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MASC: Multicast Address Set Claim****
MASC: Manuscripts Archives and Special Collections****
MASC: Miniature Australian Shepherd Club****
MASC: Mariposa in the Schools***
MASC: Marine Aquarium Society of the Carolinas***
MASC: Management and Sequestration Center***
MASC: Mitsubishi Active Stability Control***
MASC: Motorola Australia Software Centre***
MASC: Medical and Surgical Centre***
MASC: Midget and Sprite Club***
MASC: Mid Atlantic Slavic Conference***
MASC: Market Analysts of Southern California***
MASC: Monroe Actors Stage Company***
MASC: Maritime Awards Society of Canada***
MASC: MobiSecure Authentication Service Center***
MASC: Making After School Count***
MASC: Migration and Social Care***
MASC: Michigan Association of Speech Communication***
MASC: Minnesota Academic Standards Committee***
MASC: Medicaid Administrative Study Council***
MASC: Modernisation of Adult Social Care***
MASC: Mid America Sports Center***
MASC: Maths and Science Centre***
MASC: Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission***
MASC: Mid Atlantic Scuba Center***
MASC: Management and Administrative Support Costs***
MASC: Maritime Surveillance and Control***
MASC: Multicultural Arts for Schools and Communities***
MASC: Managed Audio Sound Compression***
MASC: Minimal Access Surgery Center***
MASC: Marshall Area Stage Company***
MASC: Medical Aesthetic Skin Care***
MASC: Montana Association of Student Councils***
MASC: M A in Strategic Communication***
MASC: Marketing Advertising Services Center***
MASC: Municipal Association of S C***
MASC: Master of Arts in Strategic Communication***
MASC: Moseley All Services Club***
MASC: Maritime Airborne Surveillance and Control***
MASC: Municipal Association of SC***
MASC: MN Amateur Sports Commission***
MASC: Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of Ceylon***
MASC: Modern Actors Staging Classics***
MASC: Mission Assurance Services Contract**
MASC: Multi Agency Service Center**
MASC: Monitoring and Assessment Subcommittee**
MASC: membrane and short-circuit**
MASC: modified annular shear cell**
MASC: molecule altering structural chemistry**
MASC: Multiracial Americans of Southern California**
MASC: Menasha Area Soccer Club**
MASC: Montana Animal Species of Concern**
MASC: Multiwavelength Anomalous Solvent Contrast**
MASC: Maritime Airborne Surveillance Control**
MASC: Middletown Area Senior Center**
MASC: Marker Association Segregation Chi-square**
MASC: Marker Association Segregation Chi-squares**
MASC: marker association-segregation chi 2**
MASC: marker-association-segregation-chi 2**
MASC: multiple-wavelength anomalous solvent-contrast**
MASC: Marshalltown Area Soccer Club**
MASC: Metro Area Swim Club**
MASC: Mid American Soccer Classic**
MASC: Missouri Association of Student Councils**
MASC: Mass Association of School Committees**
MASC: Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission**
MASC: Marconi Athletic and Social Club**
MASC: Mars Area Soccer Club**
MASC: Miniature Access Surgery Center**
MASC: Morris Allen Study Centres**
MASC: Montgomery Area Stamp Club**
MASC: Masters of Applied Science**
MASC: Modernising Adult Social Care**
MASC: Math and Applied Sciences Centre**
MASC: Multiple Arbitrary Simultaneous Carets**
MASC: Mundelein After School Coalition**
MASC: Midwest Alliance Soccer Conference**
MASC: Macclesfield Amateur Swimming Club**
MASC: Madison Anti Sweatshop Coalition**
MASC: Maximum Allowable Soil Concentration**
MASC: Moscow Alternative School Center**
MASC: Marketing the Arts in Swansea and Carmarthenshire**
MASC: Management Account Structure Codes**
MASC: marker-association-segregation chi 2 method**
MASC: Museum Association Security Committee**
MASC: Medallic Art Society of Canada**
MASC: Medical Advisers Support Centre**
MASC: Manitoba Agriculture Services Corporation**
MASC: Michigan Asthma Steering Committee**
MASC: Minneapolis Accounting Service Center**
MASC: Male Abuse Survivors Centre**
MASC: Mitchell Association of Student Councils**
