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MEB: MBA in E Business****
MEB: Major Events Board***
MEB: Medicines Evaluation Board***
MEB: Master in E BUSINESS***
MEB: Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics***
MEB: Master of Business***
MEB: Main Event Band***
MEB: Merrill Engineering Building***
MEB: Macro Editor Bottom***
MEB: Muscle Eye Brain***
MEB: Medical Education Building***
MEB: Master in European Business***
MEB: Mechanical Engineering Building***
MEB: Madrasa Education Board***
MEB: Meeting Eyes Bindery***
MEB: Medical Examination Board***
MEB: Materials Engineering Branch***
MEB: Marine Expeditionary Battalion***
MEB: Master of European Business***
MEB: Materiale Elettrico Bassano***
MEB: Mitra Emisi Bersih***
MEB: Medical Evaluation Boards***
MEB: Marine Expeditionary Brigades***
MEB: Main Electronics Box***
MEB: Most Eligible Bachelor***
MEB: Multi Ethnic Britain***
MEB: 3-alpha-mycarosyl erythronolide B**
MEB: Maladaptive Eating Behavior**
MEB: Massa Estarinum B**
MEB: medullary epithelial bands**
MEB: mesenteron escape barrier**
MEB: microencapsulated erythromycin base**
MEB: middle ear bulla**
MEB: mouse embryo bioassay**
MEB: mouse embryo brain**
MEB: mouse embryonic brain**
MEB: Milwaukee Empty Bowls**
MEB: Malt Extract Broth**
MEB: Morphology Ecology and Behaviour**
MEB: 2-(4-morpholinyl)ethyl butyrate hydrochloride**
MEB: male specific estrogen binder**
MEB: male-specific estrogen binder**
MEB: Muscle, Eye and Brain**
MEB: Main Equipotential Bonding**
MEB: Marginal Excess Burden**
MEB: Master of E Business**
MEB: Mississippi Educational Broadcasting**
MEB: Metrodata E Bisnis**
MEB: Marginal External Benefit**
MEB: Medical Entomology Branch**
MEB: Myanma Economic Bank**
MEB: Maldives Electricity Bureau**
MEB: Memorial Eduard Bryzek**
MEB: Midwest Estate Buyers**
MEB: Multi Element Bottle**
MEB: McKay Education Bldg**
MEB: Myanmar Economic Bank**
MEB: Microwave Egg Boiler**
MEB: Medium Emergency Bag**
MEB: Monadnock Expandable Batons**
MEB: Middle East Business**
MEB: Magnum Elk Bugle**
MEB: Middle East Broadcasters**
MEB: module examination board**
MEB: Molecular Environmental Biology**
MEB: Medical Education Bldg*
MEB: Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics*
MEB: MLANET Editorial Board*
MEB: Man Eating Beast*
MEB: Market Enforcement Branch*
MEB: Mechanical Engineering Branch*
MEB: Minority Ethnic Businesses*
MEB: Museum of Economic Botany*
MEB: Magic Eight Ball*
MEB: Main Engine Burn*
MEB: Marine Expenditional Brigades*
MEB: Materials Energy Balance*
MEB: Medical Electronics Branch*
MEB: Marine Expeditionary Brigade (US)*
MEB: Miners Examining Board*
MEB: Mechanical Engineering Bulletins*
MEB: Mechanical Equipment Building*
MEB: Military Equipment Brief(US/UK)*
MEB: Mineraux En Bretagne*
MEB: Miners Examination Board*
MEB: Mining Equipment Brokers*
MEB: MinTraux En Bretagne*
MEB: Mission Element Boards*

Note: Acronym Finder has 36 verified definitions for MEB

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