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What does MCDC stand for?

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MCDC: Minutemen Civil Defense Corps****
MCDC: Missouri Census Data Center****
MCDC: Manchester Craft and Design Centre****
MCDC: Montgomery County Democratic Committee***
MCDC: Mandalay City Development Committee***
MCDC: Miami Contemporary Dance Company***
MCDC: Michigan Certified Development Corporation***
MCDC: Montgomery County Department of Correction***
MCDC: Mediation Center of Dutchess County***
MCDC: Montana Community Development Corporation***
MCDC: Marion County Dog Control***
MCDC: Multi Cultural Dance Center***
MCDC: Morris County Democratic Committee***
MCDC: Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre***
MCDC: Maine Centers for Disease Control***
MCDC: Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns***
MCDC: Minnesota Cultural Diversity Center***
MCDC: Mattapan Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Merce Cunningham and Dance Company**
MCDC: Madison County Drug Court**
MCDC: Maternity Care in Developing Countries**
MCDC: Minutes of the Commissioners for Detecting**
MCDC: Membership and Chapter Development Committee**
MCDC: Multicultural and Diversity Committee**
MCDC: Macedonia Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Mercer County Detention Center**
MCDC: Moore County Driving Club**
MCDC: Mendocino Coast Democratic Club**
MCDC: Miller Child Development Center**
MCDC: Mercer County Democratic Committee**
MCDC: Midtown Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Marion County Development Commission**
MCDC: Maverick County Development Corporation**
MCDC: McKinney Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: McKinley County Detention Center**
MCDC: Mermaid Country Day Camp**
MCDC: Method Child Development Center**
MCDC: Monterey Country Dance Community**
MCDC: Montana Cooperative Development Center**
MCDC: Mecosta County Development Corporation**
MCDC: Mayfair Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center**
MCDC: Miranda Chin Dance Company**
MCDC: Minuteman Civil Defence Corp**
MCDC: Mining Communities Development Center**
MCDC: Montana Chemical Dependency Center**
MCDC: Map Compilation and Digitizing Center**
MCDC: Mid City Development Corporation**
MCDC: Makwa Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Multi Cultural Development Center**
MCDC: madison county development council**
MCDC: Marion Cultural Development Corporation**
MCDC: Meager Creek Development Corporation**
MCDC: Mobilization Concepts Development Center**
MCDC: Montgomery County Department of Commerce**
MCDC: Mukhanyo Community Development Centre**
MCDC: Martinson Child Development Center**
MCDC: Meeker County Development Corporation**
MCDC: Memorial Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Monroe County Development Corporation**
MCDC: Muldoon Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Mabopane Centurion Development Corridor**
MCDC: Mark Curtis Defense Committee**
MCDC: Midlands Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Morvern Community Development Company**
MCDC: Mexicantown Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Milton Collins Day Camp**
MCDC: Monto Community Development Council**
MCDC: Morden Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Mandarin Conversational Dialogue Corpus**
MCDC: Metro Cebu Development Council**
MCDC: Montgomery County Detention Center**
MCDC: Montgomery County Development Corporation**
MCDC: Manassas City Democratic Committee**
MCDC: Manitoba Crop Diversification Center**
MCDC: Mediterranean Celtic Dub Connection**
MCDC: Merry Christmas Dogsters Catsters**
MCDC: Mineral County Development Corporation**
MCDC: Moretta Community Development Corporation**
MCDC: Mortlake Community Development Committee**
MCDC: Masibambisane Community Development Corporation*
MCDC: Metro City Development Corporation*
MCDC: Multi Cultural Drama Company*
MCDC: Mamaroneck Child Development Center*
MCDC: mountain cooperative development center*
MCDC: Marymount Child Development Center*
MCDC: Matilda Child Development Centre*
MCDC: Metropolitan Community Development Corporation*
MCDC: Montclair Child Development Corporation*
MCDC: Montessori Child Development Center*
MCDC: Manufacturers Community Development Corporation*
MCDC: Merce Cuningham Dance Company*
MCDC: MetaFund Community Development Corporation*
MCDC: Miles City DC Converter*
MCDC: Mobile Communication Development Center*
MCDC: Modified Condition and Decision*
MCDC: Muckleshoot Child Development Center*
MCDC: Map Community Development Corporation*
MCDC: Marion County Department of Corrections*
MCDC: Marmora Cup Dog Club*
MCDC: Morristown Community Development Corporation*
MCDC: Mountain Community Disaster Council*
MCDC: Manitoba Conservation Data Centre*
MCDC: Mining Cost Data Center*
MCDC: Mountaineer Coal Development Company*
MCDC: Mountaineer Coal Development Corporation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 15 verified definitions for MCDC

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