MASC: Multiple Access Source Coding**
MASC: Myomer Acceleration Signal Circuitry**
MASC: Maine Association of Student Councils**
MASC: Malta Airgun Shooting Club**
MASC: Managed Automated Security Controls**
MASC: Maryland Assessment of Social Competence**
MASC: Metropolitan Area Size Code**
MASC: Micro Architecture Santa Cruz**
MASC: Multi Application Smart Card**
MASC: Mansfield and Ashfield Safety Centre**
MASC: Mid Austin Steering Committee**
MASC: Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club**
MASC: Missoula Assessment and Sanction Center**
MASC: Madison Area Singles Club**
MASC: Madison Area Surveyors Council**
MASC: masters adult swim club**
MASC: MAGUK Associated Signalling Complex**
MASC: Modeling and Simulation Center**
MASC: Men Aligned for Social Change**
MASC: Micro Architecture at Santa Cruz**
MASC: Mid America Sports Complex**
MASC: Millersburg Area Senior Center**
MASC: Multi Agency Services Center**
MASC: Mexican American Student Club**
MASC: Mexican American Student Conference**
MASC: Modular Algorithms for Surface Control**
MASC: Multi Agent Systems and Collaboration**
MASC: Multicultural Artists in Schools and Communities**
MASC: Multiple Active Site Correction**
MASC: Malaysia Association of Southern California**
MASC: Marketing Association of Seneca College**
MASC: Military Audiology Short Course**
MASC: Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center**
MASC: Music Activities Stage Crew**
MASC: MA Systems and Control**
MASC: Manufacturing Alliance Service Corporation**
MASC: Maritime Airborne Surveillance Capability**
MASC: Maryland Association of Senior Centers**
MASC: Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities**
MASC: Minnesota Amatuer Sports Commission**
MASC: Modeling Analysis Simulation and Computation**
MASC: Mukwonago Area Soccer Club**
MASC: Multipotent Astrocytic Stem Cell**
MASC: Mass Announcement System Controller*
MASC: Milwaukee Artists for Social Change*
MASC: Minnesota Amatuer Sports Commision*
MASC: Minnesota Association of Student Councils*
MASC: Minnesota Australian Shepherd Club*
MASC: Mobilized Autologous Stem Cells*
MASC: Montgomeryshire Area Scout Council*
MASC: Maritime Academy Simulator Committee*
MASC: Mexican American Scholarship Committee*
MASC: Macc Amateur Swimming Co*
MASC: Management Accounting Structure Codes*
MASC: Manitoba Australian Shepherd Club*
MASC: Manufacturers Alliance Service Corp*
MASC: Mathematical Analysis and Scientific Computing*
MASC: Matthews Area Secular Co*
MASC: Medical and Safety Consultants*
MASC: monitoring advisory services consultants*
MASC: Monitoring and Analysis Subcommittee*
MASC: Multiple Agent Supervisory Control*
MASC: Machine Automation Safety Congress*
MASC: Management Accounting Structure Code*
MASC: Manufacturing Alliance Service Corp*
MASC: Marinduque Association of Southern California*
MASC: Mexican American Student Confederation*
MASC: Michigan Auto Salvage Corporation*
MASC: Microwave Accelerated Surface Chemistry*
MASC: Modeling Analysis for Satisfaction of Customers*
MASC: Modular Advanced Signal Channelizer*
MASC: Mountain Area Service Center*
MASC: Multi Agent Satisficing Control*
MASC: Multicultural Academic Support Center*
MASC: Multidimensional Anxiety Scales for Children*
MASC: Multiracial Association of Southern California*
MASC: Mid America Service Corporation*
MASC: Middle Atlantic States Conference*
MASC: Modeling and Analysis Subcommittee*
MASC: Motorsports Academy of South Carolina*
MASC: Mount Albert Science Centre*
MASC: Multi Array Septal Catheter*
MASC: Multiple Alternative Sentence Compressions*
MASC: Map Activity Support Contract*
MASC: Milstar auxiliary support center*
MASC: Mountain Administration Support Center*
MASC: Marv Albert Sex Case*
MASC: Mining Association of South Carolina*
MASC: Morrison Architectural Sign Company*
MASC: Muhammed Ali Sports Center*
MASC: Multi Agent System Coordinator*

Note: Acronym Finder has 39 verified definitions for MASC

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