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MDR: Minimum Data Requirements****
MDR: Morphology Dependent Resonances****
MDR: Management Development and Research****
MDR: Medical Doctors Research****
MDR: Multiple Drug Resistant****
MDR: multiple drug resistance****
MDR: Manorial Documents Register****
MDR: Metropolitan District Railway****
MDR: Mental Disorder Related***
MDR: Medical Device Regulations***
MDR: Minimal Daily Requirement***
MDR: Medium Density Residential***
MDR: Maternal Death Review***
MDR: mediated multidrug resistance***
MDR: Modular Data Router***
MDR: Meta Data Registry***
MDR: Measuring Diversity Results***
MDR: Multi Dimensional Resources***
MDR: Manually Digitized Radar***
MDR: Message Detail Recording***
MDR: Medical Device Reports***
MDR: Median Duration of Response***
MDR: Mojave Desert Racing***
MDR: Mini Delta Ribbon***
MDR: Magic Damage Reduced***
MDR: Method for the Rapid***
MDR: Microbial Drug Resistance***
MDR: Material Damage Research***
MDR: Markier Dein Revier***
MDR: Mineral Deposit Remover***
MDR: Mobile Digital Recorder***
MDR: Minimum Daily Requirements***
MDR: Member Data Record***
MDR: Mad Driver Records***
MDR: Micro Design Resources***
MDR: Major District Roads***
MDR: Mercury Displacement Relays***
MDR: macrophage disappearance reaction**
MDR: maintained discharge rate**
MDR: maximal distance reached**
MDR: maximal dose response**
MDR: maximum distance reached**
MDR: mean discharge rate**
MDR: Mean Diverticular Radius**
MDR: medical device-reportable**
MDR: Medical Disaster Response**
MDR: medium-dependent resistance**
MDR: methacholine dose-response**
MDR: minimal dietary requirements**
MDR: motile density ratio**
MDR: multi-dideoxynucleoside resistance**
MDR: multi-drug-resistance**
MDR: multidrug drug resistance**
MDR: Master Dragon Revolution**
MDR: Mississippi Delta Region**
MDR: Moving Die Rheometer**
MDR: Medicaid Drug Rebate**
MDR: multi-drug resistance**
MDR: Modular Digital Radio**
MDR: Modified Dash Roll**
MDR: Multiply Drug Resistant**
MDR: myelin-deficient rats**
MDR: M++llerian duct remnants**
MDR: Median duration of remission**
MDR: medium duration of remission**
MDR: medium-chain dehydrogenase/reductase**
MDR: Medium-chain dehydrogenases/reductases**
MDR: meniscal displacement with reduction**
MDR: minor background diabetic retinopathy**
MDR: multi drug resistance protein**
MDR: multi drug resistance transporter**
MDR: multi-drug resistance gene**
MDR: multi-drug resistant gene**
MDR: multiple drug resistance gene**
MDR: multiple drug resistance phenotype**
MDR: nonmultiple drug-resistant**
MDR: Medical Department Representative**
MDR: cancers--multidrug resistance**
MDR: Main Directorate for Refugees**
MDR: Medical Developmental Research**
MDR: multidrug resistance gene**
MDR: multidrug resistance phenotype**
MDR: multidrug resistance protein**
MDR: non-multidrug resistance**
MDR: non-multidrug-resistant**
MDR: P-glycoprotein/multidrug resistance**
MDR: P-gp)-mediated-multidrug resistance**
MDR: phenotype--multidrug-resistant**
MDR: Multiple Disease Resistance**
MDR: Major Defect Report**
MDR: Magnetic Dipole Radiation**
MDR: Mims Desk Reference**
MDR: Mary Doria Russell**
MDR: Mission Data Recovery**
MDR: motorcycle dynamics racing**
MDR: Material Deficiency Report**
MDR: Medical Department Representatives**
MDR: mediated multidrug resistant**
MDR: Multiservices Dynamic Reservation**
MDR: Minimal Deleted Region**
MDR: Mission Data Recorders**
MDR: Ministre Des Relations**
MDR: Miscellaneous Data Record**
MDR: MacDonald Dettwiler Robotics**
MDR: Mission Data Retrieval**
MDR: Money Demand Ratio**
MDR: Multimode Digital Radio**
MDR: Magnetic Dependent Resistor**
MDR: Malfunction Defect Reports**
MDR: Mazowieckie Dni Rolnictwa**
MDR: Medical Dispute Resolution**
MDR: Mohave Desert Racing**
MDR: mold damage remediation**
MDR: Macular Degeneration Research**
MDR: Multimedia Document Retrieval**
MDR: Marlow Donkey Railways**
MDR: Medium Dose Rate**
MDR: MHS Data Repository**
MDR: Minimal Deleted Regions**
MDR: Methodical Defect Reduction**
MDR: Missile Detection Radar**
MDR: Misuse of Drugs Regulations**
MDR: Multi Drugs Resistance**
MDR: Macarthur Drag Racers**
MDR: Manpower Defence Recruiting**
MDR: Manorial Document Register**
MDR: Match Detect Reveal**
MDR: Michigan Demands Representation**
MDR: Microwave Digestion Rotor**
MDR: Mitochondrial DBI Receptor**
MDR: Main Data Record*
MDR: Maximum Dynamic Range*
MDR: Midas Data Recorder*
MDR: Mission Dress Rehearsal*
MDR: Multi Disciplinary Research*
MDR: Major Design Review*
MDR: Message Detail Records*
MDR: Most Dangerous Receiver*
MDR: Meadowview Deer Ranch*
MDR: Maintenance Demand Rate*
MDR: Majlis Daerah Rembau*
MDR: Major Declaration Required*
MDR: mishap data report*
MDR: Mux Data Recorder*
MDR: Midterm Design Review*
MDR: Minimum Data Recorder*
MDR: Ministero Della Ricerca*
MDR: Missing Data Report*
MDR: Mission Data Reduction*
MDR: material deficiency reports*
MDR: Materiel Deficiency Reporting*
MDR: Milestone Decision Reviews*
MDR: Minimum Detectable Radiance*
MDR: Maintenance Discrepancy Report*
MDR: Mixed Drink Recipes*
MDR: Master Data Record or Maintenance Data Report/Reporting*
MDR: Material Deficiency Reporting*
MDR: Model Deficiency Report*
MDR: Municipalidad De Rosario*
MDR: Material Disposition Routing*
MDR: Malacology a Database of Recent*
MDR: Mario Dary Rivera*
MDR: mediation of multidrug resistance*
MDR: Menu Driven Report*
MDR: MHDL Design Rationale*
MDR: Mineral Deposit Research*
MDR: Mineral Deposits Research*
MDR: Miniature Dollhouse Resource*
MDR: model deficiency reports*
MDR: modulation of multidrug resistance*
MDR: modulator of multidrug resistance*
MDR: modulator of the multidrug resistance*
MDR: Morgan Dru Resources*
MDR: motor driven relays*
MDR: Movies Directed by Robbins*
MDR: Multi Database Resource*
MDR: Multilingual Dictionaries and Resources*
MDR: Mutually Destructions Relationshi*

Note: Acronym Finder has 78 verified definitions for MDR

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