering Issues*
MEI: Mining Equipment in India*
MEI: Mining Europe Index*
MEI: Minto Explorations Incorporated*
MEI: Mitsubishi Electric Ireland*
MEI: Molecular Evolution and Immunology*
MEI: Montana Environment Information*
MEI: Montefiore Electrical Institute*
MEI: More Electric Initiative*
MEI: Morris Environmental Incorporated*
MEI: Multimedia Entertainment Industr*
MEI: Multispectral Earth Imagery*
MEI: Multivariate En Index*
MEI: Museum of Early Instruments*
MEI: Museums Exhibitions and Images*

Note: Acronym Finder has 48 verified definitions for MEI

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